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[14:48] <pipe> Lots of peons, no creator
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[14:48] <pipe> Oh, there comes one creator!
[14:48] * pipe sets mode +oo jochen Harkila-
[14:48] * pipe sets mode +o yxhuvud
[14:48] * Harkila- sets mode +o Ravenmore-Krys
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[14:49] <Harkila-> pipe, logging this too?
[14:49] <pipe> Harkila-: everything
[14:49] <Harkila-> ok
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[14:49] * Harkila- has changed the topic to 'Send questions to TB here, they will be sent to him afterwards'
[14:49] <Alien-> if questions just go here, then Creator can get a log later and answer them at his leisure on his webpage or whatnot, let him concentrate on celebrating now
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[14:51] <pipe> Whoa, impressive amount of questions, you guys!
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[14:51] <Rancid-> ;>
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[14:51] <frogzilla> What is the time plan for developing ADOM? When the first release is going to be out? When do you think you'll be able to finish the whole thing?
[14:51] <AlterAsc> ok, i'll start: what goals are more likely to be seen first in nigtly releases
[14:52] <AlterAsc> *egg nightly
[14:52] <Haxot> @pipe: heh, TB answered my questions. common sense and trust answered the ones he didn't. I'm just here to generate a log file. I haven't used my script for it in years.
[14:52] <yxhuvud> Are there any plans of shaking up the races a bit? The difference between say gray elves and high elves are not exactly overwhelming
[14:53] <Harkila-> will there be a separate test team to check the game balance of 1.2.0? That was probably one of the reasons why 1.0.0 was so popular even after 1.1.x
[14:53] <Alien-> All donors of $40 and above get a Deluxe license - is this one license per donor, or per donation (for those getting both RP book and a separate pledge)?
[14:53] <alakoo> will there be any changes in the talent system? many players find them rather mundane and often opt for a few known combos and choose all else rather randomly
[14:54] <pipe> Will the talent system remain? many players find them rather cool.
[14:54] <Accu> What's the priority level on stretch goals? (more specifically, the new races & classes) ?
[14:54] <Alien-> When balancing the game, will male characters also be awarded a quest?
[14:55] <Deg> Obviously volcano Accu :P
[14:55] * silvia__ has quit IRC ("Konversation terminated!")
[14:55] <alakoo> could a custom class be an option in future editions?
[14:55] * Axido (axido@unikko.org) has joined #adom-questions
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[14:56] * pipe sets mode +o Thomas_Biskup
[14:56] <yxhuvud> alakoo: I'd guess not, as they would be a hell to balance
[14:56] <frogzilla> Can you share some details about ADOM RPG? How similar will it be to ADOM, for instance?
[14:57] <Alien-> Would you consider more randomness in character generation? Say, each/most/some characters get either an extra starting talent, an ability score bonus, a random skill they wouldn't otherwise have, some unrelated item, etc...?
[14:57] <Marek14> Shouldn't female drakelings be treated same as males by the shopkeepers? Or is there a way how to distinguish their genders?
[14:57] <alakoo> for example heir could be a random bonus instead of a three-talent combo
[14:58] * ZenoRogue (~Zeno@afcw189.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #adom-questions
[14:58] <Marek14> Any ideas for new monsters? I'd like a whole line of water dragons -- so they'd not be just Blup and his mother. Also, naked mole rats.
[14:58] <Alien-> You could say the same for most races. Would an orc shopkeep be able to tell a male from a female high elf, for instance?
[14:58] * holl (3eb2ba39@ircip2.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[14:58] <evilk> did you find out about taxes? would be interesting. iffount that, maybe it would help you: http://www.cofunding.de/Site-Service-Top/cofunding-handbuch.html
[14:58] <Marek14> Well, elves are still humanoid mammals, so I suppose there is a way to recognize females.
[14:58] <Harkila-> do androids dream of electric sheep?
