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Appendix H - Gems - complete list

Name UnID'd Name Weight Effect Value
amber stone brown gem 1s   342
aquamarine blue gem/green gem 1s   513
crystal of darkness brown gem 1s used, darkens area around PC 51
crystal of fire red gem 1s used, fireball, 6d6 damage if thrown or used with sling256
crystal of health blue gem 1s used, restores 12d12/6d6/3d3 HP 256
crystal of knowledge green gem 1s used, magic maps; if blessed, +1d2 Le [3]136
crystal of light white gem 1s used, lights area around PC 68
crystal of power red gem 1s used, restores PP: +6d16/+3d8/-4d12 PP [2]120
emerald green gem 1s   685
gold piece   0.01s H(+0, 1d1) M(+0, 1d2) [1] 1
opal white gem 1s   205
ruby red gem 1s   856
sapphire blue gem 1s   771
topaz brown gem 1s   256
turquoise blue gem/green gem 1s   600
worthless piece of blue glass blue gem 1s   16
worthless piece of brown glass brown gem 1s   16
worthless piece of green glass green gem 1s   16
worthless piece of red glass red gem 1s   16
worthless piece of white glass white gem 1s   16

[1] The gold piece damage is significantly better for Merchants.
The amount of gold creation is DLd30-1 + DLd10-1 + DL*5, Miser has a 1/5 chance to increase it by (1d20+100) * PreviousTotal/100.

[2] Blessed may give +2d2 MaxPP, cursed -2d2 MaxPP. Actual chance is based on Luck, maximum 25%.

[3] Le<20:+1d2Le; else (100-((Le-19)^2))%:+1d2Le; 1%:+1d2Le; see also

Gems are meant as means to carry wealth effectively - however it is not too effective in ADOM. Gems and crystals are made from crystal, worthless pieces are from glass. Gems can be used with slings. The base damage value is (+0, 1d1) rather than the (+0, 1d4) of a rock, but gems are lighter, and crystals of fire will create fireballs at their point of impact.

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Updated August 26th, 2005