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Appendix A - Wearable items - complete list

Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
hood  3s [+0,+0]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
hat  4s [+0,+0]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
leather cap  5s [+0,+0]   leather HM(+0,1d1)
bone helmet  40s [+0,+1]   wood HM(+0,1d3)
metal cap  50s [+0,+1]   iron HM(+0,1d3)
silver helmet  50s [+0,+0]   iron H(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
iron crown  65s [+0,+1]   iron HM(+0,1d3)
horned helmet  100s [+1,+1]   iron H(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
orcish helmet black helmet100s [+1,+2] {Pe-2} iron H(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
mithril cap metal cap40s [+0,+2]   mithril HM(+0,1d3)
adamantium cap metal cap36s [+0,+2]   adamantium HM(+0,1d3)
eternium cap metal cap28s [+0,+4]   eternium HM(+0,1d3)
diadem of beauty silver diadem35s [+0,+0] {Ap+4} iron HM(+0,1d3)
helm of beauty silver helmet50s [+0,+0] {Ap+1} iron H(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
helm of leadership silver helmet100s [+1,+2] {Ch+6} iron H(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
helm of mental stability crystal helmet100s [+0,+1] {Le+1} -Conf stone H(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
helm of teleportation metal helmet50s [+0,+1] +Tele iron HM(+0,1d3)
helm of water breathing blue metal cap30s [+0,+1] +WBre rustproof iron HM(+0,1d3)
crown of fire red crown65s [+1,+2] =Fire iron HM(+0,1d3)
crown of ice blue crown65s [+1,+2] =Cold iron HM(+0,1d3)
crown of lightning yellow crown65s [+0,+1] (+5 Spd) =Elec iron HM(+0,1d3)
crown of regeneration brass crown55s [+0,+0] +Rgen iron HM(+0,1d3)

Artifact Headgear
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+crown of science steel crown 65s [+4,+8] {Le+9} +Curs +Doom =Fire AUTOCURSING HM(+0,1d3)
+Crown of Chaos obsidian crown 500s (-6,-6) [+0,+15] {Ma+10} (+10 Spd) +Curs +Doom -Petr -Deth CHAOS HM(-6,1d3)
*Iron Crown of Havlor iron crown 65s (-6,-6) [+12,+12] {Le+4} HM(-6,1d3)
*crown of leadership silver crown 65s [+2,+7] {Ch+18} +SeeI -Pois -Conf HM(+0,1d3)

Name UnID'd Name Weight Effect Made of
balance gray 3s reduces effect chaotic or lawful acts have on alignment iron
chaos obsidian 3s draws alignment towards C-; damages lawfuls 1d3 adamantium
the cold heart {Ch-12} bleak 3s -Cold; -12 Ch (+/-3) iron
death ray resistance stone 7s -Deth stone
defense +2 iron 3s +2 DV (+/-3) iron
free action golden 3s -Para iron
greed platinum 3s detects gold [1] iron
health leather 3s -Sick; disables last sickness attack if not cursed various
hunger tarnished 3s AUTOCURSING; increases base food consumption rate: x2/x3/x4 B/U/Ciron
life saving steel 3s resurrects PC [2]; saves Khelavaster - see 2.14.1iron
light glass 3s light source; disables Stealth glass
luck lead 8s +Luck iron
order marble 3s draws alignment towards L+; damages chaotics 1d3 adamantium
perseverance {Wi+3} electrum 3s +3 Wi (+/-3) iron
petrification resistance opal 3s -Petr stone
protection +2 silver 3s +2 PV (+/-3) mithril
protection from constructsonyx 3s protects vs special attacks of constructs [6] stone
protection from undead bone 3s protects vs special attacks of undead [3][6] wood
speed (+3 spd) bronze 3s +3 Spd iron
teleport control copper 3s +TCtr iron
water breathing blue 3s +WBre; rustproof iron
brass amulet   3s no effect; can be polymorphed gold
necklace of rabies resistancepearl necklace2smakes rabid dogs edible; B/U/C status improves satiation from rabid dogsvarious
necklace of rapid healingcoral neckalce 2s increases HP regeneration rate [4] various
necklace of the eye splendid necklace3sincreases vision range, +4/+2/-2 for B/U/C [5] iron
necklace of the silver tongue {Ch+3} shining necklace2s +3 Ch (+/-3) various
pendant of beauty {Ap+4} ruby amulet 3s +4 Ap (+/-3) stone
pendant of mana {Ma+2} amber amulet 3s +2 Ma (+/-3) iron

