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[13:34] <Harkila-> Al-Khwarizmi, negative
[13:35] <Harkila-> hello Haxot
[13:35] <Al-Khwarizmi> If you buff burden, I'm not going to win ADOM again :P
[13:35] <Haxot> Hidee
[13:35] <Rancid-> grinding <> scumming
[13:35] <ignacio> i usually go for one precrown if i get the chance
[13:35] <alakoo> Rancid picking out?
[13:35] <PaulRR> Koukeri: rings can stay light too... or scrolls...
[13:35] <Silfir> PaulRR, what you're talking about is the issue of bulk; ADOM plain doesn't simulate bulk
[13:35] <alakoo> not picking up?
[13:35] <Harkila-> Haxot, are you the same Haxot as rgra once had?
[13:35] <Rancid-> alakoo: lulz
[13:35] <Al-Khwarizmi> Grinding is a subset of scumming.
[13:35] <Haxot> Indeed I am
[13:35] <Axido> woah
[13:35] <Harkila-> nice to meet you again :)
[13:35] <Haxot> (: Might I know you?
[13:35] <PaulRR> Silfir: I wish swimming was near impossible in heavy armor
[13:35] <Koukeri> PaulRR: true...
[13:35] <Haxot> It's good to be back
[13:35] <psy_wombats> I love casting Strength of Atlas and then carrying around a dozen logs
[13:35] <Rancid-> Al-Khwarizmi: no it's not :/
[13:35] <Accu> anything short of savegame cheating (ie. anything that happens in the boundaries of the game itself) is ok in my books!
[13:36] <Haxot> it's even better to see my favorite game making a comeback ^_^
[13:36] <PaulRR> psy_wombats: Strength of atlas remove all that...
[13:36] <Harkila-> Haxot, dunno.. I used to write with my last name there, which is also my nick here :)
[13:36] <PawelStyczynski> NEW CHALLENGE GAME!
[13:36] <PaulRR> Accu: I once had a wish engine... legit
[13:36] <PawelStyczynski> Finish ADOM while partying ;)
[13:36] <ignacio> everybody has their own personal policy regarding cheese. i stopped dumping gold on the dwarven trainer a while ago
[13:36] <Arbot> I'm such a packrat, If I don't find str of atlus I stat to get sad
[13:36] <PaulRR> Accu: But the game became uber-boring
[13:36] <Haxot> Sadly, I've had so many computer burnouts all my rgra logs are longlost :'(
[13:36] <Accu> "it's a feature, not a bug"
[13:36] <Accu> ;)
[13:36] <Al-Khwarizmi> scumming (uncountable): (video games, derogatory) The strategy of collecting easy rewards in unchallenging areas, e.g. when a high-level character visits levels suitable for low-level characters in roguelike games. <- wow, that's on Wiktionary.
[13:36] <PaulRR> I'd wish more shops... You know to buy mundane items
[13:36] <Jano> Too much flood, too few disgusting URLs. This is not the #adom I know. I need to skip this party.
[13:37] <Accu> well, I never bothered with wishing engine just for the same reason. But I tip my hat to anyone who completes the game, wish engine or not
[13:37] <Al-Khwarizmi> Grinding for a precrown = collecting easy rewards in unchallenging areas.
[13:37] <PaulRR> Al-Khwarizmi: I like how diablo prevent scumming
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[13:37] <PaulRR> Al-Khwarizmi: Just not worth it
[13:37] <Rancid-> Jano:
[13:37] <Rancid-> you're welcome
[13:37] <ignacio> i recently stopped raiding darkforge unless my character (not me, my character) can actually see where he's teleporting, i.e. magic map
[13:37] <JDCopley> I always just precrown with stomafilla
[13:37] <Rancid-> Al-Khwarizmi: it's not an easy reward
[13:37] <Rancid-> hth
[13:37] <JDCopley> I always find it in the UD
[13:37] <Rancid-> you risk starvation, OOD monsters etc.
[13:37] <PawelStyczynski> I always precrown/crown with monsters ;)
[13:38] <Accu> o_o
[13:38] <Haxot> Nothing beats saccing your enemies (:
[13:38] <PaulRR> Anyone heard about incursion the roguelike?
[13:38] <Silfir> 15 precrowning isn't grinding or scumming, it's idiocy
[13:38] <ignacio> live sacrificing is fun. for about five minutes. then it gets really tedious
[13:38] <Silfir> actually, yes, PaulRR
[13:38] <veekie> yes
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[13:38] <psy_wombats> I did it with gold doubling once, haha
[13:38] <Silfir> is it a D&D one?
[13:38] <veekie> drag so many corpses
[13:38] <PaulRR> Silfir:Yes
[13:38] <Silfir> because if so I've played it... shortly
[13:38] <Accu> PawelStyczynski: how can you find enough monsters if an altar isn't generated in cavernous room?
[13:38] <veekie> except live
[13:38] <psy_wombats> gnomish wizard crusing around on ID50
[13:38] <JDCopley> I used to precrown with live sacs, but I ended up having to go back for food too often\
[13:38] <Haxot> Wand of doors and wand of lock for live sac winning
[13:38] <ignacio> accu: it just takes time.
[13:38] <JDCopley> it got too time consuming
[13:38] <PaulRR> Silfir: Here are my thoughts: Adom is easier to learn. But many good ideas.
[13:38] <JDCopley> especially for a reward like the black tome
[13:38] <Accu> well yeah.. figures
[13:39] <Accu> but it's so much easier with money :)
[13:39] <Marek14> Do you read ADOM page at TVTropes?
[13:39] <Marek14>
[13:39] <Silfir> I've read it and I've edited it some
[13:39] <Arbot> You've been playing ADOM too long when... you can tell where a secret door is just by looking at the map
[13:39] <ignacio> yes, but where to get the money.
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[13:39] <PawelStyczynski> Accu: use pickaxe/earthquake/go upstairs and downstairs :)
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[13:40] <PawelStyczynski> I don't like herbs, and I like money ;)
[13:40] <PawelStyczynski> So I always use monsters to pre/crown.
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[13:40] <PawelStyczynski> So I never did speedrun ;)
[13:40] <PaulRR> got disconnected
[13:40] <Accu> it just takes a lot of time stairhopping :)
[13:40] <Silfir> I usually crown with the dough I accumulate by the midgame and I never precrown
[13:40] <Silfir> not sure what all the fuss is about either
[13:41] <PaulRR> I wish I didn't die so often in adom! :-)
[13:41] <PawelStyczynski> Accu: nope. I mean that when you go up/down, monsters on altair's level seems to reappear ;)
[13:41] <Al-Khwarizmi> Yeah, same here.
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[13:41] <Accu> wow, really?
[13:41] <Al-Khwarizmi> In fact I've never precrowned.
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[13:41] <psy_wombats> I precrown if there's an altar in the SMC
[13:41] <psy_wombats> that's it
[13:41] <Silfir> Done it a couple of times for the sake of having done it
[13:41] <PawelStyczynski> Accu: maybe it's only my feeling but it always works.
[13:41] <Accu> gotta try it sometime
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[13:42] <Silfir> monster creation can get "jammed" if you spend too long on a level
[13:42] <PaulRR> How do you guys feel about random character generation?
[13:42] <Silfir> reentering helps with that
[13:42] <Accu> although I hardly ever "grind". it might also be one of the reasons why I only completed the game once :)
[13:42] <PawelStyczynski> Silfir: exactly!
[13:42] <moonshine-> ignacio: it was easy to get lots of gold in 1.1.1 by abusing dragons, but since that bug was fixed in 1.2.0 i don't know
[13:42] <Silfir> For a long time, I played exclusively fate-decided characters
[13:42] <Silfir> I stopped because I wanted to complete my collection of classes I've won with
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[13:43] <Bdragon_phone> I like drakelings too much to let fate decide...
[13:43] <Koukeri> Twilight 2000 (the PC game) had interesting character creation
[13:43] <Al-Khwarizmi> Yeah, I think I did it once just to try. But not in real games.
[13:43] <PaulRR> Silfir: What about random stats? And getting sucky characters?
[13:43] <Koukeri> it might have possible been the best part of that game
[13:43] <Haxot> Say, any adom metalman challenge players ehre? (:
[13:43] <Silfir> Both don't really matter to me
[13:43] <PaulRR> <-- Casual gamer by the way
[13:43] <Accu> do you actually set the stats by answering questions?
[13:43] <moonshine-> dragons used to double the gold they picked up when you killed them, you could grow your gold exponentially that way and dragons are found in the wilderness.
[13:43] <ignacio> what are some challenges you guys have won? i've done lithium once and now i'm trying to win with an illiterate character before i try brass
[13:43] <GordonOverkill> Hi everyone! I usually play random chars when I don't get a very promising starsign
[13:43] * ubaob ( has joined #adom
[13:43] <Silfir> Well, I've manufactured super-wizards to do Iron Man with for a while on the server
[13:43] <PaulRR> Accu, nope never
[13:44] <ubaob> hi all
[13:44] <Accu> same here, takes way too much time
[13:44] <grobblewobble> For a dwarf crowning is so easy. Sell mummy wrapping and sword of nonnak, kill waldenbrook, sac sword of Nonnak.
[13:44] <PaulRR> I love Troll Healer born on candle... so funny
[13:44] <Silfir> I can't think of the last time I used the question system
[13:44] * Greif ( has joined #adom
[13:44] <Silfir> Must have been six or seven years
[13:44] <Greif> Hello!
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[13:44] <tappi> ignacio i don't know if archmage is a challenge but i've done that
[13:44] <Rancid-> Silfir: I bothered with it about once or twice
[13:44] <Haxot> My trolls always starve to death by level 8 or 9 it seems
[13:44] <Greif> Silfir, your videos are great!
[13:44] <Rancid-> then decided the minmaxing just wasn't worth it
[13:44] * qui_ ( has joined #adom
[13:45] <Accu> I've never died in starvation o_O
[13:45] <Silfir> That is good to hear!
[13:45] <Accu> even though I used to play trollish barbarians and healers a lot
[13:45] <Haxot> Howdy Greif
[13:45] <ignacio> they can be self imposed challenge. i've never won with a character that started chaotic and stayed chaotic the entire game. that's another thing i want to attempt
[13:45] <PaulRR> Haxot... really? Trolls are easy to feed with food preservation
[13:45] <psy_wombats> you can always pray for mana from heaven
[13:45] <Silfir> After a fashion, but needing twice is worse
[13:45] <veekie> food really isn't that much of a problem unless you just plain mismanage
[13:45] <psy_wombats> I had to do that once on a L35 character
[13:46] <Silfir> I think I do remember that I used to think managing food was a problem...
[13:46] <Haxot> Granted, I've only done 5 or 6 of them
[13:46] <psy_wombats> poison hands without gauntlets can be killer
[13:46] <GordonOverkill> I've never won at all ;-) But someday I will make it for sure, some day...
[13:46] <Haxot> However, I find even with a food pres of 80+ I still run out of food before I get to the arena.
[13:46] <Pushpabon> will bad things happen if I put some of yesterday's macaroni on the frying pan?
[13:46] <Silfir> But after first 500 characters I've had a handle on it and just died to the other stuff
[13:46] <ignacio> poison hands without gauntlets are a bitch
[13:46] * humpolec ( has joined #adom
[13:46] <Koukeri> never won either, just don't have the patience for that :)
[13:46] <PawelStyczynski> Hi humpolec, Yarpenn here ;)
[13:46] <Axido> Pushpabon: it's fine
[13:46] <Silfir> Haxot: Are you buying up Munxip's store?
[13:46] <ignacio> being a troll can be a positive there if you find hurtling cakes :)
[13:46] <tappi> the thing with the questions is
[13:46] <tappi> even with the questions there is variation
[13:46] <humpolec> hi
[13:47] <tappi> so a faster way to get the stats you want is just to reroll a few times
[13:47] * Yssi has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[13:47] <tappi> and get random stats
[13:47] <moonshine-> in the beginning food management might be a little difficult and you're probably occasionally hungry with no immediate source of food but it's rare to die on starvation..
[13:47] <Gurok> I would like it if ADoM had item sets, like Diablo item sets.
[13:47] <tappi> the secret to not dying to starvation is keeping yourself burdened or lower
[13:47] <Silfir> I would be indifferent to it
[13:47] <ignacio> well, it has needle and sting.
[13:47] * kooka ( has joined #adom
[13:48] <tappi> (strained is ok if you got a lot of food, but if you're low then strained is the worst thing you can do)
[13:48] <Haxot> @Silfir: Yes, emptying Munxip's store out completely. He had nothing left, not even a bone.
[13:48] <tappi> because it doubles your food consumption
[13:48] <kooka> hello again
[13:48] <Arbot> also the rolf's axe and shield
[13:48] <tappi> or even worse strained! which triples it
[13:48] * Nuteater ( has joined #adom
[13:48] <Silfir> That is worrisome, Haxot - I usually buy a couple of large rations there and am fine for the rest of the game
[13:48] <Pushpabon> - Issue 765 - Answering no to "Really attack/backstab the -foo-? [y/N]", reduces the energy cost of the PC's following action
[13:48] <Pushpabon> how significant is that btw?
[13:48] <Pushpabon> or a percentage
[13:48] <ignacio> i have no idea, but it was fixed.
[13:48] <psy_wombats> it's the backstabbing bonus
[13:48] <Haxot> @Silfir I suspect my playstyle is too slowmoving to keep the troll fed
[13:48] <psy_wombats> yeah, it's gone
[13:48] <Pushpabon> because it could be abused if it was a percentage
[13:48] <Silfir> oh, trolls
[13:48] <Pushpabon> like say.. read something
[13:48] <Accu> I had used rolf's set multiple times before my friend pointed out it only works if the axe is wielded in.. err.. was it left hand?
[13:49] <PawelStyczynski> tappi: but strained helps to get St 18 ;)
[13:49] <Accu> :P
[13:49] <Silfir> Trolls is something else entirely
TB_?[13:49] <Deathdealez> TB comming soon?
[13:49] <tappi> PawelStyczynski sure, but you need the food first
[13:49] <spide> well we have some new bosses and artifacts coming. maybe some of those could be sets.
[13:49] <Silfir> I can't really help you there since I don't play them
[13:49] <psy_wombats> if you read something immediately afterwards, all that'd happen is the first turn of reading would be reduced EP cost
[13:49] <tappi> being strained without food is like taking a lona you can't pay back
[13:49] <ignacio> you mean rolf's axe and shield grant an extra bonus when used jointly???
[13:49] <Pushpabon> psy_wombats, lame
[13:49] <PawelStyczynski> tappi: food in early game isn't a problem.
[13:49] <Haxot> @Silfir: yeah. troll priest/healer. Love them because they are like a self healing wall. but they eat like.. like.. they eat more than anything it feels like
[13:49] <Accu> ignacio: yes
[13:49] <spide> like some boss has some named artifact like folfs gear
[13:49] <Greif> Does anyone know, whether or not the UI in ADOM will be changed in the upcoming updates?
[13:49] <tappi> at some point or another the rng will knock your door down and beat you to a pulp with a tire iron
[13:49] <kooka> you get +10 to hit and dmg
[13:49] <spide> rolf even
[13:49] <ignacio> oh! i had no idea.
[13:49] <Accu> but it only works if the axe is in left hand..
[13:49] <kooka> I was using the set for a while in my last game
[13:49] <Marek14> Maybe we'll get more Rolf's artifacts since we're getting his quest?
[13:49] <Accu> I think?
