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Appendix C - Tools - complete list

Name Function Damage Made of
hexagonal key unlocks hexagonal locks HM(-8, 1d1)iron
round key unlocks round locks
small key unlocks small locks
square key unlocks square locks
tiny key unlocks tiny locks
triangular keyunlocks triangular locks

Keys are used for opening Locked doors. They can be found randomly, or bought for the right price from Skriek (1.3.4). All keys weigh 1s.

Keys have a chance to dissappear or break after being used. The base chance for this is 1/8/40 depending on B/U/C status, +20 if the key is rusty. Lets call this number KS (key status). If KS >= Luck*5+1d100, the key is destroyed or broken (1/2 chance for each case). So blessed key with positive Luck roll will never degrade, with neutral Luck only once in 100 cases.

Smithing Tools
Name UnID'd name Weight Function Damage Made of
piece of iron ore rock with metal veins120sfor smithing iron ingots; rustproofH(+0,1d4) M(-4,1d4)iron
piece of mithril ore110sfor smithing mithril ingots mithril
piece of adamantium ore 100sfor smithing adamantium ingotsadamantium
piece of eternium ore 90sfor smithing eternium ingotseternium
iron ingotmetal ingot20s for smithing iron items iron
mithril ingot 14s for smithing mithril itemsmithril
adamantium ingot12s for smithing adamantium items adamantium
eternium ingot8sfor smithing eternium items eternium
anvil   1000s required for Smithing; see also 0.14.2 [-3,+0] H(-8,2d10) M(-4,2d10)iron

Ores are used at a Forge to create ingots. They can be obtained as loot or be dug from walls with a Pickaxe. Ingots are used at a Forge to improve items. As well as being made out from ores, they can also be found as loot. See section 0.14.13 for more details about Smithing.

Skill Tools
Name Skill Needed Weight Function Damage Made of
climbing setClimbing 180srequired to climb mountains; cursed may fail H(-3,1d8) M(-6,1d6)iron
cooking set Cooking 100srequired to cook
fletchery set Fletchery 70s required to make missiles; 1d4+4 charges
thieves picks Pick Locks 10s required to pick locks; cursed have a 5% chance of creating traps when doors are locked with them HM(+0, 1d1)various

Use of these tools require possesion of a skill. Without the required skill, they are basically unusable. The opposite is also true - without the tool the skill is unusable as well, the exception being Climbing used to climb out of pits.

Name UnID'd name Weight Function Damage Made of
fireproof blanket blanket10s protects pack from fire damage; consumable HM(+0, 1d1)various
plain blanket can be polymorphed or used to cover a pit creating trap
waterproof blanket protects pack from water damage

Other Tools
Name UnID'd name Weight Function Damage Made of
bandage   2sstops bleeding; bandaging a wound can cause sickness [1]HM(+0,1d1)cloth
box with flint and steel  5salong with a tinderbox can be used to light torchesHM(-4,1d2)various
everburning torch   10s fire damage when used as a weapon, increases PC's visibility radius, never runs out of fuel [4][+1,+0] H(+1,2d4+2) M(+0,1d6+1)wood
figurine of wondrous powerfigurine 25stransforms into tame/neutral/hostile monster when used depending on B/U/C statusH(-8, 4d4) M(-8, 3d4+1)stone
fluff ball  2sdip into potion of water, or equip as missile and activate water trap for gremlinsH(+0,1d1) M(-4,1d1)various
giant boar skull  300sinvolved in Gaab'Baay quest H(-4,1d12) M(-10,1d12)wood
golden ball   10s involved in Frog quest H(-2,1d4) M(+0,1d4)gold
holy symbol   5stests piety level, increases piety by 0.5, may turn undeadHM(+0, 1d2)iron
log   800sget from falling trees - 1/12 chance; used for Bridge Building or Fletchery [-3,+0] H(-12,2d10+4) M(-8,2d10)wood
magical writing set writing set5sfor creating magical scrolls [2]HM(+0, 1d1)various
statue  [3]kick for gems - St/2000 chance for breaking, otherwise 1d3+1 damage; see 0.14.3 H(-8, 4d4) M(-8, 3d4+1)stone
stethoscope   5sreveals monster statistics; see 0.14.10 HM(+0, 1d2)iron
tinderbox   3salong with a box with flint and steel can be used to light torchesHM(-4, 1d2)various
torch   10s light for 50d50+3000/20d10+1000/20d10+100 turns [4] H(1d4)+(1d4)fire damagewood
wooden stick  30swood for missiles used for Fletchery; but logs are betterH(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)wood

[1] base chance to cause sickness is 33.3% for cursed bandages; modified by Luck up to 50%; uncursed bandages cause sickness if the PC has neither +Luck nor +Fate, but has +Curs (25% chance) or +Doom (100% chance)

[2] disappears after one use regardless of charges remaining if the PC's Mana stat is at one, items that grant +Ma do not affect this, workaround: potions of boost mana

[3] depending on type, a statue weight could be 500s, 1000s, 2000s, 4000s, or 8000s

[4] adds about 3 squares to visibility radius; confuses bees

Artifact Tools
Name UnID'd name Weight Function Damage
+si strange item 10s replicates; see 2.4H(+0,1d4) M(-4,1d4)
+phial of Caladriel crystal phial 2s uses up the PC's power points to generate light HM(+0,1d2)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Air   100s {Dx+10}; air elemental pet + 500 corruption when used H(+3,2d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth   100s {To+10}; earthquake + 300 corruption when used H(+3,3d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire   100s {St+10}; fireball + 300 corruption when used H(+3,2d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana   100s {Ma+10}; full PP; +3 Ma + 5000 corruption when used H(+3,1d16+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Water   100s {Wi+10}; full HP + 600 corruption when used H(+3,2d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
*silver key   1s unlocks all doors and bypasses all door traps, even if cursed HM(-8,1d1)

Name WeightDamage
fiddle 15s H(-1, 1d2) M(+0, 1d1)
flute 3s H(-3, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
glockenspiel120s H(-2, 1d5) M(+0, 1d3)
harp 30s H(-1, 1d4) M(+0, 1d3)
lute 20s H(-1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
mandoline 23s H(-1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
tamborine 5s H(-1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
whistle [1] 1s H(-3, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)

[1] does not tame animals; instead it calls any pets nearby to the PC

The weight approximates the effectiveness of an instrument. Whistle and glockenspiel are made from iron, other instruments are from wood.

Other items that can be used in the tool slot
Name Effect of using
whip self-flagellation; moves alignment towards lawful
whip of slaughtering
whip of the snake
hatchet chops trees; use logs for Bridge Building
pick axe (and Hammerhead)smashes stone; better results with Mining
moss patch of mareilon blessed or uncursed trains Dx; cursed abuses Dx
spenseweed restores HP; cursed least effective, blessed most effective
crystal of darkness darkens area around PC
crystal of fire creates fireball; thrown creates remote fireball - 6d6 damage
crystal of health restores 12d12/6d6/3d3 HP
crystal of knowledge magic maps small area; blessed Le<20:+1d2Le; else (100-((Le-19)^2))%:+1d2Le; 1%:+1d2Le
crystal of light lights area around PC
crystal of power +6d16/+3d8/-4d12 PP

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