[1] If there is gold lying on the ground on the level on which the PC is currently located, it will occasionally generate a message "You sense the presence of gold", or "You feel the urge to get rich really fast." if there is a Royal Vault on the level.

[2] Cursed: 1 HP, uncursed: 1/2 HP, blessed: full HP; amulet of life saving does not save your life if you get killed by - collapsing dungeon (kicking stairs, you die with the amulet around your neck), old age (it tries to save you but says your time has come and fails); corruption (though it's not really a death, instead you are transformed into a little purple j); wearing insufficient equipment when entering the chaos gate (AoLS disappears when you enter it); sacrificing yourself (god destroys your amulet if you try to cheat him/her and then you are sacrificed - under certain circumstances your god forgives you and will let you continue but without your amulet); getting sacrificed by a monster (you die with the amulet around your neck)

[3] Banshee wail just causes 20d15 damage instead of instant death if this amulet is worn

[4] Uncursed halves the time required to receive one point of HP healed due to natural regeneration; blessed reduces that time divided by eight; cursed does nothing

[5] Blessed also grants some sort of "vision" to blind players - it allows the map to be drawn only one square around character; monsters are not visible.

[6] 60% / 80% / 120% chance of such attacks B/U/C

The amulets with a numerical modifier above are base value in g16p2. There are others available. The numerical modifier can be {base value} +/- 3. Amulets of speed, however, are always (+3 spd). Extensive testing was done by wishing for amulets of the cold heart, amulets of defense, and amulets of order. For the statisticians among the readers, the results are shown here.

Artifact Amulets
Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Damage
+Amulet of raw steel steel amulet 10s [+3,+3] {Pe+12} -Slee -Stun -Deth +SeeI CHAOS HM(-4,1d3)
+ankh ankh 3s [+2,+2] +Luck +Fate HM(-4,1d3)
*Aylas Holy Scarf silk scarf 5s [+10,+10] {Ch+6} HM(+0,1d2)
+Black Torc black torc 3s [+4,+2] (+10 Spd) -Fire -Cold -Elec +Curs !Unde returns AUTOCURSING H(+0,1d10+2) M(+2,2d6+2)
+Medal of Chaos obsidian amulet 300s [+12,+3] {Ap+12} +Curs +Doom -Petr -Stun +SeeI +WBre CHAOS AUTOCURSING HM(-4,1d3)
*sapphire amulet "Preserver" sapphire amulet 3s [+4,+4] {Wi+7} +Rgen -Pois -Para +Luck HM(-4,1d3)