[13:50] <kooka> It's still not really worth it
[13:50] <tappi> PawelStyczynski yes as long as you keep yourself from being strained or worst
[13:50] <humpolec> Greif: there's going to be a graphical menu, and tiles
[13:50] <psy_wombats> the shield is decent
[13:50] <tappi> i'm mostly giving this advice for beginners
[13:50] <moonshine-> until you get to the arena you'll have to keep moving all the time to get enough food, unless you're a hurthling or a monk
[13:50] <Silfir> Needle and Sting give much more than +10 hit and damage
[13:50] <Haxot> @Silfir No worries :) was mentioning my one gripe - trolls priest born to candle. starves to death for me
[13:50] <tappi> PawelStyczynski if you know how to play you can go crazy
[13:50] <tappi> but beginners have problems with food
[13:50] <kooka> Oh yeah, I used the shield for the whole game
[13:50] <Silfir> Haxot, all trolls starve to death for anyone :D
[13:50] <Al-Khwarizmi> Is that documented? The left hand Rolf thing I mean.
[13:50] <Accu> Silfir: but they are incredibly difficult to acquire :)
[13:50] <rmcin329> only 141 people wow? guess its going to be a small party
[13:50] <psy_wombats> yes
[13:50] <Al-Khwarizmi> Is it a bug or a feature?
[13:50] <ignacio> rolf's axe is not bad if you haven't found anything better.
[13:50] <PawelStyczynski> tappi: especially in 1.2.0, it seems that it's easier to get strained in this version ;)
[13:50] <ignacio> maybe rolf was left handed.
[13:50] <kooka> I guess Rolf was left handed
[13:50] <Silfir> I've made a guess to what kooka is talking about
[13:50] <PaulRR> The Creator will be here soon!
[13:50] <Haxot> @folks talking about strain - you do know that being strained will eventually increase your strength, aye?
[13:50] <kooka> ignacio SNAP!
[13:50] <PawelStyczynski> Anything better ? Big Punch :D
[13:51] <tappi> Haxot yes
[13:51] <Alucard> Haxot: only up to a point
[13:51] <Accu> the slaying -property is probably a bit overpowered compared to the rest
[13:51] <kooka> Big Punch is not a bad weapon!
[13:51] <Silfir> I never thought I'd see this, but this is an ADOM chatroom and it's moving way too fast to follow all strands of discussion
[13:51] <PawelStyczynski> Haxot: of course.
[13:51] <kooka> and it's guaranteed
[13:51] <Accu> vanquisher is in my opinion easily the best weapon in the game
[13:51] <tappi> Haxot don't make me repeat myself a third time in saying that you need the food first though
[13:51] <psy_wombats> it's kind of nice
[13:51] <ignacio> agreed
[13:51] * Jauhoparta ( has joined #adom
[13:51] <veekie> I always go with large ration strain initially
[13:51] <Silfir> Haxot, it's limited - Strained only goes to 18
[13:51] <Rancid-> meh, I like my TotRR :)
[13:51] <Silfir> Trolls start there, usually
[13:51] <Haxot> @Silfir: No it's not
[13:51] <kooka> show off
[13:51] <kooka> :-)
[13:51] <PawelStyczynski> Accu: there are better weapons ;)
[13:51] <Accu> hah :)
[13:51] <Haxot> @silfir did it last night on 1.2
[13:51] <Jauhoparta> Woot
[13:51] <ignacio> strained only goes to 16, strained! goes to 18 (the second thing i learned only very recently)
[13:51] * Alien- tosses together a little dark elf monk.
[13:51] <Haxot> @Silfir strained took me from 20 str up to 24
[13:51] <Silfir> Trolls also have Athletics
[13:52] <Accu> yeah sure, but I mean weapons that can be acquired "relatively easily"
[13:52] <CheatMan> i hope that jochen and thomas release another copy of adom 1.2.0 p1 without the campaign ad screen for us donors
[13:52] <Accu> sun's messenger is awesome as well
[13:52] <PawelStyczynski> Accu: I mean that too.
[13:52] <psy_wombats> I've never had Vanquisher generated
[13:52] * Bdragon_phone has quit IRC ("Bye")
[13:52] <pipe> hello
[13:52] <Axido> all this adom-speak makes me want to play it :|
[13:52] <psy_wombats> in like 20 wins
[13:52] <Silfir> I don't have all the 1.2.0 changes handy in my mind
[13:52] * SaschaSchnitzer (~AndChat53@ has joined #adom
[13:52] <Al-Khwarizmi> I hate Big Punch, but I end up using it in many games.
[13:52] <Accu> mm, give me an example :)
[13:52] <PawelStyczynski> ;)
[13:52] <ignacio> it's mostly bugfixes
[13:52] <Al-Khwarizmi> I tend to have bad luck with artifact weapons.
[13:52] <Silfir> but Strained limited to 18 seemed to be a fixture in 1.1.1
[13:52] <ignacio> one of the few new features is the literacy check
[13:52] * pipe has changed the topic to 'Welcome to the ADOM party! | Rules & IRC manual: '
[13:52] <psy_wombats> literacy check is strange
[13:52] * PaulRR puts on his party hat.
[13:52] <psy_wombats> I failed reading a Scroll of Literacy Check
[13:53] <GordonOverkill> I also didn't get Vanquisher so far... but I always hope to get it when I play a barbarian because everybody says it's great
[13:53] <kooka> Why does Soaker almost always get generated? it's a piece of crap
[13:53] <ignacio> hehehe!
[13:53] <Silfir> I put on my robe and wizard hat
[13:53] <Haxot> \m/ ~_~ \m/ Yeah!
[13:53] * pipe sets mode +v Silfir
[13:53] <ignacio> because chaos doesn't sleep, kooka!
[13:53] <Accu> GordonOverkill: it might be the main reason why I completed the game as human barbarian :)
[13:53] <pipe> psy_wombats: :D
[13:53] <rmcin329> to soak you in frustation maybe? :D
[13:53] <kooka> yes
[13:53] <ignacio> i got vanquisher once. it's a damn good weapon. crits everything.
[13:53] <Silfir> except animals
[13:53] <moonshine-> psy_wombats: scroll of literacy check and scroll of cure blindness are joke scrolls :)
[13:53] <rahikkala> The biggest problem with more artifacts is of course that there's less of a chance of spawning Preserver :(
[13:53] <Silfir> No one cares about animals
[13:53] <qui_> unfortunately quite a few artifact weapons aren't any good/fun
[13:53] <ignacio> am i the only one who doesn't like the specialized kill messages for vanquisher and executor?
[13:53] <psy_wombats> I know, haha
[13:54] <qui_> maybe some will get changed or removed
[13:54] <Silfir> I wish we could get them for "of penetration" weapons
[13:54] <psy_wombats> but it used to be you'd read it and get "f yu cn rea this you mst be rly gd" or something
[13:54] <Silfir> badum tshh
[13:54] <kooka> Silfir, yeah! I was gonna say
[13:54] <psy_wombats> now I just failed
[13:54] <GordonOverkill> @Accu: My best character so far was a dark elven barbarian Who slaughtered everything untill the casino
[13:54] <rmcin329> too bad the scroll of blindness couldn't be read then cast on a blind companion/pet
[13:54] <Haxot> @Qui_ Of course - yah gotta have something to sac to the gods =)
[13:54] <ignacio> i love the new artifacts! variety is the spice of life. i found aylas holy scarf and perion's plate mail recently
[13:54] <moonshine-> druids have to care about animals
[13:54] <SaschaSchnitzer> Woot! I made it! :D
[13:54] <Silfir> oooh, Perion's
[13:54] <psy_wombats> Aylas Holy Scarf is neat
[13:54] <kooka> why do PD het the message and not penetrating weapons
[13:54] <Silfir> never gotten it
[13:54] * Mrokii ( has joined #adom
[13:54] * Jauhoparta has quit IRC (" ")
[13:54] <Silfir> I mean, it's basically a heavier eternium plate mail
[13:54] <Alien-> are non-neutral druids penalized in any way?
[13:55] <Silfir> not that I know of, no
[13:55] <qui_> @Haxot yes, so they can gift you with something even more useless ;)
[13:55] * jochen ( has joined #adom
[13:55] * SaschaSchnitzer is standing in front of a cinema in Stutter right now.
[13:55] <Silfir> Druids also don't have to keep a good standing with their god
[13:55] <Al-Khwarizmi> Perion's is underrated.
[13:55] <ignacio> silfir: it's impossible to damage!
[13:55] * evilk ( has joined #adom
[13:55] <rmcin329> hopefully that will be fixed then
[13:55] <Alien-> how about if they kill an animal?
[13:55] <kooka> i've had many a eternium plate mail destroyed
[13:55] <Al-Khwarizmi> My latest char (troll bard) got it in the early game and it was very useful.
[13:55] <Silfir> but they do get their asses kicked by their gods if they sacrifice an animal
[13:55] * CheatMan bows to jochen
[13:55] <GordonOverkill> Just rolled a grey elven thief named Sally... maybe she will be my first winner :-)
[13:55] <Silfir> killing is fine, saccing is not
[13:55] * Bolle is now known as Moeba
[13:55] <Alien-> heh, okay. cheers!
[13:55] <rmcin329> what if it was a chaotic animal?
[13:56] <ignacio> hehe i got it with a troll bard too.
[13:56] <jochen> hi all
[13:56] <Silfir> jochen, are you the messenger of His arrival?
[13:56] <psy_wombats> there are chaotic animals?
[13:56] * sqrt-1 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[13:56] <kooka> are there any 'chaotic' animals in game?
[13:56] <Alien-> chaos rats aren't animals, i think?
[13:56] <rmcin329> chaos lizard
[13:56] <psy_wombats> or you mean chaos rats or something?
[13:56] <rmcin329> chaos rat
[13:56] <GordonOverkill> Hi Jochen
[13:56] <Alien-> i mean, technically, but...
[13:56] <moonshine-> Alien-: druids get to C- very quickly if they kill friendly animals and seem to stay that way for the rest of the game, but i haven't noticed other penalties. although that is a pretty big one if you don't want to play chaotic
[13:56] <Silfir> vanquisher doesn't have chaotics slaying
[13:56] * Alien- nods
[13:56] <Rancid-> hi jochen
[13:56] <Rancid-> :)
[13:56] <Silfir> so it wouldn't automatically crit on chaos rats or lizards
[13:56] <Silfir> it would still kill them just fine, of course
[13:56] <SaschaSchnitzer> But I can tell already the mobile interface will do me no good at this speed. :P
[13:56] <Alien-> at least that's a good way of staying your champion alignment
[13:57] <Alien-> N= is a trickier one
[13:57] <Skabooga> Good luck GordonOverkill
[13:57] <SaschaSchnitzer> So, have fun guys!
[13:57] <kooka> chaos rats and lizards are inconsequential foes anyways
[13:57] <GordonOverkill> thx!
[13:57] * SaschaSchnitzer has quit IRC ("Bye")
[13:57] * Apoc ( has joined #adom
[13:57] <Jipostus> I don't like neutral characters, because they're hard to keep truly neutral...
[13:57] <Silfir> If it's in any way important, Vanquisher kills it, is the bottom line
[13:57] <kooka> Is it worth picking up Hawkslayer? I mean, is he really that good?
[13:57] <Silfir> I love Vanquisher
[13:57] * Thomas_Biskup ( has joined #adom
[13:57] <Satsuoni> Welcome, Thomas! Congratulations on the successful funding campaign :)
[13:57] * pipe sets mode +o Thomas_Biskup
[13:57] <Silfir> Hawkslayer is not too bad
[13:57] <Rancid-> *worshipworshipworship*
[13:57] <psy_wombats> I've never gotten him actually
[13:57] <rmcin329> theres always the question of chaos jellys as well i suppose
[13:57] <Gurok> Hail creator!
[13:57] <Accu> kooka: not really
[13:57] <PawelStyczynski> Guten Abend jochen ;)
[13:57] <CheatMan> Hail, Creator!
[13:57] <kooka> the Creator!
[13:57] <Skabooga> Biskup!!!!
[13:57] <Rancid-> sup TB
[13:57] <Thomas_Biskup> Hello folks!
[13:57] <Silfir> Hail victor!
[13:57] <rmcin329> they aren't exactly an animal, but they aren't humanoid either
[13:58] <Koukeri> !
[13:58] <Haxot> Say, has anyone gotten pre 1.2 to work with AdomSAGE? (couldn't get noteye to handle pre1.2 either)
[13:58] <kooka> Hello!
[13:58] <iasov> Hello TB
[13:58] <Haxot> Hey TB
[13:58] <Jipostus> The Creator himself
[13:58] <Alien-> snow creator!
[13:58] <Thomas_Biskup> Just to make sure I'll post the nick under my FB account ;-)
[13:58] <emilus> HI TB
[13:58] * Alien- bows
[13:58] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: Guten Abend ;)
[13:58] <Alucard> Haxot: nope
[13:58] * sqrt-1 ( has joined #adom
[13:58] <humpolec> Haxot: nope, seems to be incompatible
[13:58] <Jalmag> Hi Thomas
[13:58] <psy_wombats> the +o should be a clue, haha
[13:58] <Apoc> Party!
[13:58] <Harkila> shit! my conmection died 15 minutes before the party!
[13:58] <PaulRR> Welcome Creator!
[13:58] <veekie> All hail the Creator!
[13:58] <Moeba> hail!
[13:58] <Satsuoni> Hail!
[13:58] <Silfir> alright, where's the ale and whores
[13:58] <PaulRR> Hail!
[13:58] <Haxot> Heya Harkila. Woocum back
[13:58] <SSSimon> Hail!
[13:58] <Pushpabon> mm food
[13:58] <Silfir> this is a party is it not
[13:58] <Apoc> *hails*
[13:58] <kooka> Thank you for nearly making me fail uni because of your game, Creator :-)
[13:58] <Moeba> I can hand everyone who asks a large trout
[13:59] <ubaob> axes high!
[13:59] <Rytthigar> Good evening, mr. Biskup!
[13:59] <Tukuturi> Hail the Creator!
[13:59] <Rancid-> Silfir: well, Harkila came back..
[13:59] <Accu> hi TB!
[13:59] * pipe is not sure that shouting Hail! repeatedly at a german is a good thing
[13:59] <Harkila> great to irc with phone :p
[13:59] <tstm> Yay Biskup! o/
[13:59] <Al-Khwarizmi> Hi!
[13:59] <PawelStyczynski> pipe :DDDDDDDDDDD
[13:59] * too_silent ( has joined #adom
[13:59] * Alien- baps pipe :P
[13:59] <Silfir> the same goes for the o/ emoticon actually
[13:59] * PaulRR is dancing with his party hat.
[13:59] <Gurok> Heil!
[13:59] <GordonOverkill> x-D Acutally it's a littke strange I guess
[13:59] <tstm> Silfir: I just thought of that after pressing enter. :P
[13:59] <iasov> okay, now what?
[13:59] <Silfir> Gurok no >_<
[13:59] <Pushpabon> more beer it is then
[13:59] <Skabooga> I hope everyone brought snacks
[13:59] * wippler ( has joined #adom
[14:00] <Thomas_Biskup> Hello everyone! Hope you are stlled with some nice drinks. Still waiting for my summer punch cocktail over here and probably will be switching to whisky tasting at some point ;-)
[14:00] <rmcin329> im still surprised so few people showed up
[14:00] <pipe> I just found a picture of all guys here on this channel:
[14:00] <Alien-> i brought a cat. will that do?
[14:00] <rmcin329> was expecting 300-500
[14:00] <Moeba> I hear fireworks outside anyway
[14:00] <Moeba> that fits
[14:00] <Silfir> got some coke here
[14:00] * slashie ( has joined #adom
[14:00] <Apoc> I'm so proud of this community, I actually had doubts if the original 48k would be gathered (shame on me doubting)... but people really amazed me!