[14:59] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Remember, there's no pressure answering the questions here, a complete log will be sent to you later, that you can edit and post at your leisure.
[14:59] <Marek14> I.e. shopkeepers are all sexist pigs.
[14:59] <jochen> is it ok to answer some of these questions right now? :)
[14:59] <Harkila-> of course
[14:59] <pipe> Indeed it is :)
[14:59] <Axido> with @ you can
[14:59] * Greif (d95336d8@ircip2.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:00] <yxhuvud> Harkila-: they probably don't dream of banshees at least.
[15:00] <Harkila-> hope so
[15:00] <jochen> @AlterAsc: right now we plan to create "weekly" releases. But this depends on the number of things we can add within that week.
[15:00] * Enivid has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]")
[15:00] <Accu> jochen & Thomas_Biskup it would be great if you could give a rough estimate what's high on priority list in development (after the pledges that TB already mentioned)
[15:01] <Harkila-> will the überjackal feature (monsters getting really experienced by amount of kills) be toned down in 1.2.0? it's dumb to have regular chaos servants being much more dangerous than greater ones or chaos wizards in MT or D:50
[15:01] <Marek14> Are there any plans to improve savegame compatibility? If there will be weekly builds, it would be disappointing if players had to abandon all their characters every week.
[15:01] <Alien-> Your characters last longer than a week? Woah ;P
[15:02] <jochen> @Accu: we still need to discuss this. For me the NotEye integration has a high priority, so that the team can start working in parallel.
[15:02] * CalvinBall (18953929@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:02] <Marek14> Alien: Of course not, but I imagine there might be such players.
[15:02] * blite (blite@xob.kapsi.fi) has joined #adom-questions
[15:02] <Alien-> hehe
[15:02] * Alucard (Hellsing@c-50-138-161-245.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #adom-questions
[15:02] * kawaider (~kawaider@ has joined #adom-questions
[15:02] <omeg> compatibility is probably hard to maintain
[15:02] <Accu> jochen: alright :)
[15:02] * Rytthigar (5f229e46@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:02] <Harkila-> could there be a place implemented where people could list the most annoying things in ADOM? to know what doesn't work and what simply divides opinions
[15:02] <Marek14> Even with NotEye, the ChAoS dImEnSiOn should stay ascii. Matrix-like.
[15:03] <Alien-> Are you planning to make a public list of what rebalancing and fixing you intend to do? And if so, make it open for comments and suggestions?
[15:04] <yxhuvud> most would probably be faster to just fix instead of including the bureucracy of an open process
[15:04] <Alien-> probably
[15:04] <CheatMan> thomas: do you already have an idea of what will be added to character creation for ADoM Deluxe? (like starsign selection, number of starting talents, selection of starting equipment, etc)
[15:04] <Alien-> though some things he might not realize could use a tweak, and someone might notice a pitfall with a planned fix
[15:05] <Marek14> How about features for ADOM Deluxe that would have to be unlocked in-game? For example a quest that unlocks new race or class for future plays (of course in addition to in-game reward).
[15:06] <jochen> @Marek14: save game compatibility is a hard thing to do and I think the time is better spend elsewhere
[15:06] <Marek14> This would enable "advanced", i.e. complex character templates that would be confuding for beginners.
[15:06] * Gurok has quit IRC (Operation timed out)
[15:06] <evilk> what will the special abilities be that we can choose our heros++ boss monsters can choose out of?
[15:07] <omeg> unlocks as in tome4? I don't think that would suit adom
[15:07] <jochen> @Marek14: the big problem is the way ADOM stores its data structures… which is very primitive ;)
[15:07] <Alien-> If once you consider the game complete and sensibly bug-free, will you likely consider it a closed case and turn your attention elsewhere, or might you release patches later on if you think up a great idea for a mini-quest, or something?