Body Armor
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
clothes   40s [+0,+0]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
fancy clothes   30s [+1,+0] {Ap+1} cloth HM(+0,1d1)
ugly clothes   50s [+0,+0] {Ap-1} cloth HM(+0,1d1)
robe   60s [+0,+1]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
black robe   50s [+0,+1]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
blood-stained robe   60s [+0,+1] {Ap-2} cloth HM(+0,1d1)
clean robe   60s [+0,+1] {Ap+2} cloth HM(+0,1d1)
leather apron   75s (-1,-1) [+0,+2]   leather HM(-1, 1d2)
light furs   180s [+0,+1]   leather HM(+0,1d1)
thick furs   300s (-1,-1) [+0,+2]   leather HM(-1,1d2)
leather armor   150s [+0,+2]   leather HM(+0,1d2)
studded leather armor   250s (-1,+0) [-1,+3]   various H(-1,1d4) M(+0,1d4)
shell armor   300s (+0,-2) [-1,+2]   various H(+0,1d5) M(-2,1d5)
ring mail   300s (-1,-1) [-1,+3]   iron HM(-1,1d4)
scale mail   400s (-1,-2) [-2,+4]   iron H(-1,1d5) M(-2,1d5)
chain mail   400s (-1,-3) [-3,+5]   iron H(-1,1d5) M(-3,1d5)
splint mail   450s (-2,-4) [-2,+6]   iron H(-2,3d2) M(-4,1d6+2)
plate mail   500s (-2,-4) [-4,+7]   iron H(-2,3d2) M(-4,1d6+2)
elven chain mail   10s [+0,+5]   mithril HM(+0,1d6)
robe of invisibility robe 60s [+0,+1] +Invi cloth HM(+0,1d1)
mummy wrapping strange wrapping 50s [-2,+0] {Ap-6} cloth HM(+0,1d1)
spider shell armor shell armor 300s (+0,-2) [-1,+5]   various H(+0,1d5) M(-2,1d5)
mithril ring mail ring mail 240s (-1,-1) [-1,+5]   mithril HM(-1,1d4)
mithril scale mail scale mail 320s (-1,-2) [-1,+6]   mithril H(-1,1d5) M(-2,1d5)
mithril chain mail chain mail 320s (-1,-3) [-2,+7]   mithril H(-1,1d5) M(-3,1d5)
mithril splint mail splint mail 360s (-2,-4) [-2,+7]   mithril H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
mithril plate mail plate mail 400s (-2,-4) [-3,+9]   mithril H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
crystal scale mail scale mail 620s (-1,-2) [+0,+8]   crystal H(-1,1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
crystal chain mail chain mail 620s (-1,-3) [-1,+9]   crystal H(-1,1d5) M(-3, 1d5)
crystal plate mail plate mail 720s (-2,-4) [-2,+11]   crystal H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
adamantium ring mail ring mail 216s (-1,-2) [+0,+7]   adamantium H(-1,1d4) M(-2, 1d4)
adamantium scale mail scale mail 288s (-1,-2) [+0,+8]   adamantium H(-1,1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
adamantium chain mail chain mail 288s (-1,-3) [-1,+9]   adamantium H(-1,1d5) M(-3, 1d5)
adamantium splint mail splint mail 278s (-2,-4) [-2,+9]   adamantium H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
adamantium plate mail plate mail 320s (-2,-4) [-2,+11]   adamantium H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
eternium ring mail ring mail 196s (-1,-1) [+0,+9]   eternium HM(-1,2d4)
eternium scale mail scale mail 220s (-1,-1) [+0,+10]   eternium HM(-1,2d4)
eternium chain mail chain mail 220s (-1,-2) [-1,+11]   eternium H(-1,2d4) M(-2, 1d6+1)
eternium splint mail splint mail 200s (-1,-2) [-1,+11]   eternium H(-1,1d8+4) M(-2,1d8+4)
eternium plate mail plate mail 240s (-1,-2) [-1,+13]   eternium H(-1,1d8+4) M(-2,1d8+4)
black dragon scale mail   200s (-2,-4) [-2,+11] =Acid adamantium H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
blue dragon scale mail   200s (-1,-4) [-1,+10] =Elec adamantium H(-1,1d6+1) M(-4,1d6+2)
red dragon scale mail   220s (-1,-4) [-1,+13] =Fire adamantium H(-1,1d6+1) M(-4,1d6+2)
white dragon scale mail   200s (-2,-4) [-2,+11] =Cold adamantium H(-2,1d6+2) M(-4,1d6+2)
moloch armor hulking armor 15000s (-8,-16) [-30,+50] {Dx-20} (-20 Spd) =Fire [1] eternium H(-8,3d10) M(-16,3d10+2)

[1] Wishing for "moloch armors" or "hulking armors" yields eternium plate mails.