[14:00] <Silfir> but no alcohol
[14:00] <Block_> pipe hey I've got the same calculator!
[14:00] <tstm> I have gin here.
[14:00] <slashie> I am here
[14:00] <Jm2c> I just have some chips and some water, but oh well
[14:00] <psy_wombats> aand I'm at work
[14:00] <Tukuturi> wooo coke party!
[14:00] <Jipostus> I have my import Beer..
[14:00] <Thomas_Biskup> Just to say that once more here: Thanks to everyone for the totally awesome campaign support.
[14:00] <CheatMan> thomas_biskup: it's too early in the afternoon to open my scotch bottle just yet
[14:00] <Silfir> ... Guess I'll have start up ADOM and give some money to beggars
[14:00] <slashie> are you having fun?
[14:00] <alakoo> yay
[14:00] <slashie> :P
[14:00] * Harkila- ( has joined #adom
[14:00] <pipe> I baked a pie for the occation
[14:00] * Harkila sets mode +o Harkila-
[14:00] <GordonOverkill> It took me the whole day to get rid of yesterday's hangover, so maybe I will stay with juice tonight ;-)
[14:00] <tstm> Thomas_Biskup: The thanks go to you for continuing to make an awesome game. =)
[14:00] <Harkila-> yay!
[14:01] <pipe> I will eat it by my own
[14:01] * Blamsoor ( has joined #adom
[14:01] * ignacio has quit IRC (" (Ping timeout)")
[14:01] <Thomas_Biskup> It was totally amazing and I'm still more exhausted than I would have thought possible...
[14:01] <Rytthigar> Thank you, Thomas for making ADoM in the first place :D
[14:01] <Koukeri> Thomas: t'was my pleasure :)
[14:01] <Alien-> Creator: You're welcome! It was well deserved!
[14:01] <Harkila-> also, hello Thomas_Biskup, and nice to "meet" you finally :)
[14:01] <Al-Khwarizmi> Yeah, I had doubts too, Apoc... especially in the middle of the campaign.
[14:01] <Pushpabon> at one point it seemed as though 48k was too long a shot
[14:01] <rmcin329> will there be a campaign in the future for ADOM II?
[14:01] <kooka> Thomas, you now have made the second highest earning indy game of all time :D
[14:01] <Haxot> TB, it was really fun being able to put something forward for all the fun your game has given me over the years ^_^
[14:01] <yxhuvud> kooka: does that include taxes? :)
[14:01] <pipe> It's pretty amazing that a 10 year old ASCII-art-game managed to score that much :)
[14:01] <slashie> Thomas_Biskup: hopefully this will bring to a resurge of roguelike development in the new century
[14:01] * ignacio ( has joined #adom
[14:01] <Thomas_Biskup> I noted down the times I spent on the campaign alone (just because the trolls irked me with that "anyone could fix a few bugs in a week or two" (which isn't clarified by this particular experiment) but I noticed that I spent a total of 174 hours on the campaign.
[14:02] <Jipostus> Seriously, the last hour of the Donation Drive was Insanely exiting... almost too exiting
[14:02] <Silfir> All the money gets reinvested, I'd think
[14:02] <GordonOverkill> Definitely! ADOM is such a great game that all of us are happy about the camaign ourselves
[14:02] <kooka> and yes, your game is awesome, you deserve it
[14:02] <Skabooga> Truly, Thomas_Biskup, thank you for making such a lovely game
[14:02] * guest-jojo ( has joined #adom
[14:02] <Thomas_Biskup> Almost 22 full work days.
[14:02] <pipe> And I'm really happy that Jochen is still releasing Amiga ports :)
[14:02] * Rancid- eats de chicken
[14:02] <Thomas_Biskup> Besides full time job and some resemblance of life. Explains the exhaustion ;-)
[14:02] <Silfir> All the pledgers earned themselves a grandiose ADOM 1.2.0, is the better view on it
[14:02] * xenathi ( has joined #adom
[14:02] <Harkila-> i got to admit, after 10 years of hibernation, i thought 48,000 was _never_ to be achieved. but ADOM was far too powerful for that.
[14:02] <Pushpabon> Rancid-, charred?
[14:02] <slashie> it sucks when people underrates work, specially when they have never done it
[14:02] <Thomas_Biskup> But enough of that ;-)
TB_?[14:02] <Pushpabon> Thomas_Biskup, when can we choose font on the windows exe?
[14:03] <Pushpabon> that's like the most important thing ever
TB_?[14:03] <CheatMan> jochen and tb: having seen the code, did you ever go through the adom guidebook to see how accurate/inaccurate our findings are?
[14:03] <PawelStyczynski> Let's drink!
[14:03] <jochen> pipe: and there will be probably even more Amiga releases soon (I hope)
[14:03] * Deg ( has joined #adom
[14:03] <kooka> You need to put in a quest where people feed trolls :)
[14:03] <Silfir> Necklace of the Eye is supposed to fix that, isn't it?
[14:03] <Deg> Hello Everyone
TB_?[14:03] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: What's the highest? Dwarven Fortress?
[14:03] <slashie> Thomas_Biskup: working hard right now so can't party with all intensity, but I'll be on and off
[14:03] <ignacio> ok thomas, what i want to know is where brannalbin comes from!
[14:03] <kooka> MINECRAFT
[14:03] <guest-jojo> Deg the hero is here. Thanks for everything, Deg. ^.^
[14:03] <Deathdealez> Thomas you are here!
[14:03] <SgtSarros> woo, it's tommy!
[14:03] <Silfir> Dwarf Fortress has also made more money in donations
[14:03] <Deathdealez> Hello.
[14:03] <Silfir> measured over the years
[14:03] <rmcin329> you can already feed trolls if you generate them with a scroll of familar summoning
[14:03] * Yssi ( has joined #adom
[14:03] <jochen> Pushpabon: maybe I can add this in the next prerelease!?
[14:03] * SgtSarros looks like he returned to the pc in time
[14:03] <Thomas_Biskup> yxhuvud: Don't ask about taxes ;-)
[14:03] <Pushpabon> jochen, it'd be swell
[14:03] <Silfir> and there's tons of other excellent indie games, let's not jump the gun
[14:03] * YggazTheFool ( has joined #adom
[14:03] <Marek14> Will we get a version without the "Outlived its usefulness" message the current prerelease has? :)
[14:03] <Alien-> thomas: are you planning a Q&A of some kind, possibly a website-submit thing? so that we know even if we let you party and don't hammer you with questions now, we may still have a chance for answers?
TB_?[14:04] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, will ADOM Sage be a part of the actual game at some point in future?
[14:04] * pipe sets mode +o jochen
[14:04] <humpolec> jochen: can't ADOM for Windows just be console-based?
[14:04] <omeg> jochen: would be nice, for now we have to hexedit ;)
TB_?[14:04] <Thomas_Biskup> Wow... so many messages... can't read'em all. How do you IRCers handle that :-) ?
[14:04] <pipe> jochen: Didn't see you in all the noise :)
[14:04] <GordonOverkill> x-D Sally the grey elven thief just died at lvl 1 after a hill orc encounter...
TB_?[14:04] <tstm> Thomas_Biskup: What do you do for your full time work?
[14:04] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: It's normally not even close to being this massy
[14:04] <Thomas_Biskup> jochen: Hi!
[14:04] <pipe> *messy
TB_?[14:04] <evilk> Thomas_Biskup: do yo know sth about taxes already? I did some research but i could only find closed information
[14:04] <Rancid-> Thomas_Biskup: we usually don't, you've quadrupled our usual attendance
[14:04] <Al-Khwarizmi> We don't.
[14:04] <Alien-> decades of practice :P
[14:04] <SgtSarros> It's called doing this for a decade lol
[14:04] <psy_wombats> ahh wilderness deaths
[14:04] <Moeba> we don't join such overcrowded channels
[14:04] <psy_wombats> so classy
TB_?[14:04] <Marek14> TB: We ignore most people and say what we want?
[14:04] <Satsuoni> I think many people ignore half of them
[14:04] <Accu> I bet Thomas is having tons of private queries as well as the channel talk :D
[14:04] <Moeba> usually ;)
[14:04] <kooka> Thomas is a software eng right?
[14:04] <Al-Khwarizmi> You never get that amount of messages in a normal IRC day.
[14:04] <spide> usually there are not so many active people on a channel at the same time.
[14:04] <jochen> Thomas_Biskup: hi :)
[14:04] <alakoo> so cheers, prost, na zdravie, kippis, skål, sante and all the rest for the evening
[14:04] <yxhuvud> TB: just get hit by a surprise fisting by the tax department please.
[14:04] * alakoo lifts up his glass
[14:04] * too_silent has quit IRC (" (Ping timeout)")
[14:05] * tstm lifts up the glass, too
[14:05] <Haxot> @raeding influx: One eye covers the top 2 lines, t'other eye covers the next 2 lines. helps if you're a smidge loose in the frond.
[14:05] <Fermin> so many questions at once :D
[14:05] <ignacio> we're going to need some dwarven ale.
[14:05] * Harkila- lifts up two
[14:05] <Deg> Thomas_kiskup: Catch up on some sleep sir?
[14:05] <yxhuvud> +don't
[14:05] <SgtSarros> accu: I'm sure he does. I'm hoping he doesn't suffer from epilepsy with all the blinking and flashing going on right now on his screen
[14:05] <slashie> anyone from #rln or #rgrd ?
TB_?[14:05] <xenathi> Thomas_Biskup: will you take a break from your normal work now that the campaign was so successful? How many hours a week will you dedicate to ADoM?
[14:05] <PawelStyczynski> ChAoS iS hErE!!!!
[14:05] <Silfir> Thomas, none
[14:05] * silvia__ (~denartha@ has joined #adom
[14:05] <Silfir> But jochen will
[14:05] <Satsuoni> Cheers!
[14:05] <Thomas_Biskup> tstm: In real life i'm one of three CEOs of the QuinScape GmbH ( It's an IT company with about 70 employees... which means 50 hour work weeks as a minimum on relaxed weeks ;-)
[14:05] <Silfir> well, none is wrong too
[14:05] * Halindir ( has joined #adom
[14:05] <Koukeri> heh, I used to operate on channel that could have like 300 users at the time (built in IRC of Unreal Tournament)... those were crazy days :)
[14:05] <miro123> Lets give the word to TB
[14:05] <Silfir> But I think the intention was to make it possible for jochen to work near-fulltime on ADOM
[14:05] * too_silent ( has joined #adom
[14:05] <Pushpabon> Koukeri !
[14:06] <Pushpabon> pendragon's irc?
[14:06] <Pushpabon> or whoever
TB_?[14:06] <kooka> I have to say, Thomas_Biskup , 'writhing mass of primal chaos' is the best monster name in a RPG ever. Did you come up with it yourself?
[14:06] <Silfir> That IS an awesome name
[14:06] <psy_wombats> I love it when named bosses turn into those...
[14:06] <tstm> Thomas_Biskup: Cool. I'll keep you in mind if I need to have some software made in germany. Which might actually be a possibility. =)
[14:06] <guest-jojo> I always assumed the writhing mass just referenced greek mythology
[14:06] <Thomas_Biskup> xenathi: This yet has to be seen. It's not trivial to take off from work but I hope that something like a 4/1 change or an extra kind of holiday from work for a month are possible. But all this will be decided in detail over the next weeks as so many changes have popped up diring the campaign that our original plan is a mess.
[14:06] <ignacio> what's you guys' favorite npc? mine has to be Yggaz hands down.
[14:06] <rmcin329> its too bad they dont turn into chaos enhanced versions of themselves instead
[14:06] <nopik> Thomas_Biskup: hello! I've been playing Adom for last 15 years or so, started with some 0.9 gammas on Amiga.. nice to be able to meet you finally ;)
[14:06] <kooka> which greek myth?
[14:07] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: I don't remember. I think so but hopefully I'm not stealing anyone's credit ;-)
TB_?[14:07] <Apoc> Thomas_Biskup So how are you going to find the time for all the adom things with that work? :p
[14:07] <Gurok> When can we expect the first not-so-nightly nightly build?
[14:07] <pipe> ignacio: Yggaz? You must be nuts
[14:07] <Harkila-> ignacio, Andor Drakon, the one i love to kill
[14:07] <kooka> No, I just think it's awesome. I put one into an PnP RPG I run regularly
[14:07] <Koukeri> the network was on, if I remember correctly. pendragon for sure sounds familiar, but I've forgot a lot :)
[14:07] <Thomas_Biskup> nopik: Nice to hear that it managed to hold your attention for so long ;-)
[14:07] <ignacio> i've been playing since gamma 10 :)
[14:07] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, and apologies, after 12 years and eleventy billion games I have still not sent you a postcard. I swear to do that.. someday..
[14:07] <Deg> Personally I don't care what timeline Thomas sets, the fact it is being done is enough for me
[14:08] <Pushpabon> Koukeri I think it was just 1 guy who operated the actual irc network for UT99
[14:08] <Dronir> pipe: my installation seems stuck o "storing language" at 75%. been saying that for like 10min now :/
[14:08] <Deg> Although I want my volcano first ;-)
[14:08] <PawelStyczynski> Where's the snacks ?!?!
[14:08] <Thomas_Biskup> My favorite NPC is Andor Drakon. Although he's to one-dimensional in ADOM. But we'll see about his role in ADOM II ;-)
TB_?[14:08] <CheatMan> jochen and tb: having seen the code, did you ever go through the adom guidebook to see how accurate/inaccurate our findings are?
[14:08] <Alien-> deg: greedy, greedy ;P
[14:08] <Accu> in addition to the "nightly builds", I can't wait for the PnP RPG :)
[14:08] * Halindir has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:08] <too_silent> I've been playing when there was no skills at 6lvl an so on
[14:08] <omeg> favourite npc? demented ratling, easily
[14:08] <Koukeri> Koukeri: yep, there weren't that many people... I was just a channel op
[14:08] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, but then, adding dimensions to Andor Drakon would make him more.. well, mortal.
[14:08] <Pushpabon> omeg, tiny girl! obviously!
[14:08] <Rancid-> favorite npc = the guys who chant "ONE OF US"
[14:08] <kooka> I like the ratling rebel best. Are we getting more ratling stuff?
[14:08] <jochen> CheatMan: no...
TB_?[14:08] <xenathi> Thomas_Biskup: so you're still going to work fulltime on your job despite the huge amount of money raised? :(
[14:08] <Moeba> mad minstrel ofc!
[14:08] <omeg> Pushpabon: i see wut u did thar
[14:08] <rmcin329> i think mine would have to be the shopkeepers
[14:08] <slashie> I wonder if anyone's reading me
[14:08] <Thomas_Biskup> BTW: Send postcards, I love them and they really continue to be welcome breaks from normal life. I love those cards that just show where you live.
[14:08] <Moeba> not everyone drops corpses around
[14:08] <kooka> A PETA member in the game who maces people who wear furs! That's hilarious
[14:09] <Tukuturi> haha it's not THAT much money
[14:09] <Koukeri> er...
[14:09] <Marek14> Thomas_Biskup: Andor Drakon has to be one-dimensional: he lives in his own one dimension!
