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Why start in the wilderness? - Strategy and problems - Survival - Wilderness encounters - Chance for ambush - Chance to evade

The Wilderness

Click here for a color map of the wilderness.

The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain. It is often regarded as a curse by new players, whose PC's are killed in wilderness encounters and have difficulty keeping their PCs fed during treks across the wilderness. Advanced players with PCs who are well equipped to deal with the wilderness regard it as a wonderful resource.

The Survival skill can be useful for lengthy stays in the wilderness, but note that applying it wastes a lot of game time.

1.6.1 Why start the game in the Wilderness?

Many players will start the game in the wilderness, at least for the first kill, because the first monster killed can be controlled according to what type of wilderness square generates an encounter.

1.6.2 Strategy and problems in the Wilderness

In order to avoid wasting too much time in the wilderness (e.g. because of the dreadful 90 day limit), it is good to know how long it actually takes to do things in the wilderness.

All times are approximate since there are slight variations of some minutes. It is also the case that without apparent reason walking times are sometimes doubled. This can happen for any terrain type and might be a bug. Being burdened or strained does not cause this and has marginal, if any, effect on movement time in the wilderness.

Wilderness time
Time Spent Action
nothing changing body armor
60 min changing other parts of equipment
60 min resting
60 min moving onto a plains, road, water, or special (dungeon entrance and the like) square
90 min moving onto a hills square
120 min moving onto a forest square
180 min moving onto a swamp square
300 min moving onto a mountain square (provided you own a climbing set)
240 min applying Survival (Rangers of level 1-5 and non-Rangers)
120 min applying Survival (Rangers of level 6-50)

Note that the Swimming skill and water breathing intrinsic have no effect on the time needed to move onto a water square. Likewise, the Climbing skill and the blessed/uncursed/cursed status of a climbing set have no effect on the time needed to move onto a mountain square.

Note that a climbing set is required to move onto mountains. It is important to know the status of a climbing set, in particular making sure it is not cursed. A cursed climbing set will fail at the most inopportune moment. At a minimum, the resulting slip while mountaineering will cause extensive equipment destruction. It is often fatal. The blessed vs uncursed status seems to have little or no effect.

1.6.3 The Survival skill

Successfully applying the Survival skill when not bloated increases the satiation value of the PC by about 100 (equivalent to 1/5 large ration, see Appendix G). This is roughly tripled for Rangers of level 6 or above. These values hold for both water and land squares.

If the PC is already bloated, his satiation value isn't increased. Instead, he gathers plant seeds (on land squares) or goes fishing (on water squares). The amount of seeds gathered does not depend on terrain type or skill value and averages at about 5.2. Rangers of level 6 or above receive triple amount.

When fishing is successful, the PC obtains exactly one piece of fish meat.

The chances of success when applying the Survival skill depend on skill value, terrain type, the Ranger level 6 class power, and the Falcon birthsign. The Falcon birthsign gives a 1/3 chance of success even if you fail the initial check. The following success rates were measured by applying the Survival skill 100 times, with a skill value of 100. The "normal" column applies to non-Rangers and Rangers of level 1-5, the "high" column to Rangers of level 6-50. Level is the terrain difficulty level.

Terrain Symbol Normal High Level
Special *,o 100% 100% 1
Forest & 100% 100% 1
Hills ~ 98% 100% 2
Plains " 96% 100% 3
Road . 93% 100% 4
Swamp " 80% 99% 5
Mountains ^ 79% 99% 5
Water = 43% 72% 6

1.6.4 Wilderness encounters

The following table specifies chance of a wilderness encounter per step in the wilderness. The Doomed column also applies if the PC is both cursed and doomed.

Chance of an encounter
TerrainChance Cursed Doomed
Swamp 18% 48% 90%
Road 1 45% 75%
Plains 7.5% 22.5% 37.5%
Hills 5% 15% 25%
Mountains3.5% 10.5% 17.5%
Forest 2% 6% 10%
Water 0% 0% 0%

Wilderness encounter types are specified next. If the PC is level 25+, the chance is 16.7% for high-level (lvl 25+) encounter, 33% for mid-level (lvl 15+) and 50.3% for low-level (lvl 1+) encounter. For lvl 15-24 PC's, 33% for mid-level and 67% for low-level encounter. For level and terrain, each of the types has equal chance.