Artifact Body Armor
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+ancient mummy wrapping strange wrapping 60s [+1,+5] {Ap-8} =Cold -Pois -Slee -Stun -Deth +SeeI HM(+0,1d1)
*robes of resistance robes of resistance 60s (-4,-4) [+3,+12] {To+5} -Fire -Acid -Elec HM(-4,1d1)
*fine leather armor "Nature's Companion" leather armor 120s (+2,+0) [+2,+8] (+15 Spd) =Fire =Elec H(+2,1d2) M(+0,1d2)
*Shirt of the Saints clothes 20s [+8,+4] {Le+2} -Slee -Conf +SeeI searching HM(+0,1d1)
*Perion's mithril plate mail plate mail 450s (-1,-4) [-1,+13] -Fire -Acid H(-1,3d2) M(-4,1d6+2)

Armor Modifiers
Armor prefix Effect Great identify message
antimagical PP regeneration stops It completely prevents the recovery of magical energy.
auto-locking AUTOCURSING It automatically locks itself to your body when worn.
beautiful +4 Ap This beautifully fashioned armor improves your looks quite a bit (+4 to Appearance).
blue -Fire, currently has a display bug vs red It grants resistance to fire.
charged occasional 2d6 shock damage to PC This armor seems to charge up from time to time and then releases its deadly charge into your body.
empowered increases PP regeneration rate  
extra-heavy 4x normal weight It weighs four times as much as other armors of its type.
gorgeous +8 Ap This gorgeously crafted piece of armor immensely improves your appearance (+8 to Appearance).
green -Acid It grants resistance to acid.
heavy 2x normal weight It weighs twice as much as other armors of its type.
light half normal weight It weighs only half as much as other armors of its type.
padded -Stun It grants resistance to stunning.
red -Cold, currently has a display bug vs blue It grants resistance to cold.
rotting slows HP regeneration This rotting apparel slows your physical recovery.
shining +1 Ap This armor is so polished that it shines very nicely (+1 to Appearance).
soft easily damaged This armor is easily damaged.
trapped removable only via destruction or transformation with a blessed potion of exchange Once worn this armor becomes so welded to your body that it can't be removed without destroying it.
ultra-heavy 8x normal weight It weighs eight times as much as other armors of its type.
vigilant +4 Pe It is covered with eyes that increase your perceptiveness (+4 to Perception).
vile reduces Ap and Ch to 1 Its appearance is extremely vile and completely ruins your apparition (Charisma and Appearance both reduced to 1).
white -Cold It grants resistance to cold.
worm-ridden checks every 100 turns if 1d30 > To then sick for 10d10 turns It is ridden with all kinds of insects greatly increasing your chance to get ill.
yellow -Elec It grants resistance to shock attacks.

Armor suffix Effect Great identify message
of anger automatically switches tactics to aggressive It forces you to fight with offensive tactics.
of balance moves alignment towards neutrality It tries to convert you to the forces of Balance.
of carrying +50% to carrying capacity It allows you to carry 50% more than usual.
of chaos alignment moves towards chaotic It tries to convert you to the forces of Chaos.
of damnation +Doom Wearing it makes you doomed.
of defense +4 DV It is finely crafted to deflect blows (+4 to DV).
of hate similar to the unholy aura corruption, causes all NPC's to become hostile It causes others to hate you.
of health -Sick It helps recovering from diseases.
of hunger increases food consumption It increases the amount of food you need to digest.
of leadership +6 Ch It confers special leadership powers upon you (+6 to Charisma).
of life +20% HP It increases your inherent spark of life (+20% hits).
of order alignment moves towards lawful It tries to convert you to the forces of Order.
of power +20% PP; no adjustment to Ma stat It increases your magical powers by 20%.
of protection +4 PV It is sturdily built to absorb blows (+4 to PV).
of rage does not affect true berserking Even true berserkers can wear it due to the raging spirit that inhibits it.
of resilience +n To; 4 - 6 has been observed It makes you more resilient to damage (+6 to Toughness).
of sloth -20 Sp It slows you down immensely (-20 to speed).
of speed +5 Sp It increases your reflexes (+5 to speed).
of the sea lessens drowning damage - 100%/80%/60% of the time (B/U/C) It protects you from drowning.
of travelling halves food consumption in wilderness It halves your food consumption while travelling through the wilderness.

Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
leather girdle   5s [+0, +0]   leather HM(+0,1d2)
metal girdle   25s [+0, +1]   iron HM(+0,1d4)
mithril girdle metal girdle 20s [+0, +2]   mithril HM(+0,1d4)
adamantium girdle metal girdle 18s [+0, +3]   adamantium HM(+0,1d4)
eternium girdle metal girdle 12s [+0, +4]   eternium HM(+0,1d4)
girdle of weight(strange metal girdle)40s [+0, +0] weighs 200s/400s/600s B/U/C when equippedvariousHM(+0,1d4)
money belt (leather girdle) 5s [+0, +0] prevents pickpocketing leather HM(+0,1d2)
girdle of greed (copper-hewn girdle) 7s [+0, +0] adds capacity [1] various HM(+0,1d2)
girdle of carrying (thick girdle) 15s [+0, +0] adds capacity [2] leather HM(+0,1d2)
girdle of strength (hard girdle) 15s [+0, +0] {St+1} leather HM(+0,1d2)
girdle of giant strength (bulky girdle) 30s [+0, +0] {St+12} various HM(+0,1d4)

[1] A girdle of greed adds carrying capacity in proportion to the amount of gold you carry: Cursed - carrying capacity is reduced by weight of gold * 400%. Uncursed - carrying capacity is increased by weight of gold * 50%. Blessed - carrying capacity is increased by weight of gold * 100%.

[2] Cursed - carrying capacity is reduced by 50%. Uncursed - carrying capacity is increased by St * 50. Blessed - carrying capacity is increased by St * 100.

Artifact Girdles
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+platinum girdle "True Strength" platinum girdle 20s (+3,+0) [+18,+9] {Wi+15} (+15 Spd) +Rgen -Pois +Luck +Fate -Deth -Conf H(+3,1d2+3) M(+0,1d2)
*girdle of the emperors "Celestrix" golden girdle 25s [+13, +13] {Ch+8} +Rgen -Pois -Slee +Doom -Deth -SeeI =Elec [1] HM(+0,1d4)

[1] Unavailable in ADOM 1.1.1 without patching

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
light cloak   20s [+1,+0]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
hooded cloak   40s [+1,+0] protects against rain cloth HM(+0,1d1)
leather cloak   40s (-1,+0) [+1,+0]   leather H(-1,1d1) M(+0,1d1)
cloak of adornment (multi-colored cloak) 40s [+0,+0] {Ap+4} cloth HM(+0,1d1)
cloak of defense (warm cloak) 20s [+3,+0]   cloth HM(+0,1d1)
cloak of invisibility (fine cloak) 30s (-1,+0) [+1,+0] +Invi leather H(-1,1d1) M(+0,1d1)
cloak of protection (cheap cloak) 20s [+0,+3] protects against rain cloth HM(+0,1d1)

Artifact Cloaks
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
*cloak of Oman dirty cloak 20s (+2,+0) [+4,+4] {Dx+8} +Tele H(+2,1d1) M(+0,1d1)
*Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense gray cloak 30s [+3,+3] -Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec +Invi HM(+0,1d1)