[14:09] <grobblewobble> slashie: yes
[14:09] <nopik> Thomas_Biskup: hehe ;) I had 'quiet' years, but still, Adom is the only game I'm returning to after so many years
[14:09] <Koukeri> I'm speaking to myself :)
[14:09] <Silfir> xenathi, it's not so huge if you subtract taxes and keep in mind what kind of money he has to earn to feed his family
[14:09] <pipe> Dronir: Hum, I don't remember anything like that, but I haven't used ubuntu server for ages and ages
[14:09] <jochen> CheatMan: scanning the code and comparing with the guidebook probably is a lot of work
[14:09] <CheatMan> thomas: i sent you one about 10 years ago.... i suppose it's high time i sent you another one
[14:09] * ivojemin ( has joined #adom
[14:09] * Vaniardur ( has joined #adom
[14:09] <Pushpabon> I almost sent one. then I didn't
[14:09] <Deg> Thomas - Have you caught up on sleep after that intense last few days of the funding effort?
[14:09] <tenderi> Thomas_Biskup: you are awesome. Science bless you!
[14:09] <Zagna> I think I sent one 10 or so years ago too
[14:09] <SgtSarros> I'll have to send you one from the arctic north of canada Thomas.. Enterprise, Northwest Territories. Lovely little village that may have less people living in it then Teringo has ( and I likely spelled that wrong, i don't have the name in front of me right now )
TB_?[14:09] <kooka> Thomas_Biskup , I am going to go on trial for cannibalism soon. Do you think arguing I have been warped by years of playing your game will help?
[14:09] <too_silent> I will send a postcard, promise :)
[14:09] <xenathi> Silfir: Toadie One lives of 3000-4000$ a month doing DF fulltime
[14:09] <ignacio> thomas, except a postcard from argentina in the near future :)
[14:09] <CheatMan> jochen: i understand, i was just wondering if you had looked at it on a lark
[14:09] * Iceberg ( has joined #adom
[14:09] <pipe> I've sent 3 cards I think
[14:10] <Silfir> Toady One is one guy
[14:10] <yxhuvud> pipe: does that include meets?
[14:10] <YggazTheFool> Baba's my mother, Stalker my father and I'm the eternal wanderer
[14:10] <GordonOverkill> @Thomas_Biskup: Since I live only halve an hour from you, that wouldn't be so exciting I guess ;-) Anyway I will write a card after I will have finished the game for the first time!
[14:10] <SgtSarros> last census has Enterprise with 94 people, I think. That village may just be higher populated then my town.
[14:10] <Silfir> Toady also left a dead-end job he didn't particularly like
[14:10] <Thomas_Biskup> xenathi: As hard as it's too say: Although it's a big mountain of money it's by far not enough to quit my day job. I have a house to pay and a life to keep ;-) But it hopefully is more than enough money to turn ADOM Deluxe into a business and thus keep the free ADOM alive forever and me rolling with ADOM II. That's the plan at least.
[14:10] <xenathi> Silfir: and the DoomRL dude works halftime if I recall correctly for 300-400$ donations a month
[14:10] <Jipostus> Damn... Where is Siv when I need him... We made something dedicated to the successful Campaign... But... I need him to present it..
[14:10] <Thomas_Biskup> Wow, I type one message and a million others have scrolled by. Stress...
[14:10] <pipe> yxhuvud: One of those cards was a meet card
[14:10] <Silfir> Again, Thomas has a family
[14:10] <SgtSarros> lol @ Thomas_Biskup
[14:11] <pipe> yxhuvud: Or hm, maybe I've sent 4 cards
[14:11] <Iceberg> Hello everyone, it's nice to join the party.
[14:11] * JadePhoenix ( has joined #adom
[14:11] <Alien-> yeah, don't stress out the creator, people :P
[14:11] <Silfir> I think we can trust him to make as much time as he can afford
[14:11] <Harkila-> welcome Iceberg
[14:11] <Deg> Hi Iceberg
[14:11] <GordonOverkill> Hi Iceberg
[14:11] * Kaira- ( has joined #adom
[14:11] <SgtSarros> Ye the scrolling is a challenge. Speed reading is a required skill. As your secretary one day how it's done ;)
[14:11] <Thomas_Biskup> xenathi: $300-$400 is barely enough to sleep under a bridge in Germany. Without exaggeration.
[14:11] <ivojemin> Hi, every1
[14:11] * szopin ( has joined #adom
[14:11] <veekie> man this channel goes fast
[14:11] <ignacio> i just want to raise my dwarven ale to jochen for being an awesome bug fixer :)
[14:11] <Pushpabon> pipe say something
[14:11] <Axido> Thomas_Biskup: time to hit that punch to make stress melt away
TB_?[14:11] <Accu> jochen/TB: did you ever refactor the code over the years?
[14:11] <too_silent> damn, can't read everything, too much text...
TB_?[14:11] <xenathi> Thomas_Biskup: so how does he manage that?
[14:11] <Thomas_Biskup> SgtSarros: I started a speed reading book a couple of months ago but I didn't have enough time so far to finish it ;-)
[14:11] <PawelStyczynski> Iceberg? Szopin? I don't know this guys ;) ?
[14:11] <jochen> ignacio: cheers! :)
[14:11] <Pushpabon> nvm it works now
[14:11] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Just ignore everything that's written by anyone without @ before the name ;)
[14:11] <Jalmag> Thomas, what motivated you to do the first version of ADOM?
[14:11] <ignacio> :)
[14:11] <Silfir> xenathi, you just said he works halftime
[14:12] <Silfir> to make up for the rest
[14:12] <kooka> The key to speed reading is finding the key words
[14:12] <Rancid-> JSuvanto just phoned me
[14:12] <pipe> Pushpabon: what
[14:12] <Pushpabon> set mirc to show @ in front of nicks so I can follow the interesting discussion :>
TB_?[14:12] <Vaniardur> @Thomas_Biskup: When it comes to the soundtrack of ADoM, will it be featured only in the Deluxe edition or in the original also - will it be possible to disable it and/or will there be sound options to fiddle with?
[14:12] <Kaira-> gday folks
[14:12] <Skabooga> That damnable excellent Germany economy, makes bridge living so expensive
[14:12] <humpolec> represent!
[14:12] <kooka> Most words in a sentence are junk anyway, connectors and stuff
[14:12] <pipe> Rancid-: Why, are you a couple now
[14:12] <Rancid-> he wants to say hi to all the guests, and tell Harkila- he's a homoface
[14:12] <Thomas_Biskup> I'm now toasting with my wife... towards the best community ever, to jochen for getting things rolling again (it's all his fault) and to the future of ADOM & ADOM II!!!
[14:12] <tstm> I hear Berlin is cheap. :P
[14:12] <Harkila-> i got mentioned separately!!!111
[14:12] <Thomas_Biskup> *TOAST*
[14:12] <jochen> Accu: yes, I started with that… but it's a tricky thing, I don't want to break anything ;)
[14:12] <tstm> Thomas_Biskup: *TOAST*
[14:12] <Silfir> Greetings to the wife
[14:12] <CheatMan> toast!!
[14:12] <Axido> cheers
[14:12] <Teal> *TOAST*
[14:12] <ignacio> cheers!
[14:12] <Accu> jochen: hehe figures.. being a programmer myself :)
[14:12] <Alucard> *THUMB*
[14:12] <YggazTheFool> Toast!
[14:12] <tstm> #adom says hi to wife!
[14:12] <Alucard> wait
[14:12] <alakoo> *TOAST*
[14:12] <ignacio> salud! :)
[14:12] * Alien- waves at the wifey!
[14:12] <GordonOverkill> Cheers!
[14:12] * magenta ( has joined #adom
[14:12] <Deg> Cheers!
[14:12] <Pushpabon> energy drinks for everyone
[14:12] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, i'll toast with Sink the Bismarck, the most expensive beer i've ever bought (EUR 70 / bottle) :)
[14:12] <grobblewobble> cheers!
[14:13] <PawelStyczynski> * blessed potion of booze *
[14:13] <Jipostus> Kippis!!
[14:13] <Marek14> What does your wife think about ADOM?
[14:13] * nopik has quit IRC ("")
[14:13] <SgtSarros> YEAH TOAST
[14:13] <Accu> sometimes when I look back at my old code I just think "what the hell" :P
[14:13] <Lelele> here here!
[14:13] <pipe> What are these strange words... "Wife"... "Life"...
[14:13] <kooka> hello, frau Biskup! You're very patient ::
[14:13] <Silfir> However much you've endured in this marriage, we thank you for sticking with him through this foolishness
[14:13] <pipe> Unknown concepts for me
[14:13] <jochen> *TOAST*
[14:13] <rmcin329> i think i'll pass on the energy drinks
[14:13] <Thomas_Biskup> (my wife now typing for a moment)
[14:13] <Rancid-> also, on behalf of the regular crew here.. where the *heck* did all of these people emerge from? :D
[14:13] <tstm> pipe: I hear they come after you stop playing adom for a while..
[14:13] <omeg> teast
[14:13] <kooka> cheers!
[14:13] * Vaniardur has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:13] <Alien-> pipe: those ife words are rife with complexity
[14:13] <SgtSarros> Will your wife be helping with the coding of the game?
[14:13] <pipe> tstm: Odd stuff
[14:13] <Gurok> Salut!
[14:13] <ignacio> cheers to melanie for keeping thomas sane all these years!
[14:13] * Zpto has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:13] * Vaniardur ( has joined #adom
[14:13] <tstm> Or insane enough to make some more ADOM
[14:13] * jochen probably is to blame for all this ;)
[14:14] <PaulRR> So it is possible to play roguelike and get married. :-) There is hop-e
[14:14] <Deg> Even if not we will blame you anyway Jochen
[14:14] <Thomas_Biskup> hi #adom! sometimes it was hard because I had to sleep alone in my bed for much too many nights during the past 60 days but the fire in thomas's eyes is worth it!
[14:14] <Thomas_Biskup> :-)
[14:14] * Rmore ( has joined #adom
[14:14] <Zaephyr> lol
[14:14] <Thomas_Biskup> (TB grabs back the keyboard)
[14:14] <iasov> great answer :P
[14:14] <Alien-> that's love :)
[14:14] <Harkila-> :)
[14:14] <Blamsoor> hahaha thats so sweet
[14:14] <kooka> that's sweet
[14:14] <Thomas_Biskup> Before my wife starts typing things that make me blush ;-)
[14:14] <Haxot> *very big grin*
[14:14] <Alien-> haha
[14:14] <Harkila-> :)
[14:14] <Koukeri> hehe
[14:14] <silvia__> :)
[14:14] <Jm2c> 'aw
[14:14] * xenathi has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:14] <miarf> :D
[14:14] <alakoo> :)
[14:14] <kooka> ha ha
[14:14] * blite ( has joined #adom
[14:14] <Jm2c> b'aw
[14:14] <Undrscore> :)
[14:14] <Skabooga> Awww!
[14:14] * jjonir ( has left #adom ()
[14:14] <blite> hi all!
[14:15] <qui_> programming with eyes on fire sounds hard
[14:15] * jochen says hit to Melanie!
[14:15] <Harkila-> hi blite
[14:15] <Silfir> If you displease her the ADOM fanbase will gather and come to your house to kick your ass
[14:15] <GordonOverkill> hi blite!
[14:15] <blite> hi Harkila-
[14:15] <Alien-> it's good for programming volcanoes
[14:15] <blite> hi GordonOverkill :)
[14:15] <Thomas_Biskup> hi to jochen from melanie!
TB_?[14:15] <Thomas_Biskup> BTW, are Lucas or Krys here?
[14:15] <veekie> also great for coding demons
TB_?[14:15] <tstm> Thomas_Biskup: Unwinnable NPC modeled after the wife? Death stare that paralyzes you no matter what you do. ;)
[14:15] <too_silent> :)
[14:15] <kooka>
[14:15] <ignacio> "Your heart seems to be burning in bright flames"
[14:15] <Rmore> Krys is here =)
[14:15] <Alien-> tstm: banshee? ;)
[14:15] <Thomas_Biskup> tstm: I got that stare a couple of times recently ;-)
[14:15] * Alien- ducks
[14:15] <Silfir> Elven goddess of beauty or somesuch, if he's a flatterer
[14:15] * JussiT__ ( has joined #adom
[14:15] * WhiskeyFate has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[14:16] <Harkila-> tstm, that's the Dorn Beast, usually when you hear a *Hurumph!* from the living room you should get sharp
[14:16] <tstm> Alien-: :D
[14:16] * TravisPrue ( has joined #adom
[14:16] <Rmore> Lucas seemed keen to show up, hasn't reported in yet?
[14:16] * inqb ( has joined #adom
[14:16] <Deg> Silfir - You planning on putting up anymore ADoM youtube play through videos?
[14:16] <rmcin329> dorn beasts are easy to kill with any ranged weapon
[14:16] <yxhuvud> tstm: what do you think stood model for the dormbeast?
TB_?[14:16] <Yssi> Thomas_Biskup, have you ever beaten a playthrough of ADOM? What version and what character?
[14:16] <SgtSarros> hey you don't know.. her name might actually be one of the goddesses in the game right now.
[14:16] <Thomas_Biskup> Rmore: Thanks for all the fantastic support! You really have started given ADOM & ADOM II a 21st century face and we are so much looking forward to working with you over the months to follow!
[14:16] <Apoc> Don't worry, I think Thomas_Biskup is wise enough to wear certain ring to tame the banshee beast...
[14:16] <jochen> Hi Krys
[14:16] * WhiskeyFate ( has joined #adom
[14:16] <TravisPrue> Jipostus: I MADE IT
[14:16] <Rmore> Hiya :)
[14:16] <Silfir> oh man, I don't know
[14:16] <Alien-> heheh
[14:16] * Rmore is now known as Ravenmore-Krys
[14:16] <Koukeri> ah, Silfir sounded familiar, now I remember :)
[14:16] <Ravenmore-Krys> Ah, better
[14:16] <Silfir> People seem to want me to, so... I'll have to see
[14:16] * jsar has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:16] <Koukeri> nice videos dude :)
[14:16] * SgtSarros knows if he made a game his GF would be one of the goddesses
[14:16] <Harkila-> hello Ravenmore-Krys :)
[14:17] <Deg> I really enjoyed that series of yours
[14:17] <Thomas_Biskup> Yssi: Actually I've never won my own game. Usually I get easily past the animated forest but that's about the time when I either get careless or think about a new feature, add the feature, break save file compatibility and have to start again ;-)
[14:17] <kooka> Ha ha
[14:17] <Block_> Congrats Thomas_Biskup! The dude who made the ADOM II banner with the dragon here :)
[14:17] * jochen watched Silfirs "Hokus Pokus" run on YT
[14:17] <Deg> One day I will find time to do a run. Maybe once the first new release of ADoM is out
[14:17] * Teal has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:17] <kooka> That makes me feel better about not beating the game yet, Thomas_Biskup
[14:17] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, impressive that you have managed to do it so balanced without winning yourself.
TB_?[14:18] <Thomas_Biskup> Is there any way to halt the scrolling in the mibbit web client? Makes it really hard to pick out questions after typing.
TB_?[14:18] <PaulRR> Thomas_Biskup: How do you balance it, then?
[14:18] * grobblewobble has quit IRC (" (EOF)")
[14:18] <qui_> Thomas_Biskup: so that's why levels 20-30 don't have much custom stuff! ;)
[14:18] <Accu> whoa, didn't expect that :D
[14:18] <kooka> I wrote a book in 9 months. I have been playing ADOM for 7 years and never beaten it!!!
[14:18] <ignacio> i've been having a great time with version 1.2.0p1! already managed to kill 63 adventurers!
[14:18] * orion_et ( has joined #adom
TB_?[14:18] <mastonakki> Thomas_Biskup would you rather a duck or a number?
[14:18] <Deg> Is there a slowmode for the channel? That would help Thomas out
[14:18] <yxhuvud> Thomas_Biskup: irc is how I learnt to type while not watching the keyboard :)
[14:18] <GordonOverkill> Hokus Pokus really rocks! I loved to watch the pirat episode.... Aaaargh! x-)
[14:18] <SgtSarros> PaulRR: i'd guess he does it from player feedback and such.
