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Appendix N - Differences in the various versions of ADOM

This list is much more detailed for the versions since 0.9.9 gamma six. A really complete and really long list of all the changes made to ADOM since its inception can be found at Thomas Biskup's official site. The full URL is:

Differences in ADOM versions
Version Notes
0.2.0 first alpha version; only one dungeon; unwinnable
0.4.0 Dwarftown, shops, herbs, pools added; first winnable version
0.7.0 first public release; color added
0.9.0 the game as it appears today comes into existence with a wilderness; ToEF added
0.9.9 gamma 6 no Mana Temple; chaos god ending was possible; no class powers; no Assassins' Guild; last gamma where RotHK dungeon was a single level; stat increases with herbs were unlimited
0.9.9 gamma 7 suffered from a fatal bug in the Mana Temple, all walls were undiggable, Mindcrafters could still win by teleporting in with their class power; class powers introduced
0.9.9 gamma 8 regarded as a very easy version; several new artifacts; last gamma where drakelings became permanently fast from heat
0.9.9 gamma 9 very difficult version: less item generation, more item destruction, first version where dropped items were destroyed by ranged spells, elemental orbs corrupted merely by carrying; Necromancer display bug when creating slaves; first yellow pyramid and color-changing top level of ToEF
0.9.9 gamma 10 extensively pretested which made this quite stable and balanced; first version where TotRR was available; vortices introduced; crumpled scroll, emperor moloch and quickling bard could be wished for; first implementation of wand of destruction ending; ultra endings were not possible because of requirement to wield both Sceptre and Trident at gate entry - Trident is two-handed!; game would sometimes crash unrecoverably upon entering the ID level containing Filk
0.9.9 gamma 11 firing autotargeted missiles without selecting a target crashed the game
0.9.9 gamma 12 stable; suffered from annoying bug that made many +0 items possible; last gamma where the & symbol was used for necklaces
0.9.9 gamma 13 piety loss (much too high) and preferred sacrifices introduced; equipment destruction was ridiculous in this gamma; rivers introduced; room effects introduced; new room connection algorithm made some levels unplayable; short-lived
0.9.9 gamma 14 piety loss still too high; room connection algorithm fixed
0.9.9 gamma 15 first attempt at monster inventories: monsters which picked up items would not necessarily drop them when killed - including artifacts like the Chaos Orbs; +0 bug since gamma 12 solved; piety loss toned down again
0.9.9 gamma 16 - prerelease 1 no entering dungeons?
0.9.9 gamma 16 - prerelease 2 bugs include a duplicate artifact bug and a strange (integer overflow?) bug that causes weird items (most often daggers with outrageous stats that cannot be picked up) and monsters that deal thousands of points of damage in a single hit - a very rare bug that does not make the game unplayable; there is also a duplicating missiles bug
1.0.0 released to the public August 6th, 2001; added item prefixes and suffixes; added a new wilderness location, the Bug Infested Temple; removed possibility of teleportation in elemental temples
1.1.0 released to the public November 10th, 2002; talent system added; preliminary results indicate this is a very buggy release
1.1.1 released to the public November 20th, 2002; bug fix for 1.1.0; bugs encountered so far: signal 291; extended drop can crash the game; "no mortal monster" bug; other problems: monsters gain experience too quickly, jackals are a prime example

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