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Appendix D - Wands - complete list

Name UnID'd nameMade ofWeight Effect
acid woodenwood 4s same as Acid Bolt spell
ball lightningcurvedwood 4s shoots omnidirectional lightning bolts; dangerous
cold silveriron 4s same as Frost Bolt spell
death copperiron 3s same as Death Ray spell; cannot be recharged
destruction cedarwood 3s wreaks gratuitous havoc on enemies and surroundings; cannot be recharged
digging oakwood 3s digs through rock; 7/5/3 squares B/U/C; direction "5" will dig a pit in the ground
door creation glassglass 3s creates a door in adjacent square
earthquakes stonestone 3s same as Earthquake spell; cannot be recharged
far slaying brittlewood 3s expends PP to damage a target, range (2,3,4) * PP + level + 30, 1d6 damage; bolt bounces; heals shambling mounds
fire goldeniron 4s same as Fire Bolt spell
fireballs marblestone 3s same as Fireball spell
gold detection bronzeiron 6s briefly reveals locations of gold on level
item detection twistedwood 3s briefly reveals locations of items on level
knocking pinewood 3s similar to Knock spell, but can can open multiple doors and does not open merely closed doors; cursed locks doors
light steeliron 4s same as Light spell
lightning brassiron 4s same as Lightning Bolt spell; bounces off walls but not doors
magic missiles tiniron 3s same as Magic Missile spell; bounces off walls but not doors
monster creation ironwoodiron 3s creates a random monster in adjacent square; quest object for Gaab'Baay
monster detection ebonywood 3s briefly reveals locations of monsters on level; cursed may skip some
paralyzation bonewood 3s paralyzes enemies in its path
poison obsidianstone 3s poisons enemies in its path
stunning willowwood 3s same as Stun Ray spell
teleportation ironiron 4s same as Teleport spell
trap creation ivorywood 3s creates a trap in an adjacent square; note that it is NOT possible to create a trap in a square where a door once existed
trap detection purpleiron 3s reveals traps within LOS; cursed may skip some
webbing softwoodwood 3s same as Web spell
wishing glowingeternium 3s grants wishes; cannot be recharged; only 50% chance for wish if cursed; always glowing wand
wonder teakwood 3s grants a small number of casting and invokes effects of a random spell

When used in melee or as a missile, 3s and 6s wands do (+0, 1d2), 4s wands do (+0, 1d3) damage.

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Updated April 12th, 2010