[15:07] * Deg has quit IRC ("")
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[15:12] <jochen> @Harkila- : "most annoying things"… you should open a "Feature" request in the ADOM issue tracker… a lot of people already did this and there is a lot of discussion going on
[15:12] * Oliphaunt (~irc@0au.de) has joined #adom-questions
[15:12] * bulemia (546d45bb@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:13] <Accu> jochen: this is not strictly game related but one that very much intrigues me.. do you ever look at the old code and think "what the hell"?
[15:13] <pipe> Accu: Uhm
[15:13] <omeg> i bet
[15:13] * gleon (~dkasak@dh207-111-25.xnet.hr) has joined #adom-questions
[15:13] <pipe> Accu: every coder does that
[15:13] * frogzilla (5d4a5f3f@ircip1.mibbit.com) has left #adom-questions ()
[15:13] * chchjesus (~chatzilla@ has joined #adom-questions
[15:13] <pipe> Accu: even for projects that's only two weeks old :P
[15:13] <Accu> yeah that's why I asked
[15:13] <Accu> I get that a lot :D
[15:13] <jochen> Accu: yes, but it's even worse with code from other people ;)
[15:13] * humpolec has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]")
[15:14] <chchjesus> Is there code in ADOM to detect save scumming?
[15:14] <Accu> jochen: oh yes I can imagine (me having to upkeep a system made by another) :D
[15:15] <Marek14> chchjesus: I'm not sure if that's even possible... ADOM would have to monitor greater part of your system and that would make it malware...
[15:15] <omeg> you can't really detect save scumming
[15:15] <omeg> reliably anyway
[15:15] <chchjesus> But you could instil precautions against it
[15:15] <pipe> Nah
[15:15] <yxhuvud> jochen: there are two things one can do in that case - either rewrite it sensible or eradicate any knowledge of the code form your memory
[15:15] <pipe> Just run it in a virtual machine
[15:15] <pipe> With savestates.
[15:16] <pipe> No need to clutter the code with such protections when you can always get around it.
[15:16] <Greif> jochen: In what kind of time-frame/schedule do you think will you and Thomas release updates of ADOM?
[15:16] <Marek14> chchjesus: I see save-scumming as a good thing for novice players. I did it at first too. I don't do it anymore. I believe that's a common trajectory.
[15:16] <bulemia> pipe, good point
[15:16] <chchjesus> Marek13: I never said it was bad :P. In fact, I did it too. But, it's an interesting problem to think about
[15:17] <jochen> @Greif: weekly releases are planned right now
[15:17] <Harkila-> why do trolls still need a manual for raising Bridge Building skill even though they're born with it?
[15:17] <chchjesus> Marek14, rather
[15:17] * Rytthigar (5f229e46@ircip1.mibbit.com) has left #adom-questions ()
[15:18] <Marek14> Harkilla-: Good point. Plus, most of them can't even read. Is it a picture book?
[15:18] * RubberDuk (rd@softcon.fi) has joined #adom-questions
[15:18] <Alien-> lol
[15:18] <Greif> Thanks, jochen!
[15:18] <Harkila-> jochen, do you realize it puts really hard pressure on me, considering that i intended to do an ultra ending with all prereleases?
[15:19] <pipe> Harkila-: Well you do an ultra ending in an evening so what's the problem
[15:19] <Marek14> At this point, difficulty of Infinite Dungeon reaches a maximum and then stays the same forever. Would it be possible to instead increase the difficulty without limits (albeit slowly)?
[15:20] <jochen> Harkila-: well… at least you don't run out of games to play, I guess :)
[15:20] <Harkila-> pipe, there are things such as work, life and children hindering it
[15:20] <Harkila-> jochen, i suppose :)
[15:21] <yxhuvud> harkila: might be hard as there will probably be some game breaking bugs :)
[15:21] * chchjesus has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120825211302]")
[15:22] * Filin (localhost@dsl-tkubrasgw1-fe01fa00-252.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #adom-questions
[15:22] <Harkila-> yxhuvud, it's not a fail if something is not reached due to force majeure :)
[15:23] * qui_ has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[15:23] <Greif> jochen, which of these weekly releases will be open for public?