[14:18] <Thomas_Biskup> harkila: That's due to the amazing feedback. There are so many fantastic players out there who have a great skill of balancing the game that I just need to listen and sprinkle input with my own ideas ;-)
TB_?[14:18] <Thomas_Biskup> mastonakki: ???
[14:19] <Silfir> I can't listen to that episode anymore
[14:19] <Silfir> I must've been possessed
[14:19] <Deg> I just assumed you were drunk
[14:19] * Katy has quit IRC (" (EOF)")
[14:19] * guest-jojo has quit IRC (" (EOF)")
[14:19] <Deg> :)
[14:19] * nikolakolodziej ( has joined #adom
[14:19] <Skabooga> Haha! Not winning at Adom puts you in good compant I'd imagine
[14:19] <pipe> Hm, I should have added some 'auto-whois' script before the massive join started
[14:19] <Silfir> ... Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming around again, isn't it?
[14:19] <rmcin329> how long do you expect implementation of all the stretch goals to take?
[14:19] <Deg> Not too far off heh
[14:19] <GordonOverkill> It's great, especially in the end when you ran short on pirat phrases... definitely entertaining :-)
[14:19] * malorzean ( has joined #adom
[14:19] * ivojemin has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
TB_?[14:19] <kooka> Thomas_Biskup, do you ever still run pen and paper RPGs any more?
[14:19] <blite> rmcin329 has a really good question actually
[14:20] * giest-jojo ( has joined #adom
[14:20] <PawelStyczynski> Maybe someone will give @ to Ravenmore-Krys ? :)))
[14:20] <Silfir> Entertaining, hopefully, but it definitely is terrible :D
[14:20] <Thomas_Biskup> yxhuvud: I still need to ook at the keyboard. Although I type faster than any secretary I know. I once did one of those typing courses, was faster than anybody else, was even faster with my own technique and then decided to continue my way ;-)
[14:20] * Artsu- ( has joined #adom
[14:20] <too_silent> this madness is too much for my slowpoke laptop, bye and again Congratulations Thomas, I'm so happy Adom will have a new life :D
[14:20] * Kanalanka has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:20] <spide> i've never mastered the 10 finger typist thing they teach
[14:20] <Requin> Woo!
[14:20] * teeli ( has joined #adom
[14:20] <YggazTheFool> The only time I managed to beat the game, was because I happened to stumble upon 20 Greater Molochs, who were surprisingly suspectible to my Confusion Blast
[14:20] <YggazTheFool> Nice level boost from 25 to 36 on one level
TB_?[14:20] <tappi> Thomas_Biskup plain curiosity, how fast wpm?
[14:21] * too_silent ( has left #adom ()
[14:21] <Alien-> take care, silent! glad you could join even for a little bit!
[14:21] <malorzean> I've found that 8 fingers is more than sufficient in general.
[14:21] <spide> i just use my own 5-7 finger technique
[14:21] <Silfir> I learnt typing at 10 when I started programming in Qbasic
[14:21] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: Currently not but I definitely will restart that while writing the ADOM Lite RPG. Which sadly will be a big time eater consuming time otherwise spent on coding but all in all I'm happy to be able to finally do all the things that were promised for ADOM ;-)
[14:21] <pipe> I have an epic rhubarb pie and soon a cup of nice tea
[14:21] <Skabooga> Still a find and peck method you utilize
[14:21] <Silfir> I sucked at actual programming so I retyped everything all the time
[14:21] * Deathdealez has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:21] * Squ ( has joined #adom
[14:21] <Silfir> instead of doing loops or what have you
[14:21] <Thomas_Biskup> My wife's cocktail also tastes great. And she starts getting drunk :-)
[14:21] <Silfir> One day, I realized I could do it without looking
[14:21] <Alien-> lol
[14:21] <Thomas_Biskup> Giggling all the time.
[14:21] <tstm> :D
[14:21] <jarjar0x2a> I've beaten the game a few times...wait, do save scumming/gold doubling/wish engine wins not count? ;)
[14:21] * magenta has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:21] <kooka> ha ha
[14:21] <Silfir> Never went to an actual course
[14:21] <Deg> Thomas: Am I allowed to be greedy and ask you do the volcano first for the new content? :P
TB_?[14:21] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, how long do you think that it takes to implement all the promised stuff? consindering that i'm sure you also want to implement quality stuff :)
[14:22] <Silfir> (I've won about twenty-eight?)
[14:22] <Alien-> you should get her onto irc, i bet she'd write interesting drunk messages :P
[14:22] <rmcin329> maybe players should be able to use the cooking skill to try to imitate her cocktail
[14:22] <Koukeri> time to pour some more of wine...
[14:22] <yxhuvud> Silfir: people always give me weird looks when I look up at them but continue typing.
[14:22] <Accu> jarjar0x2a: everything counts! (apart from savegame cheating)
TB_?[14:22] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: what about colour ADOM RPG ? You wrote somewhere that it's fantastic to see this in colour. Will you send it to us ?
TB_?[14:22] <Pushpabon> Thomas_Biskup try scrolling the window up if it stops the autoscroll or was that not what you meant?
[14:22] * BlitzerkidSix ( has joined #adom
TB_?[14:22] <Thomas_Biskup> tappi: Don't remember. I remember that the target number ofor the first course was 130... but could that have been wpm? No idea... it's been 20 years since then.
[14:22] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Considering the game is 15 years old or whatever, remember that you still have about 15 years left to implement the new stuff. :)
[14:22] * cribozai ( has joined #adom
[14:22] <Tukuturi> I'm really excited about the ADOM Lite RPG
[14:22] <jochen> Deg: looking at the source code I always wondered where the volcano in ADOM was ;)
[14:22] <Thomas_Biskup> pushpabon: Yes I want to stop the auto scroll.
[14:22] <tappi> Thomas_Biskup that's a lot but it's certaintly ahcievable
[14:22] <tappi> *achievable
[14:23] <Pushpabon> at least on my client the autoscroll stops if I scroll the text window at least 1 line up
[14:23] <cribozai> i heard there was a meeting here :3
[14:23] <Deg> jochen: Excellent to hear :)
[14:23] <jarjar0x2a> Accu, woohoo, I think 1 of them may have been without save scumming; i doubt it though, and don't remember for sure
[14:23] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: It should all be finished under a year. Hopefully that works out.
[14:23] * shael ( has joined #adom
[14:23] <shael> hello
[14:23] <CheatMan> jochen & thomas: is there any way the donors can vote on what gets attempted implementation first? Like Adom-SAGE's UI enhancements (since the source for that is available)?
[14:23] * Shalafi2 ( has joined #adom
[14:23] <omeg> software engineering time estimation: guess, make the time unit one magniture bigger and multiply by two
[14:23] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Take your time, no one is in a rush.
[14:23] <SgtSarros> yeah if you want you can scroll up a couple lines and it wll stop the auto scroll and you can just move it down at your own leisure and answer questions along the way.
TB_?[14:23] <kooka> I do a lot of pen and Paper RPGs, I am finding if I want to do a quick one off, I just pinch a level from ADOM and make a story for it. Do you mind if I do this sometimes, Thomas_Biskup ? They're private games
[14:23] <pipe> omeg: I thought you had to multiply by pi
[14:23] * ignacio has quit IRC (" (Ping timeout)")
[14:23] <Silfir> Though if you do stop the scrolling to read old questions, you'll develop a time delay
[14:23] <Koukeri> omeg: sounds about right...
[14:23] <omeg> pipe: won't hurt
[14:23] <yxhuvud> CheatMan: that is not a good idea. Better let them do the necessary and big rewrites they need to do first
[14:24] <Alien-> kooka: do a lot of those games end in TPK? :)
[14:24] <yxhuvud> if there are any of those
[14:24] <Silfir> And before we know it you chat with us from half an hour into the past
TB_?[14:24] <tappi> Thomas_Biskup do you remember we had a roguelike discussion talk in skype some months ago?
[14:24] <Silfir> tappi, that was you with Grey, right?
[14:24] <Deg> Time travel is the way of the future..or is it the past? That always gives me headaches figuring out
[14:24] <tappi> yes, and me
[14:24] <Silfir> I remember that talk, I'm kicking myself that I didn't make it
[14:24] <agnoeo> I assume someone's logging and will be able to post the log afterwards?
[14:24] <Thomas_Biskup> CheatMan: Actually there won't be much voting on that. I'm right now making a kind of map that I'll also post to the blog and there are lots of interdependencies. My priority is: Finish as many pledge rewards as soon as possible (to get rid of that responsibility as they distract from working on the game).
[14:25] * yamamushi ( has joined #adom
[14:25] <TravisPrue> PARTY!!!!
[14:25] * Apoc has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:25] <yamamushi> party?
[14:25] <Thomas_Biskup> CheatMan: Then code stuff in the most efficient order in order to conserve as many resources (time and money) as possible!
[14:25] <nikolakolodziej> after this whole one year of coding - consider porting adom to PIWO: :D
[14:25] <Harkila-> 164 people.. still not so many, i guessed 300
[14:25] <Thomas_Biskup> *TOAST* towards TravisPrue !
[14:25] <kooka> frau Biskup, do you know your husband has so many nerd followers, he could probably take over a small nation for you?
[14:25] <kooka> heh heh
[14:25] <Pushpabon> how many unique donors were there?
[14:25] * TravisPrue toasts back at Thomas_Biskup
[14:26] <CheatMan> thomas: sounds logical. i just miss my adom-sage colored messages and repeat last command function, hehe
[14:26] <BlitzerkidSix> *raises teacup* to TravisPrue!
[14:26] <jochen> kooka: lol
[14:26] * nikolakolodziej joins the toasting
[14:26] <Thomas_Biskup> pushpabon: Haven't counted yet but my guess is definitely more than 1.000...
[14:26] * TravisPrue toasts with actual toast
[14:26] <Deg> That is something I am curious as well the stats on the campaign
TB_?[14:26] <tappi> Thomas_Biskup this has been asked several times already, but do you think you will be implementing adom sage features for 1.2.0?
[14:26] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: She says that the only thing she knows is that she is married to the biggest nerd of them all.
[14:26] <Alien-> that's a tall order
[14:26] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: I guess I must forbid here to read this here any more ;-)
[14:26] <blite> :D
[14:26] <Silfir> I resent that implication
[14:26] <tappi> ie. stuff like ability to configure message coloring (and message coloring to begin with)
[14:26] <Silfir> I am a much bigger nerd
[14:26] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Uhm, the biggest nerd is surely not married to anyone. :P
[14:26] <tappi> and filtering of messages
[14:27] <tappi> (and other interface improvements)
TB_?[14:27] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, how are you going to gather the names of the donors for the tome? i suppose many donated anonymously only because they didn't want to disclose their information to indiegogo
[14:27] <iasov> what pipe said
[14:27] <kooka> You're married, Thomas, That implies you have some social skills :)
[14:27] <Silfir> Thomas hasn't even beaten ADOM
[14:27] * ubaob has quit IRC (" (EOF)")
[14:27] <jochen> CheatMan: I promised Zeno to give the NotEye integration a high priority… so that we all can start working in parallel
[14:27] <Pushpabon> oh the horror
[14:27] <Thomas_Biskup> tappi: Some. I still need to ask folks what they really like about ADOM Sage. Colored messages are a must have but some other features I heard about are barely existant in the ADOM Sage code from what I saw so I'm kind of confused.
TB_?[14:27] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: what about colour ADOM RPG ? You wrote somewhere that it's fantastic to see this in colour. Will you send it to us ?
[14:27] <tappi> yeah the message coloring and filtering are the big ones
[14:27] <Silfir> Colored messages, automatic position switching
[14:27] <psy_wombats> I think colored messages was about it
[14:27] <psy_wombats> and less spam from ToEF
[14:27] <Harkila-> also, the "repeat" action
[14:27] <tappi> teleport teleport is a very useful feature as well
[14:27] <rahikkala> Thomas_Biskup: Teleport to stairs is the one SAGE feature I used all the time
[14:27] <tappi> even if it is smaller
[14:27] <Thomas_Biskup> As for all these things: I will set up a special forum to discuss specific upcoming implementation issues and then we'll see.
[14:28] <tappi> ah yeah, repeat action, that's a big one
[14:28] * Kanalanka ( has joined #adom
[14:28] <psy_wombats> oh right, teleport to stairs
[14:28] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: She didn't run fast enough ;-)
[14:28] <psy_wombats> thanks, that'd be appreciated
[14:28] <CheatMan> colored messages, auto-swap neutral, teleport to stairs and repeat last command macro are the big parts of Adom-SAGE
TB_?[14:28] <Alien-> Thomas_Biskup: are you getting too many questions? would you prefer if we let you relax?
TB_?[14:28] <mastonakki> Thomas_Biskup 92-50=?
[14:28] <szopin> also auto-swap places with villagers
[14:28] <Thomas_Biskup> psy_wombats: Sounds reasonable.
[14:28] <Thomas_Biskup> harkila: probably too
[14:28] <Silfir> oh yeah, toEF
[14:28] * auror ( has joined #adom
[14:28] <Thomas_Biskup> psy_wombats: That's an easy one.
[14:28] <Pushpabon> auror cze?
TB_?[14:29] <yxhuvud> Thomas_Biskup: how much do you look at other roguelikes? for example, have you looked at the autocombat and autoexplore modes from crawl?
TB_?[14:29] <Thomas_Biskup> mastonakki: 42? But I don't understand 92-50 :-) Sorry, exhaustion, alcohol, too many IRC messages to think.
[14:29] * the_music_dude ( has joined #adom
[14:29] <CheatMan> i believe that alucard has the complete ADOM-sage sources at his page, do you not?
[14:29] <auror> hehe
TB_?[14:29] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: what about colour ADOM RPG ? You wrote somewhere that it's fantastic to see this in colour. Will you send it to us ?
TB_?[14:29] <TravisPrue> Thomas_Biskup: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
TB_?[14:29] <Thomas_Biskup> CheatMan: How do you attack neutrals with auto-swap? Never checked that? Would be trivial to add though.
[14:29] <Pushpabon> hmm I guess not
[14:29] <Deg> Thomas: How did you find your experience with Indiegogo went? Any issues that came up that was challenging or was it smooth to run?
[14:29] <mastonakki> 42 is the correct answer
[14:29] * rmcin329 has quit IRC ("A day without sunshine is like .... night")
[14:29] <iasov> poor TB. so many highlights
[14:29] <malorzean> African or European?
[14:29] <yxhuvud> not to mention a goto function that can tell the guy to go wherever in the discovered universe automatically
[14:29] <Silfir> Thomas_Biskup, I usually just kick them first
[14:29] <TravisPrue> XD
[14:29] <GordonOverkill> @Silfir: By the way, in your video I saw you using a short command to drop/pick up all unidentified items in your inventory. I'd love to lear this secret move for it would surely save alot of time!
[14:29] <Silfir> it's a bit of a problem
[14:30] <jurpelo> does the Creator listen to Kreator?
[14:30] <pipe> Yes!
[14:30] <Silfir> Ctrl-p
[14:30] <Pushpabon> GordonOverkill isn't that just :d
[14:30] <pipe> Let's turn this party into a feature-begging-feast!
[14:30] <Silfir> or ctrl-d
[14:30] <Pushpabon> extended drop
[14:30] <pipe> Let's tdo that!