Wilderness encounter types
LevelTerrain Name (type) Monsters Evade Evade2
[1] All a group of roving raiders 1 raider lord, 3d4 raider, 1d2 goblin, 1d3 kobold 50% 90%
1+Forestan orcish patrol 3d4 orc, 1d2+1 orc scorcher, 1d2-1 orc chieftain 35% 85%
a group of bandits 4d3 bandit, 1d2 outlaw 30% 90%
a wandering brown bear 1 brown bear 70% 98%
a huge grizzly bear 1 grizzly bear 40% 85%
Hills a pack of wolves 4d4 wolf, 1d4 dire wolf 25% 55%
a hill orc patrol 3d3 hill orc, 2d2 hill orc sergeant 35% 70%
an outlaw band 2d4 outlaw 30% 90%
a wandering wizard 1 black wizard 80% 50%
Plains a large jackal pack 8d4 jackal, 1d6-4 jackalwere 20% 95%
a hobgoblin patrol 3d3 hobgoblin, 1d2 hobgoblin leader, 1d6-3 hobgoblin chief 75% 95%
a roving barbarian group 4d3 barbarian, 1d3 barbarian leader 65% 90%
a pack of wild dogs 4d3 large dog 30% 90%
Road a group of outlaws 2d4 outlaw, 1d2 outlaw leader 20% 95%
a pilgrimage of chaos monks 6 chaos brother, 6 chaos sister 75% 95%
a skeleton patrol 1d40+6 skeleton 30% 90%
a lone necromancer 1 necromancer 50% 90%
Mountains a lone stone giant 1 stone giant 75% 95%
a gnoll warband 4d4 gnoll, 2d4 large gnoll, 1d2 gnoll chieftain 70% 95%
a cave bear 1 cave bear 60% 95%
a pack of cave lions 2d2 cave lion 30% 90%
Swamp a horde of lizard men 5d3 lizard man, 1d3 cave lizard 40% 90%
a group of lost souls 3d3 zombie, 2d4 ghul, 1d3 wight, 1d2-1 wraith 15% 50%
a horde of huge frogs 3d3 giant frog 50% 95%
a lone hydra 1 swamp hydra 65% 95%
15+Foresta giant boar 1 giant boar 30% 90%
a wandering giant 1 fomorian giant 90% 95%
Hills a hunting party of hill giants 2d3 hill giant, 1d3-2 hill giant chieftain 50% 95%
a party of assassins 5d4 assassin 0% 90%
Plains a horrible Dorn Beast 1 Dorn Beast 80% 95%
a wild air elemental 1 air elemental 30% 95%
Road a party of assassins 5d5 assassin 0% 95%
a gnoll war party 10d6 gnoll, 10d3 large gnoll, 1d4 gnoll chieftain 70% 95%
Mountains a warband of stone giants 2d4 stone giant, 1d3-2 stone giant lord 45% 95%
a lone red dragon 1 red dragon 80% 20%
Swamp a horde of plague bearers 4d4 chaos plague bearer 60% 95%
a lone black dragon 1 black dragon 60% 10%
25+Alla lone corruptor 1 corruptor 20% 75%
an entourage of chaos knights 2d2 chaos knight, 4d4 chaos plague bearer, 1d6+2 chaos servant 50% 80%
a group of horribly deformed beings2d4 chaos mutant 50% 90%
a dark hooded figure 1 chaos wizard 30% 60%
a lone knight surrounded by an aura of hate and fear1 chaos warlord 50% 85%
a black unicorn 1 black unicorn 50% 50%
an ogre army 1 ogre emperor, 3d3 ogre lord, 2d2 ogre magus, 10d6 ogre 40% 40%
a herd of rust monsters 1d2 giant rust monster, 2d2 large rust monster, 2d6 rust monster20% 50%
a quickling raiding party 1d3 quickling lord, 2d4 quickling 15% 15%

[1] if the Kranach quest is received, PC is max level 5, has max 5000 xp, there is 25% chance of an encounter being a group of roving raiders Chance for ambush

After the encounter is generated, 3 possible situations may occur:
  1. you are ambushed
  2. you are given choices of ambush, evade, fight
  3. your choices are only evade or fight

Case 1 cannot happen to invisible PC's, lvl 6+ Druids and lvl 25+ Merchants. For others, there is 3.3% chance to get ambushed, then another 6.7% chance for cursed PC's, then another 12.5% chance for doomed PC's. This gives about 21% chance if the PC is both cursed and doomed. However, you still avoid ambush if Pe>1d100, or if Alertness>1d150, or if you have the Scout talent and 10%.

Case 2 will happen if not case 1 and if Stealth+Survival+X > 1d1000, where X = 500 - Level*10 if invisible (yes, being high level is worse here), X = 0 otherwise.

Otherwise case 3. Chance to evade

Lvl 6+ Druids and Lvl 25+ Rangers evade automatically. Others must pass at least one of the following four checks:

  1. Evade chance for an encounter type as in the above table. This chance is tripled if you had a choice of ambush
  2. Evade2 chance for invisible PC's only
  3. Stealth > 1d(200 - Min(Evade,Evade2))
  4. you have the Scout talent and 33%

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