[15:24] <Harkila-> none?
[15:24] <Harkila-> it was the $25 pledge to get prereleases
[15:24] <jochen> they will be restricted to the >= $25 pledgers
[15:24] <pipe> jochen: How about a port for the Commodore 128? It has a 80x25 screenmode!
[15:25] <Greif> "pre" yeah, but what about the non-"pre". That is my question.
[15:25] <Alien-> haha
[15:25] <pipe> Or hm, maybe I lie. Maybe it's only 80x24
TB_?[15:25] <blite> jochen: what amiga platform are going to be supported?
[15:25] <jochen> when 1.2.0 is finished… I guess
[15:25] <blite> platforms
[15:25] <Alien-> onoes, that's not enough. shame!
[15:25] <Greif> ok
[15:25] * Jipostus (50de926b@ircip2.mibbit.com) has left #adom-questions ()
[15:26] <jochen> or maybe we split up the work and release 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 afterwards… but these things still need to be discussed
[15:26] <Marek14> Will the $25 pledgers get some special channel how to report bugs in the prerelease builds?
[15:26] <Harkila-> Marek14, why should they?
[15:26] * PseudoFenton (5eaf9134@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:27] <Marek14> To concentrate their reports in one place.
[15:27] * tc_ (~tc@f053221059.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #adom-questions
[15:27] <Marek14> Since they will be only ones to notice those bugs.
[15:27] * Lelele (~Markus@a91-153-213-104.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #adom-questions
[15:27] * nw (nw@kapsi.fi) has joined #adom-questions
[15:27] * PseudoFenton finds new channel!
[15:27] <Marek14> Basically, access to prerelease is also an invitation to betatest.
[15:27] * Shalafi2 (2e783ccf@ircip3.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:28] <jochen> we could use the existing issue tracker (you only have to select the prerelease from the list)… or maybe we create a new one, still open
[15:28] <pipe> PseudoFenton: Please keep this channel boring though. :)
[15:28] <PseudoFenton> Quick, minor question. What is the context of the questions here? Is it IRC help or ADOM queries?
[15:28] <Marek14> ADOM queries
[15:28] <Rancid-> questions to TB
[15:29] * miro123 (5cf7fc72@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[15:29] <Harkila-> IRC help can be given both here and on #adom
[15:29] * miikao (~miikao@melkinpaasi.cs.helsinki.fi) has joined #adom-questions
[15:30] <pipe> IRC help preferably on #adom.
[15:30] * PseudoFenton has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[15:33] <jochen> @blite I plan to check out AmiDevCpp to create even more ADOM releases for the Amiga. Problem is, I only have an A3000 with AmigaOS 3.1, so testing the other releases is a problem
[15:34] <pipe> YOu have to use betatesters. I have a friend with a 3.1-equipped Amiga 500 :)
[15:34] * SnowblindFatal (HydraIRC@moc1.kyla.fi) has left #adom-questions ()
[15:34] <pipe> Wonder how many Amiga players there are.
[15:34] <pipe> 4?
[15:34] <Harkila-> you have to use betatesters anyway. that's one of the qualities in ADOM 1.0.0
[15:35] <blite> jochen: thanks
[15:35] * Thomas_Biskup is looking forward to get the questions and answer them on the blog. Even though it probably will take a moment.
[15:35] <jochen> Harkila-: true… but I like to have at least a little bit of quality control ;)
TB_?[15:35] <miikao> Thomas_Biskup: so, have you ever considered outsourcing the actual coding of adom to some trustworthy people? this way you could just say what you want implemented or fixed and just check whether you approve the changes they made.. in case adom deluxe won't take off
[15:35] <miikao> sorry if this has been asked many times elsewhere
[15:35] <Rancid-> miikao: *points at jochen* ;)
[15:36] <Harkila-> i don't think it's needed to hold back questions here, if something gets asked a dozen time or gets a statement that it will not be discussed, then those will not be sent to TB
[15:38] * yxhuvud has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:38] * Greif has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[15:38] <Alien-> the questions that have been answered here... those should probably be posted as well, i'm sure they're in the general interest
[15:39] * Alien- peers at his grammar... that can't be right...