[14:30] <agnoeo> Thomas obviously isn't that big a nerd: married, asks what 42 means and hasn't beaten Adom once. ;-)
[14:30] <Silfir> oh wait, yeah
[14:30] <Thomas_Biskup> Deg: The biggest issue psychologically were the hate waves from Reddit trolls. I try not to be touched by it but all the drivel kind of got to me. Although now that's over ;-)
[14:30] <Silfir> :d
[14:30] <Silfir> too
[14:30] <PaulRR> t
[14:30] <tappi> Thomas_Biskup kicking them usually
[14:30] <pipe> Everyone tell Thomas_Biskup about what features they want, because he probaby never read the feature-request forums!
[14:30] <tappi> or stuff like that
[14:30] <Silfir> ooh, internet hate? that's always entertaining
[14:30] <CheatMan> thomas: it would only auto-swap with neutrals that are friendly (or after two succesful calm monsters)
[14:30] <Thomas_Biskup> agnoeo: I know Hitchhiker and the 42 think, but I didn't understand 92 and 50 :-)
[14:30] <Deg> Good to hear
[14:30] <TravisPrue> Thomas, you should add penguins... that is all
[14:31] <GordonOverkill> Hmmm, when I use ctrl-p i get to a window where I can mark several items to be dropped, but I still have to mark them all manually
[14:31] <the_music_dude> Mannnnnn this is crowded o.o
[14:31] <Moeba> lol
[14:31] <kooka> That's why there needs to be a quest where people starve trolls by destroying their food
TB_?[14:31] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: what about colour ADOM RPG ? You wrote somewhere that it's fantastic to see this in colour. Will you send it to us ?
[14:31] * mik1o quietly continues sipping his drinks and withdraws back to lurking
[14:31] <Silfir> To pick up all items quickly
[14:31] <Silfir> ;
[14:31] <Pushpabon> GordonOverkill semicolon followed by lower case d
[14:31] <Silfir> semicolon
[14:31] <PawelStyczynski> Maybe I will get an answer ;)
[14:31] <Pushpabon> err I mean the other character
[14:31] <Silfir> and the big Y
[14:31] * PaulRR has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
TB_?[14:31] <Vaniardur> @Thomas_Biskup: Regarding the soundtrack, will it be featured in both ADoM and ADoM Deluxe? And will there be sound-options to disable it (Not that I don't enjoy Lord Lucas' work, but I'm not used to sounds in Roguelikes)
[14:31] <Rancid-> PawelStyczynski: the ground rumbles.
[14:31] <Pushpabon> yes colon
TB_?[14:31] <Gurok> Thomas_Biskup, it sounds like adjusting people's pledges with Indiegogo was a real pain in the butt. In hindsight, would you go with something like Kickstarter if you had to raise funds again?
[14:31] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: I have a lot to catch up. I prefer well phrased RFEs in the issue management on the official site as catching up with the forums is extremely time-inefficient (although I will try to do this more). But it's so easy losing an evening to the forums.
[14:31] <Silfir> It's actually hard for me to keep these all straight in the abstract
[14:31] <jurpelo> *stands next to a wall, and stays invisible*
[14:31] <Moeba> kooka: but people ARE trolls food!
[14:31] <Thomas_Biskup> Need to pause a second to eat a creme brulee :-)
[14:31] <PawelStyczynski> Rancid-: why ? d:D
[14:32] <Silfir> I use the drop and pickup commands instinctively but I can't tell which one does what if you ask me to
[14:32] <spide> Thomas_Biskup: how about binding some stuff for example function keys.
[14:32] <Thomas_Biskup> Gurok: If I could, yes. Indiegogo sadly is a very primitive platform
[14:32] <Rancid-> PawelStyczynski: stop repeating the same question over and over, hth.
[14:32] <Deg> Moeba: EVERYTHING is troll food
[14:32] <Pushpabon> spide you can
[14:32] <Thomas_Biskup> *GGAAA* My wife steals my creme brûlée!!!
[14:32] <Pushpabon> except they're bound to tactics already
[14:32] <nikolakolodziej> For some seconds a strange silence fills the whole level.
[14:32] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Yeah, I was being a little sarcastic since people seem to flood this IRC channel with feature-requests now, which is a VERY VERY bad place to do it. :)
[14:32] <Harkila-> Gurok, Kickstarter is AFAIK restricted to US citizens
[14:32] <Skabooga> Ooo, that's much better than the snacks I have
[14:32] <nikolakolodziej> Suddenly the rift disappears.
[14:32] <Thomas_Biskup> Oh now, she's feeding me :-) Wonderful wife :-)
[14:32] * flashdoom ( has joined #adom
[14:32] <Harkila-> :)
[14:32] <Thomas_Biskup> Tasty creme brulle :_)
[14:32] <PawelStyczynski> Rancid-: I didn't get an answer. You see other thing to do that ?
[14:32] <Haxot> @GordonOverKill If you want to just pick everything up, tap semicolon, followed by a capital Y
[14:32] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: ACK!
[14:32] <YggazTheFool> *Wife tries to pickpocket* *She fails* *The Creator gets angry*
[14:33] <spide> i mean in game easily and dynamically.
[14:33] <Skabooga> Haha, division of labor: Hands for typing, and hands for eating
[14:33] <spide> like quick buttons
TB_?[14:33] <Greif> Dear Mr. Thomas_Biskup: Will you change the Ui? If yes, how will you change it?
[14:33] <Koukeri> blah... my wife is just watching tv, and not feeding me while I'm IRCing :/
[14:33] <mik1o> creme brulle :P~~~~~~
[14:33] <Moeba> yeah
[14:33] <Alien-> *Creator plays harp* *Wife calms down* :P
[14:33] <TravisPrue> *Wife tries to pickpocket* *She fails* *The Creator gives her $20 anyway*
[14:33] <Thomas_Biskup> Skabooga: OutOfHandsException ;-)
[14:33] <pipe> Someone should construct an ADOM keyboard, with one key for each command
[14:33] <mik1o> wish I had some
[14:33] <Gurok> Harkila-, there is a Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter on right now that's based in York, England. I don't think it's US-only, but I think Kickstarter is less Euro-friendly than Indiegogo, yeah.
[14:33] <blite> pipe: definitely!!
[14:33] <malorzean> PawelStyczynski: I thought that it was a stretch goal for $100,000?
[14:33] <the_music_dude> I have 250 new features to propose, starting now! Number one...
TB_?[14:33] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: what about coloured ADOM RPG ?
[14:33] <Skabooga> Haha!
[14:33] <Silfir> Dear Thomas, please listen to this list of 49 new features that I've painstakingly detailed and plan to retype in IRC for the next six hours
[14:33] <tappi> the_music_dude lol
[14:33] <Deg> Koukeri: Take her out to dinner in the next few days, that might change
[14:33] <Harkila-> Gurok, ok.. haven't checked that myself, just heard it somewhere
[14:33] <Moeba> lol
[14:33] <the_music_dude> Naaah, just kidding.
[14:33] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: Someone did. I once saw a foto on Facebook. Totally amazing.
[14:33] * AlterAsc (~AlterAsc@ has joined #adom
[14:34] * Kaira- ( has left #adom ()
[14:34] <Thomas_Biskup> Silfir: ROTFL
[14:34] <Rancid-> hm, time to grab a painkiller and another blueberry Skyr
[14:34] <nikolakolodziej> For some seconds the whole level is filled with an immense heat. You resist the searing flames.
[14:34] <BlitzerkidSix> I'd like to thank Mrs. Creator for putting up with the Creator. And feeding him.
[14:34] <Thomas_Biskup> Damn scrolling... it kils me.
[14:34] <malorzean> Maybe a wish for "More features"
[14:34] <Thomas_Biskup> kills
[14:34] <blite> I'd definitely want to buy an ADOM keyboard!!
[14:34] <Pushpabon> hmm
[14:34] <Silfir> kilts
[14:34] <malorzean> should lead to greater molochs being summoned?
[14:34] <Silfir> ADOM needs kilts
[14:34] <Thomas_Biskup> BlitzerkidSix: Now my wife is ROTFL
[14:34] <Silfir> Please make kilts
[14:34] <Deg> No it doesn't Silfir
[14:34] <Deg> Please don't make Kilts
[14:34] <psy_wombats> we need an artifact kilt
[14:34] * theta ( has joined #adom
[14:34] <Arbot> Thomas_Biskup What is your favorite class in ADOM
[14:34] <Deg> The great breezy it would be called
[14:35] <Silfir> Dwarven fighter
[14:35] <spide> someone should find a building that has 80x25 windows and make a huge adom display.
[14:35] * mib_1f7htt ( has joined #adom
[14:35] <BlitzerkidSix> Kilts will only draw attention to the fact that these characters are saving the world with no pants on...
[14:35] <theta> Good evening. And that would be smith.
[14:35] <Harkila-> dwarven merchant
[14:35] <tstm> BlitzerkidSix: :D
[14:35] <kooka> How do you put a kilt on a @ anyway?
[14:35] <Moeba> dwarven mindcrafter for me
[14:35] <tstm> They have belts, but no pants.
[14:35] <YggazTheFool> Everything and everyone needs kilts
[14:35] <Rancid-> Thomas_Biskup: if you want a timeout to catch up and answer questions, let us know - we can silence the channel temporarily
[14:35] <Koukeri> deg: I suppose my office is currently so cramped with all the synthesizisers and stuff that there's no space to feed me, but dinner might be a good idea anyways ;)
[14:35] <Thomas_Biskup> PawelStyczynski: The problem with the colored RPG is that the only decent print-on-demand service I know is Lulu. Printing a 128 page hard cover full color RPG costs $41 (without a cent earned on my side). Add shipping and you are at $50. And that still does not include the costs writing it.
[14:35] <Dronir> as long as were talking features, I'd like to see birds as creatures. giant eagles, say. the letter 'v' for vogel is unused and it even looks like a bird ;)
[14:35] <auror> mmm tacos
[14:36] <Harkila-> Dronir, cool idea :)
[14:36] <Silfir> V is used for vortices
[14:36] <TravisPrue> tacos are aseroms
[14:36] <kooka> Once you've run a few PnP games you can do it without using a rules set anyway
[14:36] <TravisPrue> awesome*
[14:36] <nikolakolodziej> ...your long lost brother showed up.
[14:36] <Harkila-> v isn't used for anything
[14:36] <Jipostus> MMM... Beer...
[14:36] <PawelStyczynski> Thomas_Biskup: thanks for answer :)
[14:36] <Thomas_Biskup> *RMMMPF* My slightly drunk wife just fumbled a bt of creme brûlée... critical hit I would say. Now that's a party!
[14:36] <shael> mm
[14:36] <auror> beer and tacos = awesome
[14:36] <GordonOverkill> @Haxot: thanks! Is there also a shortcut to drop everything?
[14:36] <szopin> vipers?
[14:36] <Deg> Koukeri - I find anytime you spend money and time on a women it helps. They keep lists you know, they don't admit it, but they do
[14:36] <Harkila-> GordonOverkill, :d and then +
TB_?[14:36] <Thomas_Biskup> Rancid-: No way to stop auto-scrolling on the client? That's all I need :-)
[14:36] <TravisPrue> anything and tacos is awesome
[14:36] <spide> there should be wild non beast animals that could be hunted for food.
[14:36] * mik1o is getting slightly tipsy
[14:36] <TravisPrue> bacon tacos
[14:36] <Alien-> rancid: i'm still thinking a separate QA session or something might be easier on his sanity and party mood :P
[14:36] <Pushpabon> Thomas_Biskup scroll the message window up a bit on the side and it'll stop
[14:36] <alakoo> anything and beer is awesome
[14:36] <the_music_dude> Wait a minute, I didn't know we could come being slightly drunk!
[14:36] <shael> creme brle mmmm
TB_?[14:37] <agnoeo> Thomas_Biskup: on mac? Try Colloquy.
[14:37] <Thomas_Biskup> Arbot: Wizards. Gnome wizards.
[14:37] <Skabooga> Thomas_Biskup is moderately experienced. Thomas_Biskup is critically fed.
[14:37] <Silfir> Which client are you using?
[14:37] <the_music_dude> *gets the whisky*
[14:37] * TimelyToga ( has joined #adom
[14:37] <Pushpabon> Silfir, he's on mibbit
[14:37] <qui_> Thomas_Biskup hit it with a stick
[14:37] <giest-jojo> Creator: Why don't you put up a poll asking which people who donated for the rpg would help fund a colour version on the side? I wouldn't mind paying the extra $100 or so personally, and I know many wouldn't either.
[14:37] <Jalmag> Maybe we could see some elven settlement ingame?
[14:37] <Arbot> Ok rolling a gnome wizard now
[14:37] <auror> gnome wizards rock
[14:37] <Alien-> the_music_dude: woops, you came totally blasted? ;)
[14:37] <Jipostus> Yes. Thoms, Add Bacon to ADOM
[14:37] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Hm, I may have access to a cheap printing company, we have our own at the university. I'll see what they would want for a small series.
[14:37] <Gurok> I would like to have a house in Terinyo and decorate it a la The Sims.
[14:37] <auror> and dwarven weaponsmiths
[14:37] <Deg> After 20 years of watching server logs scroll realtime, this chat is kinda slow for me
[14:37] <GordonOverkill> Aaaaah, I see! That's what Silfir did in the video! Thanks alot for you just gave me hours of lifetime! :-)
[14:37] <TravisPrue> I agree with jippy
[14:37] <Haxot> @Deg: Word.
[14:37] <nikolakolodziej> Suddenly your ears start to bleed!
[14:37] <TimelyToga> This is fun.
[14:37] * rancid_test ( has joined #adom
[14:38] <Thomas_Biskup> greif: The UI will not be changed completely but we'll try to improve it in small steps. I yet have to learn what the Steam requirements in that area are (to be honest) and so major UI changes will be one of the last things to be done.
[14:38] <kooka> Thomas_Biskup, online publishing may be a cheaper and easier alternative for the RPG book
[14:38] <Thomas_Biskup> Skabooga: LOL
[14:38] <TimelyToga> kooka: yes indeed.
[14:38] <TimelyToga> kindle that thing.
TB_?[14:38] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, will there be the classic ASCII view available also in the future?
[14:38] <mik1o> having the party at IRC was a great idea
[14:38] <Greif> Thomas_Biskup Thanks for your answer
[14:38] <Rancid-> Thomas_Biskup: scrolling up seems to stop the autoscrolling
[14:38] <the_music_dude> Ah, but it does not have the flavour of a hardcover copy.
[14:38] <pipe> If no ASCII game, no ADOM for me
[14:38] <Thomas_Biskup> No, scrolling upwards doesn't stop scrolling for me (with mibbit)
[14:38] <Pushpabon> scroll a few more lines up
[14:38] <psy_wombats> well you can always print a hard copy yourself
[14:38] <flashdoom> ascii role play might sounnd hardcore :p
[14:38] <Silfir> It doesn't for me either
[14:38] <TravisPrue> it does for me
[14:38] <Pushpabon> it does for me
[14:38] <jochen> Harkila: yes
[14:39] <Silfir> and the mibbit wiki doesn't seem to help
[14:39] * jedcooper ( has joined #adom
[14:39] <kooka> Publishing ANY book without a agent is either expensive or impossible
[14:39] <Harkila-> jochen, lovely news :)
[14:39] <mik1o> pipe: I'm also fixed on the ascii look of the game. If that changes, I won't play
[14:39] <jedcooper> hiho!!
[14:39] <Rancid-> might be browser specific then, I'm using Firefox myself
[14:39] * nikolakolodziej raises a toast
[14:39] <nikolakolodziej> Bah! This liquid is extremely filthy! You are wracked by feverish fits!
[14:39] <Pushpabon> opera here
[14:39] <agnoeo> Thomas_Biskup: if you want to give it a try:
[14:39] <Alien-> perhaps a separate question-placing channel, that holds no other commentary?