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM) [DV,PV] Made of Damage
wooden shield   80s [+3, +1] wood HM(+0,1d6)
small shield   50s [+2, +0] iron H(+0,1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium shield   100s [+3, +1] iron HM(+0,1d6)
large shield   120s (-1) [+5, +1] iron H(-1,1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower shield   150s (-2) [+7, +0] iron H(-2,1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small mithril shield small shield 40s [+3, +1] mithril H(+0,1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium mithril shield medium shield 80s [+5, +1] mithril HM(+0,1d6)
large mithril shield large shield 96s (-1) [+7, +2] mithril H(-1,1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower mithril shield tower shield 120s (-2) [+9, +2] mithril H(-2,1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small crystal shield small shield 72s [+5, +0] crystal H(+0,1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium crystal shield medium shield 160s [+9, +4] crystal HM(+0,1d6)
large crystal shield large shield 210s (-1) [+10, +2] crystal H(-1,1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower crystal shield tower shield 260s (-2) [+13, +4] crystal H(-2,1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small adamantium shield small shield 36s [+5, +0] adamantium H(+0,1d6) M(+0,1d4)
medium adamantium shield medium shield 72s [+7, +2] adamantium HM(+0,1d6)
large adamantium shield large shield 86s (-1) [+9, +3] adamantium H(-1,1d8) M(+0,1d8)
tower adamantium shield tower shield 108 (-2) [+11, +2] adamantium H(-2,1d5+2) M(+0,1d8+1)
small eternium shield small shield 24s [+7, +1] eternium H(+0,2d4+1) M(+0,1d4)
medium eternium shield medium shield 46s [+9, +3] eternium H(+0,1d12+3) M(+0,1d6)
large eternium shield large shield 54s (-1) [+11, +5] eternium H(-1,2d8) M(+0,1d8)
tower eternium shield tower shield 70s (-1) [+13, +4] eternium H(-1,2d10) M(+0,1d8+1)

Note that throwing shields as missile weapons increases the weapon marks for the shields skill. Likewise, higher shield skill gives bonuses when throwing shields.

Artifact Shields
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+dwarven shield "Rolf's Savior" ancient dwarven shield120s (+2) [+9,+6] -Fire -Cold -Pois H(+2,1d6) M(+0,1d6)
+shield of raw steel steel shield 180s (+2) [+12,+18] {To+8} =Fire =Cold -Pois CHAOS H(+2,1d6) M(+0,1d6)
*medium obsidian shield "Protector" medium shield 46s [+20, +4] {To+2} -Slee -Stun -Conf H(+0,1d12+3) M(+0,1d6)
*small black shield "Lust for Glory" small shield 50s (+1) [+5,+5] {Wi+3} -Petr -Deth -Para [1] H(+1,1d6) M(+0,1d4)
*intricate wooden shield "Nature's Friend" wooden shield 80s [+6,+3] -Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec -Pois HM(+0,1d6)

[1] Might not exist anymore

Name UnID'd Name Effect Made of
brass ring   reportedly a used ring of djinni summoning; useless various
acid resistance iron -Acid iron
cold resistance marble -Cold stone
damage onyx increases melee (missile?) damage: Right ring: +6/+3/-2, Left ring: +3/+1/-1 B/U/C [4] adamantium
defense golden + n to DV, +1 is base value gold
djinni summoning ordinary blessed = wish; uncursed = tame djinni companion; cursed = hostile djinni when 'U'sed adamantium
doom black AUTOCURSING; +Curs +Doom; -6 DV; -6 PV gold
elemental mastery emerald =Fire =Cold =Elec iron
minor elemental mastery topaz -Fire -Cold -Elec iron
fire adamantium protects worn equipment and pack from cold attacks adamantium
fire resistance wooden -Fire wood
gain attribute ruby + n to any stat, +1 is base value gold
ice mithril protects worn equipment and pack from fire attacks mithril
invisibility jade +Invi stone
karmic absorption scratched Allows melee of karmics without penalty; B/U/C status declines with each melee attack gold
luck copper +Luck gold
mental stability [+x, +y] {Le+n} agate -Conf; n = 1-4; x,y = 1-3 iron
protection silver + n to PV, +1 is base value gold
regeneration coral +Rgen gold
searching bronze automatic searching every turn gold
see invisible amber +SeeI gold
slaying opal (+n melee damage, +6 missile damage) n = 6 base value adamantium
speed [+0, +n] (+5 speed) aqaumarine +5 Spd, n = 1-4 iron
stun resistance electrum -Stun iron
teleport control glowing +TCtr gold
the clear mind fire opal -Conf iron
the fish vibrating AUTOCURSING; rustproof; [1] iron
weakness plain AUTOCURSING; decreases Strength to 2/4/6 C/U/B; [2] iron
wedding ring nograin grants near IMMUNITY to the Banshee's wail when wielded for males - see section 2.17; [3]various