[15:39] <Harkila-> we can later on agree whether answers here are "official" or if TB + team wants to rephrase them somehow
[15:39] <jochen> Rancid-: well… I have been working on ADOM for a very long time… I think he meant additional help :)
[15:39] * theta has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[15:41] <miikao> yeah of course I knew jochen was helping with the coding, I meant more people, maybe 5-10 or along those lines
[15:42] <miikao> might be hard for a lot of people to work on it though, if the code is a mess (and from what I've read I gather it kinda is)
[15:44] * too_silent (51b7d44a@webchat.xs4all.nl) has joined #adom-questions
[15:47] <jochen> @milkao: some parts are rather ugly, e.g. the shopkeeper handling is distributed throughout the code. I've already tried to refacture this, but C is not the kind of language where this is an easy task.
[15:48] <too_silent> I winder if there will be a new special day to start the game - a day of end of funding campaingn
[15:49] * agnoeo_ (-agnoeo@p4FDF1499.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #adom-questions
[15:49] <too_silent> sth like starting at the Creator's day or new year
[15:49] <Thomas_Biskup> too_silent: Several new special days in both ADOM and ADOM II :_)
[15:50] <miikao> jochen: anyways, I appreciate all the work you have already done for the game. and yeah, I can understand that.. the decision to go Jave for Adom 2 was probably good :)
[15:50] <miikao> *Java
[15:50] <too_silent> will all the changes require to almost rewrite the adom code?
[15:53] <jochen> @too_silent No, but we will probably need to learn again how you add a level, how you add a monster/item, etc.
[15:53] * disCorder (~derpderp@dsl-vntbrasgw1-fe66fa00-195.dhcp.inet.fi) has left #adom-questions ()
[15:55] * agnoeo has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:56] <too_silent> I'm so excited about this, thank you for making such amazing game (and it's about to get even more amazing) :)
[15:57] <Al-Khwarizmi> By the way, the scroll that gives you the number of paces to the blanket... it's just crazy! It makes no sense!
[15:57] <Oliphaunt> if this hasn't been asked yet: I wonder how TB & crew will go about gathering in statue / monster ideas from people who got the respective perks
[15:58] <Oliphaunt> Al-Khwarizmi: it's been figured out a while ago
[15:58] * CalvinBall has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[15:59] <Harkila-> how will the names of the donors be gathered? i'm sure many (including me) used a nick simply because they didn't want to disclose it with Indiegogo, not because they wanted that name visible finally
[15:59] <Al-Khwarizmi> Really? How does it work? I tried to figure it out several times and failed.
[15:59] <Marek14> Harkila: Everyone who donated had to leave e-mail address, right? I assume they will be used to contact them
[16:00] <Harkila-> Marek14, good point
[16:01] <Marek14> And if someone left fake address, too bad for him :)
[16:01] <blite> ;)
[16:02] <Harkila-> true that. and those could still be announced in the ADOM blog. if there is a way to validate them.
[16:02] * quik (~quik@ has joined #adom-questions
[16:02] * quik (~quik@ has left #adom-questions ()
[16:02] * yannvienne (1f25b4a3@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[16:03] * yannvienne (1f25b4a3@ircip1.mibbit.com) has left #adom-questions ()
[16:03] <Marek14> I already thought out my statue... but I'll need more information before I can choose a bodd monster
[16:03] <Marek14> As the person who came, years ago, with the idea for scroll of literacy check, I will now use the statue to validate that item and give it a real use :)
[16:04] <Harkila-> could August 30th (or the Saturday nearest to it) be done as an ADOM party day on #adom?