[14:39] <CheatMan> rancid: someone mute the non-ops for a bit to let him catch up?
[14:39] * SnowblindFatal ( has joined #adom
[14:39] <Thomas_Biskup> yxhuvud: I usually don't have enough time to examine other roguelikes in depths. That's why I keep asking the community what they like particularly.
[14:39] <Rancid-> CheatMan: that was my idea
[14:39] <TravisPrue> you should use the java irc client i made
[14:39] <jedcooper> wow many ppl in here
[14:39] <giest-jojo> It's not impossible if you're only publishing 200 copies, kooka.
[14:39] * rancid_test has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:39] <TravisPrue> and by that, i mean stay away from it
[14:39] <Deg> Thomas/Jochen: The design of the new artifacts (there is a lot) do you worry about "polluting" the pool making things a bit too random for artifacts?
[14:39] <humpolec> +1 for the traditional ASCII console interface, I hope that option stays in the future!
[14:40] <kooka> Yeah, but it's still expensive, giest-jojo , too expensive
[14:40] <Harkila-> humpolec, jochen already confirmed it does
[14:40] <Greif> Deg, that's a good question
[14:40] <agnoeo> Deg: Thomas mentioned to reduce the list of artifacts/game IIRc
[14:40] <flashdoom> Beer bottle containing the liquid to inebriate possessor and preserve against attacks from bitch wife.
[14:40] <Thomas_Biskup> yxhuvud: I recently tried DCSS but - without wanting to slander it - I was not that impressed. At least far less than I had expected after all the praise. It tought me how much "getting used to something" probably influences opinions.
[14:40] <GordonOverkill> @Harkila: Do you maybe know if there is also a shortcut to pick everything up without having to confirm it for every single item?
[14:40] <giest-jojo> You say "too expensive" as if we didn't just collectively fund $90k. =D
[14:40] <kooka> Book-quality publishing for small runs is ridiculously expensive
[14:40] <SgtSarros> forums are a bad palce to lose yourself for a day, says Thomas.. so is IRC. Once you start getting with the flow of it, it can be near impossible to leave lol
[14:41] <Harkila-> GordonOverkill, ; iirc? there is but my fingertips remember it, my head doesn't. see the keybindings.
[14:41] <Rancid-> GordonOverkill: ;
[14:41] <kooka> Yea, but not everyone is into PnP RPGs...
[14:41] <nikolakolodziej> You suddenly feel like jumping around.
TB_?[14:41] <Al-Khwarizmi> Thomas_Biskup, re: color RPG, could we get a PDF version in color even if the printed version is in B/W?
[14:41] <Pushpabon> it's ; followed by shift-y
[14:41] <Pushpabon> eZ
[14:41] <Thomas_Biskup> Vaniardur: I definitely intend to reuse the soundtrack(s) (at least major parts) for both ADOM and ADOM II. IMHO it would be a shame to have Lucas' great stuff in only one game. We still have to discuss if we are going to do variant themes, etc.
[14:41] <Deg> Yeah the RPG isn't must interest to me, will be interesting read but it will join the hundreds of other RPG related materials in my spare bedroom closet
[14:41] <Alien-> will there be a PDF version?
[14:41] <pipe> So, channel pause for a minute?
[14:42] <giest-jojo> Then for those of us who are, kooka, I'm sure we can work with creator on the side for something really nice. I know the only reason I donated so much was just for le rpg, otherwise I would've been content with the $75 level.
[14:42] * frogzilla ( has joined #adom
[14:42] <CheatMan> pipe: go for it
[14:42] * pipe sets mode +m
[14:42] <pipe> Now most people here can't write anything
[14:42] <pipe> Don't be alarmed
[14:42] <Harkila-> now only people with @ or + can talk
[14:42] <pipe> I will remove this in a minute or so.
[14:42] <pipe> Just to let Thomas_Biskup catch up a bit.
[14:42] <Thomas_Biskup> Gurok: BTW, in the weeks to come I will try to summarize my crowd funding experiences and the things I learned on the blog. So that other roguelike campaigns and other CF campaigns hopefully will be able to benefit.
[14:43] <Harkila-> good time to get some more beer :)
[14:43] <jochen> tile support will be optional (and might be restricted to Windows and Linux first, since NotEye does not (yet) work on OSX)
[14:43] * TimelyToga has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:44] * mib_1f7htt has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:44] * the_music_dude has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
TB_?[14:44] <Thomas_Biskup> giest-jojo: I was told that doing yet another crowd funding campaign so soon would make a bad impression. And that statement feels and rings true. Maybe I'll post a poll to ask how many people would be willing to pay the Lulu prize? And then write it some day.
[14:44] * Harkila- sets mode -m
[14:44] <frogzilla> Thomas, how do you plan to split the dev time between Adom and Adom II?
[14:44] * Lucas_Dieguez ( has joined #adom
[14:45] * JadePhoenix has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:45] <Thomas_Biskup> Jalmag: Not really planned for ADOM, but they will be a big issue in ADOM II after 0.7.x
[14:45] <giest-jojo> Thanks for that. ^.^
[14:45] <SgtSarros> I bet those three all left going 'well if we can't talk, screw this' but you know, it WAS getting a bit spammy in here lol
[14:45] <agnoeo> frogzilla: Thomas mentioned something about 2/3 - 1/3
[14:45] <Ravenmore-Krys> And here's Lucas! Hello Lucas_Dieguez
[14:45] <mik1o> hope that helped :)
[14:45] <Lucas_Dieguez> 'llo eveyone ñ.ñ
[14:45] <Pushpabon> SgtSarros, oen was my test clone :(
[14:45] <Deg> I am not use to being silenced, was a strange experience for me :P
[14:45] <flashdoom> I think you should deliver us adom soundtrack album :)
[14:45] <TravisPrue> Hello, Lucas
[14:45] <Harkila-> hello Lucas_Dieguez
TB_?[14:45] <Accu> Thomas_Biskup: what's the "priority level" of adding the stretch goal races & classes?
[14:45] <Silfir> To be fair, quit messages tend to get lost in the IRC flow
[14:45] <Marek14> Thomas_Biskup: Well, the word "kickstarter" shows what these campaigns are meant for: to start a project, not to serve as continual source of funding :)
[14:45] <Deg> Hello Lucas
[14:45] * pipe sets mode +o tappi
[14:45] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: If you have any information feel free to send me an email. The good thing about Lulu is the logistics stuff... for a full-color RPG I'd prefer to make it just available via some shop instead of handling that myself.
[14:46] <Marek14> Ideally, ADOM should start to pay for itself eventually.
TB_?[14:46] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, what was your honest expectation of the result of the campaign? did you give success 50/50 or was it less or more? :)
[14:46] <CheatMan> marek: that's only true for campaigns.
[14:46] <Lucas_Dieguez> I shall! Gotta take care of certain tributes to be paid, and I shall give you a massive CD with the music for all ADOM versions.
[14:46] <jochen> Hi Lucas
[14:46] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: This is just a small student-run printing service, so there won't be any extra services.
[14:46] <Jipostus> Thomas, Is it too much to ask to add fried Emu to ADOM II...
[14:46] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: No, with Lulu it's trivial :-) It's just not mainstream.
[14:46] * Admin__ ( has joined #adom
[14:46] <Silfir> indiegogo is the same kind of thing
[14:46] <Lucas_Dieguez> Hi Jochen, Thomas, Krys ñ.ñ
[14:46] <CheatMan> indiegogo doesn't differentiate between new project or existing project
[14:46] <Thomas_Biskup> Alien-: A separate question channel sounds fantastic ;-)
[14:47] <pipe> #adom-questions
[14:47] <Alien-> yay, i made a good suggestion!
[14:47] <Lucas_Dieguez> Man, YggazTheFool came. My dream come true *-*
[14:47] <Vaniardur> @Thomas Biskup: Sounds good, variations in the theme of places that are visited the most could be a good idea, so as not to end up with a piece grow dull on the player - but either way, I'm looking forward to the new version of ADoM, a golden age will dawn that day
[14:47] * ecmwie ( has joined #adom
[14:47] <flashdoom> +1 to awsomness for you :D
[14:47] * Admin__ is now known as Enivid
[14:47] <Alien-> hehe
[14:47] <Thomas_Biskup> Deg: About the mass of artifacts: My plan is to have only a subset of artifacts show up in each individual game. I like the idea of more randomness and less ready cook receipts to beat the game in that area
[14:47] * smerft has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
TB_?[14:47] <Harkila-> maybe that channel should be logged and then questions sent to TB for answering later?
[14:47] <Alien-> that should make it easier for people to follow too. now i have no idea what questions you're answering :P
[14:48] <Alien-> harkila: i like that idea.
[14:48] <pipe> Harkila-: This channel is logged. :)
[14:48] <Harkila-> pipe, and you're going to grep the questions from the clutter? :P
[14:48] <Alien-> sure, but here it'll be more of a pain to weed out, surely
[14:48] * taivaansusi ( has joined #adom
[14:48] <Deg> Interesting, It would make the game more dynamtic which is always a good thing
[14:48] * CalvinBall ( has joined #adom
[14:48] <Lucas_Dieguez> We should make a contest. "Match Thomas answers with the correct fan question".
TB_?[14:48] <Thomas_Biskup> giest-jojo: But would you want to see that money disappear into some print company instead of developing the game :-) ? Me not ;-)
[14:48] <veekie> more random artifacts is always cool
[14:48] <Alien-> lol
[14:48] * gutt ( has joined #adom
[14:48] <Moeba> To unlock ChAoS dIsCo mode for the party: try '/timer 0 0 /colour background $rand(15,1)' - to reset, say '/timers off' and '/colour background 0'
[14:48] <TravisPrue> Well, everybody, I'm off to watch star trek. Have fun at the party!
[14:48] <veekie> though I do kinda wish theres some way to get a RANDOM artifact
[14:48] <spide> this turned from a party to a Q&A session.
[14:48] * TravisPrue flies away
[14:48] * sqrt-1 has quit IRC ("Lost terminal")
[14:49] <veekie> for sure rather than just grinding it up
[14:49] * TravisPrue has quit IRC ("pewpewpewpew")
[14:49] <taivaansusi> greetings to all!
[14:49] <evilk> is there any way to get the two tabs side by side ? (chatzilla)
[14:49] <veekie> some quest maybe to drop a random
[14:49] <Thomas_Biskup> Al-Khwarizmi: I have been thinking about that but so far I'm not sure how easy it is to do a decent B/W version from a truly beautiful color version. I'll think about that, though ;-)
[14:49] <kooka> Why does Soaker suck so much? :-) I have always wondered abou tthat
[14:49] * sqrt-1 ( has joined #adom
[14:49] <Al-Khwarizmi> Great :)
[14:49] * Put-on-lalla ( has joined #adom
[14:49] * nikolakolodziej has quit IRC ("goodbye to all")
[14:49] <alakoo> so less questions here, more party!
[14:49] * giest-jojo has quit IRC (" (EOF)")
[14:49] * PawelStyczynski has quit IRC ("")
[14:49] <pipe> Yay
[14:49] * PawelStyczynski ( has joined #adom
[14:50] <YggazTheFool> \o/
[14:50] <GordonOverkill> Yeah! Gonna get myself a beer, too :-)
[14:50] <PawelStyczynski> re.
[14:50] <Thomas_Biskup> frogzilla: 1/3 ADOM II and 2/3 ADOM right now is my plan. Probably 90% ADOM for the first month or two to get things rolling...
[14:50] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, there's now a channel #adom-questions which is intended only for questions to you and the log of that will be sent to you after the evening :)
[14:50] <alakoo> not sure how one parties on irc though
[14:50] <agnoeo> any admin: hint to #adom-questions in channel topic?
[14:50] <pipe> Harkila-: I can grep everything with a ? at the end :)
[14:50] <Rancid-> agnoeo: on it
[14:50] * Masque ( has joined #adom
[14:50] <veekie> Soaker I think is mostly just there not being any really significan plant monsters
[14:50] <kooka> get drunk and listen to music and say embarrassing things
[14:50] * Harkila- has changed the topic to 'Rules & IRC manual: | Questions to TB: /join #adom-questions'
[14:50] <Rancid-> too slow :'(
[14:50] <Thomas_Biskup> Lucas_Dieguez: Welcome, a *TOAST* to you and thanks for making ADOM II (and now ADOM) also something that can be heard :-) ! Looking forward to working together for a prolonged amount of time!
[14:50] <auror> *breaks out the keg and mugs*
[14:51] <Thomas_Biskup> Marek14: I agree.
[14:51] <kooka> the few plant monsters that are in the game aren't very threatening...
TB_?[14:51] <BlitzerkidSix> Would anyone read um... ADOM: The Novel? I'm thinking it's the diary of a High Elven Archer named Liore. Creator, say the word and I will nix the idea. *raises teacup to Mr. Dieguez*
[14:51] <Marek14> kooka: then maybe nuclear plants?
TB_?[14:51] <blite> Thomas_Biskup: are you planning on adding sound effects to adom1/adom2? this is something I definitely love about DoomRL
[14:51] <Jipostus> Beer and Burritoes... Awesome party
TB_?[14:51] <theta> Thomas_Biskup: My only question is about Si (the artifact). Are You going to put it in ADOM 2? :)
[14:51] <Moeba> yes I'm pretty much looking forward to the music
[14:51] <kooka> marek14 George Bush
[14:51] <Thomas_Biskup> Harkila-: I initially was going for $60,000, luckily was convinced to cut it down to $48,000, hoped for five million and am amazed about where we got ;-)
[14:51] <veekie> a Power Plant?
[14:52] <Marek14> kooka: isn't he a root vegetable?
[14:52] <BlitzerkidSix> What I've heard so far, I rather like the music. Kudos to Lucas.
[14:52] <Lucas_Dieguez> Very pleased to do that, oh Creator. I shall deliver music, sounds andmaybe in the future, even voices ñ.ñ
[14:52] <veekie> Electricitree
[14:52] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, typical CEO answer ;)
[14:52] <Deg> I cannot afford 5m Thomas sorry
[14:52] <Put-on-lalla> I came here to make an announcement that tool-assisted speedrunning ADoM is now viable and the tools will be released soon:
[14:52] <psy_wombats> voiceacting in a rogulike would be interesting
[14:52] <kooka> marek14, more of a shrub
[14:52] <agnoeo> BlitzerkidSix: ADOM would be very suited for a series of novels, endless options for stories.
[14:52] <Deg> Talk you down to 2m? :P
[14:52] <blite> Lucas_Dieguez: wow so nice to hear about that!
[14:52] <kooka> Novels based on videogames suck
[14:52] <kooka> Name one good novel based on a videogame :D
[14:52] <PawelStyczynski> Ok folks. Time to go!
[14:52] <PawelStyczynski> Guten Abend :)
[14:52] <Marek14> Novels, unlike videogames, offer no replayability :)
[14:52] <GordonOverkill> If ever an epic heavy metal track should be needed for adom, I'd be glad to deliver ;-)
[14:52] * izulin has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:52] <kooka> Even a good video game like ADOM
[14:53] <blite> bye Pawel
[14:53] <Deg> Cya Pawel
[14:53] <Jipostus> @kooka Mogworld is loosely based on WOW
[14:53] <jarjar0x2a> gnooo
[14:53] <Rancid-> kooka: the one on the net written based on System Shock.. now if I just remember its name..
[14:53] * PawelStyczynski is now known as Yarpenn_Zigrinn
[14:53] <Thomas_Biskup> veekie: Truly random artifacts are to be a feature in ADOM II. Truly random items don't work too well in the ADOM code.