[1] 1 blessed, 1 uncursed + 1 cursed or 2 cursed stop drowning damage, although water breathing is not listed as an intrinsic at the time

[2] note the possibility of a crushing instadeath for an advanced PC carrying lots of stuff

[3] tames berserkers of the same gender

[4] damage is H(+0, 1d8) M(+3, 1d1+3)

All rings weigh 1s. When used in melee or as a missile, rings do (+0, 1d1) damage, with the exception being ring of damage.

Artifact Rings
Name UnID'd Name [DV,PV] Special Damage
*Ring of Immunity sapphire ring [+5,+5] =Fire =Acid =Cold =Elec HM(+0,1d1)
+Ring of the High Kings platinum ting [+2,+3] -Fire -Pois -Cold -Elec Casino HM(+0,1d1)
+Ring of the Master Cat cats eye ring [+0,+5] {Dx+16} (+16 Spd) +Crit +SeeI +Fate HM(+0,1d1)

Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
brass bracers brass bracers 10s [+0, +0]   gold HM(+0,1d1)
bracers of defense (silver bracers) 10s [+2, +0]   gold HM(+0,1d1)
bracers of protection (copper bracers) 10s [+0, +2]   gold HM(+0,1d1)
bracers of regeneration (steel bracers) 18s [+0, +0] +Rgen iron HM(+0,1d1)
bracers of resistance (iron bracers) 10s [+0, +0] -Fire -Cold -Elec -Slee -Deth iron HM(+0,1d1)
bracers of speed (bronze bracers) 10s [+0, +0] (+4 Spd) iron HM(+0,1d1)
bracers of toughness (bone bracers) 10s [+0, +0] {To+4} wood HM(+0,1d1)

Artifact Bracers
Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Damage
*bracers of war shining silver bracers 10s [+8, +4] {Dx+8} +Rgen +Crit +Luck -Stun -Deth -Conf HM(+16,1d1)