[16:04] <Marek14> Harkila-: I think that it would be better to make ADOM party whenever a new major release is posted :)
[16:05] * Shalafi2 has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[16:05] * Ravenmore-Krys has quit IRC ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
[16:05] <Marek14> You do not celebrate a start of great voyage while the voyage is still on, do you? :)
[16:05] <Harkila-> Marek14, that would be a debate on what is a major release.. also, it would die whenever releases aren't made anymore :)
[16:05] <Marek14> No, if the development ends, that would be time to celebrate in intervals.
[16:06] * Thomas_Biskup (5ddef7ac@ircip2.mibbit.com) has left #adom-questions ()
[16:06] * nw (nw@kapsi.fi) has left #adom-questions ()
[16:06] <Marek14> But I am not afraid of that. After ten years, this is the end of hibernation.
[16:06] * Arbot (18942e89@ircip1.mibbit.com) has left #adom-questions ()
[16:06] <Harkila-> i still vote for this, since it would be a way of implementing the meaning of 30.8. to ADOM without adding it to the game itself
[16:06] <Harkila-> truth is, that most things happened during the last 24 hours
[16:07] <Marek14> Yes.
[16:07] * K0BRA (~K0BRA@ has joined #adom-questions
[16:07] * CheatMan has quit IRC (EOF From client)
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[16:07] <pipe> Harkila-: Could be arrrrrrranged
[16:08] <Marek14> It tickles me that my last donation, on the last day, was 170$ and the final total was 90,169. I know it's silly, but I feel like I can say "The 90,000 wouldn't pass without me":)
[16:08] <Accu> it tickles me that I was the last donor (although I did donate before as well)
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[16:08] <Marek14> If I ever get children, I'll show them my ADOM goodies proudly :)
[16:09] * Draconic (2ef2186c@ircip3.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[16:09] <Marek14> So I could tell them "That's where the future of ADOM started and I was there."
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[16:09] <jochen> @Marek14 :)
[16:09] * BlitzerkidSix (cf203b95@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #adom-questions
[16:09] <Accu> :P
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[16:10] * K0BRA has changed the topic to '4S13t7u8p4i9d 11C12h11a2n'
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[16:12] * Rancid- sets mode +b *!*K0BRA@74.115.1.*
[16:12] * Rancid- has kicked K0BRA from #adom-questions (kthxbai)
[16:12] <iasov> ooh hax
[16:12] * Harkila- has changed the topic to 'Send questions to TB here, they will be sent to him afterwards'
[16:14] <omeg> lol
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[16:35] <iasov> I'd like to ask Thomas Biskup if he was influenced by the roguelike Omega. Stick that in your questions and smoke it.
[16:36] <pipe> iasov: So add a question mark to it ffs
[16:36] <pipe> the log will be parsed for stuff like that.
[16:36] <iasov> lol
[16:37] <jochen> really?
[16:37] <pipe> Yes
[16:37] <pipe> And colorized
[16:38] <pipe> Questions will be marked to stand out from the rest
[16:38] <jochen> ok… :)
[16:38] <omeg> make it rainbowy
[16:38] <omeg> hmm
[16:39] <iasov> 4,1Did you ever play and were you familiar with the roguelike game from the 1980s called Omega?
[16:39] <iasov> there, how's that/
[16:39] <pipe> Not sure.
[16:39] <pipe> I didn't code the question-script :)
[16:39] <omeg> are there plans to alter character creation in some ways? I think almost noone uses questions for stat allocation, maybe introduce some point-allocation system?
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[16:42] <pipe> I did use it in the beginning, and I might want to use it sometime again. Depends on my mood.
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[17:15] <grobblewobble> Ok, I have a question.. How will the new roster of wandering monsters work? If you design a named kobold, will players meet it earlier in the game than if you design a named greater moloch?
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