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Appendix P - Other online resources about ADOM

ADOM related Web sites
Site Remarks
ADOM CentralThomas Biskup's official site
ADOM Hall of FameADOM Hall of Fame, forums
ADOM SageFrontend for ADOM: adds drawing lines & boxes, simple mouse support
ADOM informationItems and monsters data dump, random encounters and more, wishing stats, patches
ADOM BugsBug list of r.g.r.a
Khelavaster, messages, wildernessEva Meyer's ADOM page
ADOM walkthroughA really funny walkthrough :-))
ADOM Strategy WikiADOM Wiki; little information, inactive
ADOM WikidotAnother ADOM Wiki, contains mostly monsters with descriptions, inactive
ADOM WikiaYet another ADOM Wiki attempt, inactive
ADOM Wikia #2Most recent ADOM Wiki, has most information, active
ADOM Strategy GuideSome old strategy Guide, written at times of 0.9.9 gamma 9
ADOM GuidesGuides to specific classes (covers archer, assasin, barbarian, beastfighter, druid, merchant, mindcrafter, monk, wizard)
ADOM stringsText strings from adom.exe
ADOM serverSpectate or play ADOM Online (currently out of service)
ADOM tutorials"Let's play" style walkthroughs
Sorear's WikiSome code dived info

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Updated April 22nd, 2010