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Effect Made of Damage
gloves   6s [+0, +0]   leatherHM(+0,1d1)
studded gloves   6s [+1, +2]   leatherHM(+0,1d1)
brass knuckles   10s [+0, +0] +3 punch damage ironHM(+0,1d1)
gauntlets   10s (-1, +0) [+0, +1]   ironH(-1,1d2) M(+0,1d2)
thick gauntlets   15s (-1, -2) [+0, +1] [1] leatherH(-1,1d4) M(-2,1d3)
black leather gauntlets black gauntlets 10s [+0, +1]   leatherHM(+0,1d2)
blue leather gauntlets blue gauntlets 10s [+0, +1]   leatherHM(+0,1d2)
red leather gauntlets red gauntlets 10s [+0, +1]   leatherHM(+0,1d2)
white leather gauntlets white gauntlets 10s [+0, +1]   leatherHM(+0,1d2)
alchemistic gloves gloves 6s [+0, +0] -Acid -Pois leatherHM(+0,1d1)
archery gloves gloves 6s (+0, +4) [+0, +0]   leatherH(+0,1d1) M(+4,1d1)
boxing gloves gloves 6s (+3, -5) [+2, +1]   leatherH(+3,1d1+1) M(-5,1d1)
gloves of carrying gloves 6s [+0, +0] adds capacity [2]leatherHM(+0,1d1)
gloves of dexterity light gloves 6s [+0, +0] {Dx+2} leatherHM(+0,1d1)
gloves of smiting gloves 6s [+0, +0] (+1 damage) leatherHM(+0,1d1)
gauntlets of peace gauntlets 10s (-15, -15) [+3, +3] AUTOCURSING ironHM(-15,1d2)
gauntlets of strength iron-shod gauntlets 40s (-1, +0) [-1, +1] {St+3} ironH(-1,1d2) M(+0,1d2)
black dragon-hide gauntlets black gauntlets 10s (-2, +0) [+0, +2] -Acid ironH(-2,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
blue dragon-hide gauntlets blue gauntlets 10s (-2, +0) [+0, +2] -Elec ironH(-2,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
red dragon-hide gauntlets red gauntlets 10s (-2, +0) [+0, +2] -Fire ironH(-2,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
white dragon-hide gauntlets white gauntlets 10s (-2, +0) [+0, +2] -Cold ironH(-2,1d4) M(+0,1d3)

[1] Thick gauntlets are the sole workaround for the effects of the "Poison Hands" corruption.

[2] Cursed: carrying capacity is reduced by weight of items wielded * 300%. Uncursed: carrying capacity is increased by weight of items wielded * 50%. Blessed: carrying capacity is increased by weight of items wielded * 90%.

Artifact Gauntlets
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+elemental gauntlets gauntlets 10s (-1,+0) [+0,+3] -Fire -Cold -Elec Orbs H(-1,1d2) M(+0,1d2)
*iron gauntlets "Ironfist" iron gauntlets 10s (-1,+0) [+1,+3] {St+7} -Stun H(-1,1d2) M(+0,1d2)
*gauntlets of eternal peace Shezestriakis gauntlets 10s (-15,-15) [+15,+3] -Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec -Pois AUTOCURSING HM(-15,1d2)

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
sandals   6s [+0,+0]   leather HM(+0,1d1)
light boots   20s [+0,+0]   leather HM(+0,1d2)
leather boots   25s [+0,+0]   leather HM(+0,1d2)
heavy boots   30s [-1,+1]   leather H(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)
iron boots metal boots 120s [-1,+1] +PV+1 kick damage iron HM(+0,1d4)
gnomish boots   10s (+1,+0) [+2,+0]   leather H(+1,1d3) M(+0,1d3)
spiked boots   30s [-1,+1] +PV+4 kick damage leather H(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)
mithril boots metal boots 96s [-1,+2]   mithril HM(+0,1d4)
adamantium boots metal boots 89s [+0,+3]   adamantium HM(+0,1d4)
eternium boots metal boots 55s [+0,+5]   eternium HM(+0,1d4)
boots of sneakiness (leather boots) 20s [+0,+0] {Dx+2} leather HM(+0,1d2)
boots of speed (soft boots) 20s [+2,+0] (+8 Spd) leather H(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)
boots of the slow shuffle(greased boots)20s[-6,+0] (-40 Spd) AUTOCURSING leather H(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)
seven league boots (worn boots) 30s [+1,+0] [1] leather H(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)

[1] Blessed seven league boots reduce the base energy cost of dungeon movement to 500 points, and drastically increase the speed of wilderness movement. See section 0.14.9.

Artifact Boots
Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Damage
+boots of great speed hide boots 20s [+5,+0] (+30 Spd) +Curs +Doom CHAOS H(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)
*boots of the divine messenger fine leather boots 25s [+3,+3] {Dx+5} +TCtr -Deth -Para HM(+0,1d2)

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