[14:53] <gutt> put-on-lalla: tool assisting adom sounds cool
[14:53] * Yarpenn_Zigrinn salutes for all of you!
[14:53] <jarjar0x2a> grey ooze tension rom
[14:53] <jarjar0x2a> *room
[14:53] <Skabooga> Lucas_Dieguez: If you want a variety of voices, I'm sure more than a few ADOM fans would be willing to lend their vocal chords for a chance at immortality
[14:53] <Rancid-> ah, Free Radical
[14:53] <Silfir> oh yes
[14:53] <kooka> Is it any good though?
[14:53] <Silfir> Free Radical I only know the author
[14:53] <pipe> I just joined a choir
[14:53] <Rancid-> hell yes
[14:53] <Marek14> Could it be possible to distill the various oozes for juices?
[14:53] <Silfir> and he's good
[14:53] <pipe> IRL
[14:54] * Yarpenn_Zigrinn has quit IRC ("")
[14:54] <veekie> Naw, not actually random artifacts, just a quest which randomly picks an artifact for the reward
[14:54] <Silfir> DM of the Rings is some of the best ways to spend five hours laughing at a screen
[14:54] <Vaniardur> @gordonoverkill: You should compose it any way, t'would soothe my ears and squeeze my heart with joy and the pain of the scores of strapping young adventurers I've sent to their graves
[14:54] <veekie> maybe Thundarr's grampa's chest
[14:54] <Thomas_Biskup> blite: Yes, we are planning audio and some sound effects. Details still need to be discussed with Lucas_Dieguez
[14:54] <blite> awesome!
[14:54] <Thomas_Biskup> theta: Definitely!
[14:54] <kooka> cheers Rancid- should check it out
[14:54] <Silfir> Though Free Radical isn't an officially sanctioned System Shock novel - basically fanfiction
[14:54] <Masque> Thomas, thanks :) And question: how about atheist ultra ending? Like no prayers at all and so on for the challenge.
[14:55] <pipe> Hm, the channel suddely became much easier
[14:55] * silvia__ has quit IRC ("Konversation terminated!")
[14:55] <Silfir> A labor of love, so to speak
TB_?[14:55] <Marek14> Thomas_Biskup: Any ideas for new monsters? I'd like a whole line of water dragons -- so they'd not be just Blup and his mother.
[14:55] <Silfir> Good fanfiction does exist
[14:55] <YggazTheFool> Atheism is hard to work into an universe where you will be smitten by the entities you refuse to believe in
[14:55] <Alien-> masque: that's a good idea for a steam achievement :)
[14:55] <YggazTheFool> :S
[14:55] <evilk> Lucas_Dieguez! Great work (just wanted to say it)
[14:55] <jarjar0x2a> Masque, I always play like that
[14:55] <Haxot> @Silfir: Free Radical is awesome. I have the paperback 8)
[14:55] <Thomas_Biskup> Masque: Such special game modes are something I'm considering for ADOM Deluxe. With special highscore lists for that.
[14:55] * flashdoom has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[14:55] * dkasak ( has joined #adom
[14:55] <Lucas_Dieguez> Yggaz got a point there.
[14:55] <kooka> YggazTheFool, haha yes, just ask Terry Pratchett
[14:55] <Skabooga> YggazTheFool I think Terry Pratchett said something along those same lines
[14:55] <Silfir> I gotta order myself the Witch Watch at some point
[14:56] <Marek14> Oh, can we suggest achievements? :) From my experience, they either have wacky names or require you to do something wacky or both :)
[14:56] <Silfir> Once I'm done reading the Codex Alera perhaps
[14:56] <BlitzerkidSix> Thank you, Silfir. Really, I just want to give the Creator a chance to tell me off before I get serious.
[14:56] <Skabooga> O_O
[14:56] <kooka> He said, 'Gods like atheists. Gives them something to aim thunderbolts at'
[14:56] <Lucas_Dieguez> Thanks evilk! Still learning, still improving. With some luck it'll be each time better.
[14:56] <Harkila-> Marek14, directly game related questions can be directed to #adom-questions channel
[14:56] <kooka> something like that
[14:56] <YggazTheFool> Pratchet goes with the "They don't believe in gods, like they don't believe in rocks. They know they exist, that's all"
[14:56] <Moeba> well, of course it might be nice to have an achievement for each type of death
[14:56] <Silfir> Though if you're playing ADOM alongside the chatroom to celebrate and have in-game questions, those would be best in here :D
[14:56] <Lucas_Dieguez> <- stals some booze from Yggaz (I always wanted to do that)
[14:56] <Moeba> but that's already quite a bunch :P
[14:56] <blite> Moeba :D
[14:57] <Masque> Than means only challenge, not ultra-ending?
[14:57] <Silfir> what better way to celebrate ADOM than by plaing it!
[14:57] <Ravenmore-Krys> Death by exploding vortex certainly deserves an achievement
[14:57] <Skabooga> Achievement unlocked! Killed by tiny girl
[14:57] <Pushpabon> critical miss. the coin you tried to throw hits you in the eye. your perception is reduced to 1
[14:57] <Moeba> exploding frog you mean :)
[14:57] <Ravenmore-Krys> As well as death by falling stone block with no helmet =)
[14:57] <spide> Lucas_Dieguez: the march of triumph had a strong back to the future vibe in it :)
[14:57] <kooka> Need to do a Bon Scott achievement for choking on your own vomit
TB_?[14:57] <Thomas_Biskup> Wow, did I forget any questions? I'm back at the bottom and even have time to continue my cocktail and my creme brûlée :-)
[14:57] <Haxot> Mmm, codex Alara. The end is rather.. satisfying. *doesn't spoil*
[14:57] <CheatMan> thomas: do you already have an idea of what will be added to character creation for ADoM Deluxe? (like starsign selection, number of starting talents, selection of starting equipment, etc)
[14:57] <Ravenmore-Krys> I think achievements for steam will be a must, might as well start thinking about it now =)
[14:57] <YggazTheFool> *Exchanges Potion of Exchange for Bottle of Booze from Lucas_Dieguez*
[14:57] <Silfir> yes, please keep your yap shut about the ending
[14:57] <Silfir> I'm in the middle of First Lord's Fury
[14:57] <yxhuvud> Thomas_Biskup: you could join #adom-questions if you want more :)
[14:58] <Silfir> :D
[14:58] * Anonymous2743 ( has joined #adom
[14:58] * Sherool ( has joined #adom
[14:58] * dkasak ( has left #adom (WeeChat 0.3.8)
[14:58] <Harkila-> what i like about ADOM is the insane amounts of alternative tactics there are. i mean, someone has beaten Andor Drakon being lvl 1, just to name one example.
[14:58] <GordonOverkill> @Vaniadur: I been thinking about it for a while and I think I will just do it! Maybe about Kranach the Raider Lord because his name sounds so damn cool
[14:58] <Deg> Thomas: I have to get going soon or today's work won't get done but I do have a question reguarding the legendary artifcat planning. I am heading for a few months on a Asia tour in a month, how much involvement do you need from me for the artificat creation?
[14:58] <Lucas_Dieguez> Back to the future? Heh, years since I watched that movie. Sunds terrific ñ.ñ
[14:58] <Skabooga> harkila I've always wondered, how is that even possible?!!
[14:58] <Deg> wow I spelled artifact wrong twice
[14:58] <Harkila-> Skabooga, regular chaos god ending
[14:58] <Deg> I should learn to sleep more
[14:58] <Silfir> Lots and lots of blessed potions of ultra healing
[14:58] <AlterAsc> Skabooga: pets.
[14:58] <Harkila-> no lvl requirement
[14:58] <Thomas_Biskup> yxhuvud: It need a moment to show the content... I already was wondering why it appeared so empty ;-)
[14:58] <kooka> powerfu;l pet
[14:58] <kooka> right?
[14:59] <Skabooga> Ah man
[14:59] <Silfir> To get like 200 HP to stay alive
[14:59] <agnoeo> Deg: artifi-cat: new monster
[14:59] <Silfir> Gear doesn't have level requirements (in your face, Diablo)
[14:59] <spide> Lucas_Dieguez:
[14:59] <psy_wombats> that can have hilarious results though
[14:59] <Deg> yeah err thats what I was going for agnoeo a new mob for us! ;-)
[14:59] <psy_wombats> raiding darkforge at level 1 for instance, haha
[14:59] <CalvinBall> yeah, but there *are* item levels for monsters
[14:59] * grobblewobble ( has joined #adom
[14:59] <spide> there is the back to the future "theme" :)
[14:59] <Put-on-lalla> I came here to make an announcement that tool-assisted speedrunning ADoM is now viable and the tools will be released as soon as refactoring has been taken care of:
[14:59] <Vaniardur> @Lucas_Diegues: Will our ears be blessed with a guitar/flute combination during our stay in the Drakalor Chain :)?
TB_?[14:59] <blite> Thomas_Biskup: have you ever played Kingdom of Kroz or other Kroz games?
[14:59] <Ravenmore-Krys> Silfir : Oh yes, my lvl 4 character found an Eternium Halberd recently. Gotta love no level reqs :)
[14:59] <iasov> agnoeo, artifi-cat? A pet artifact from the Cat Lord?
[15:00] <Moeba> agnoeo: no more cats! :P
[15:00] * nasedil_genio ( has joined #adom
[15:00] <Skabooga> Yeah, but I imagine it would incredibly hard to not have to splat a mosnter yourself at some point
[15:00] <Moeba> let alone cyborg cats
[15:00] <Lucas_Dieguez> Wow, it's almost like I plagiated it. How embarassing :$
[15:00] <Thomas_Biskup> @frogzilla concerning ADOM RPG. Mechanically it will only have superficial similarities to the computer game as the game is too complex to transfer to pen&paper. Wouldn't be fun. I'll soon start blogigng about the holy cows to keep and the things to remove
[15:00] <Axido> more cats is always good
[15:00] <Put-on-lalla> Run production will begin later this year.
[15:00] <veekie> artifi-cat should be an indestrucible pet cat
[15:00] <psy_wombats> I'm waiting for that chump that's going to use his kickstarter to reward to add invisible teleporting cats
[15:00] <Skabooga> Just thinking of all the levels of dungeon you have to go through, but I guess if you have a pet with you . . .
[15:00] * cody_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #adom
[15:00] * Enivid has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]")
[15:00] <veekie> it doesn't level or anything
[15:00] <Silfir> we need the pink unicorn
[15:00] <kooka> The problem with ADOM PnP is that dice IRL have a certain number of sides :D
[15:00] <veekie> just indestructible
[15:00] <veekie> and a cat
[15:00] <CalvinBall> I imagine weapon ranks will be drastically different in the RPG
[15:00] <Silfir> that casts invisibility
[15:01] <Alucard> 15:29:41: < CheatMan> i believe that alucard has the complete ADOM-sage sources at his page, do you not?
[15:01] <Alucard> yes - I rehosted at
[15:01] <Jm2c> ADOM RPG needs to have cats in any case
[15:01] <pipe> kooka: Only in your boring 3-dimensional world
[15:01] <Lucas_Dieguez> I still don't know what the future holds in store for ADOM's music, Vaniardur. For now I am learning how to use EWQL Choirs and apply it ñ.ñ
[15:01] <Thomas_Biskup> Deg: As for the artifacts - I will mail folks individually to get their feedback and nobody will be forgotten, even if it takes a moment. So no fears there!
[15:01] <kooka> PLEASE KEEP T
[15:01] <kooka> HE SI
[15:01] * PseudoFenton ( has joined #adom
[15:01] <Thomas_Biskup> 42 questions on #adom-questions :_)
[15:02] <Koukeri> Thomas_Biskup: that sounds like quite a task...
[15:02] <Accu> :D
[15:02] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, and more to come :)
[15:02] * xxskepticxx ( has joined #adom
[15:02] <Silfir> si
[15:02] * gleon ( has joined #adom
[15:02] <Deg> yeah figured it would be indiv mail, I am just not going to be around to receive that email for a few months starting at the end of Sept hope you don't mind waiting :)
[15:02] <evilk> Lucas_Dieguez: for sure at some point, there will be gloomy and scary themes needed
[15:02] <Axido> si, si, seor
[15:02] <jurpelo> hooray for Adom, all hail the Creator!
[15:02] <Silfir> si si
[15:02] <Vaniardur> @Lucas_diequez: With proper velocity-fiddling EWQL can be stronger than the mighiest of axes, and sharper than the pointiest spears! I wish you the best of luck, to the whole team :D
[15:02] * jurpelo has quit IRC ("")
[15:02] * bulemia ( has joined #adom
[15:02] <Masque> Any artifacts for tool slot with unique abilities? Like whips for example?
[15:02] <iasov> I was wondering if any of you roguelike fanatics have ever played the game Omeag?
[15:02] <kooka> I love the story of how the 'si' got in the game... so typical of a PnP RPGer
[15:02] <Pushpabon> iasov Omega?
[15:02] <PseudoFenton> Yeah, I also love the "si" story
[15:03] <Jipostus> Hooray for ADOI as well...
[15:03] <iasov> yeah. it's an old roguelike from 1989 I think
[15:03] <iasov> but it was different from many others before it
[15:03] <Koukeri> yeah, I tried Omega on Amiga 500... it was way too confusing back then for me
[15:03] <BlitzerkidSix> Yes, I've spent some time trying to think of what "si" was used to abbreviate lol
[15:03] <iasov> in that if featured an overland map
[15:03] <PseudoFenton> Having played many pencil and paper RPGs I can see how it occurred too
[15:03] <Moeba> what's the si story?
[15:03] <Lucas_Dieguez> Yes indeed, dark songs are need and being composed. Trying to make them not-so-Uelmanish.
[15:03] <Thomas_Biskup> evilk: Thanks for the link. I will have a meeting with my tax accountant next week regarding that issue and we'll see.
[15:03] <kooka> I want to write a story where a unscrupulous merchant uses the SI to collapse his world's economy
[15:03] <Moeba> (rather link than the story)
[15:03] <pipe> iasov: I'll check it out
[15:03] <kooka> talk about hyper inflation!
[15:03] <Silfir> si si si
[15:03] <evilk> Thomas_Biskup: nops
[15:03] <iasov> It was the first roguelike I ever played and thus the first one I ever beat.
[15:03] <omeg> caves of qud is a RL in development heavily inspired by ADOM, has overland map, quests and postapocalyptic world
[15:03] <omeg> quite fun
[15:04] <Alien-> si señor :P
[15:04] <Thomas_Biskup> The 'si' story really is one of my great memories from the goode olden days ;-)
[15:04] <Arbot> Thomas_Biskup my Gnomish Wizard died when I forgot that I wasn't a fighter after reading some of the IRC messages
[15:04] <Arbot> :(
[15:04] <cody_> Oh, I remember getting a si!
[15:04] <Pushpabon> Arelon, play dwarf priests
[15:04] * ecmwie has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:04] <Pushpabon> they can kick ass and throw botls
[15:04] <cody_> Great for earning money
[15:04] <Silfir> That should teach you let anything distract you from ADOM
[15:04] <Moeba> the goode olden days? That sounds good :)
[15:04] <Lucas_Dieguez> Lol Arbot, been there x)
TB_?[15:04] <Put-on-lalla> One question puzzles me: why do you support ADoM even though it's a closed-source project? I'm sure the community has much more skill and resources Thomas_Biskup does.
[15:04] <iasov> Arbot, don't ADOM and IRC. unless you put your game window "always on top"
[15:04] <kooka> it's a great story Thomas_Biskup
[15:04] * treibwerk ( has joined #adom
[15:04] <PseudoFenton> I always play wizards (well elementalists) as fighters for the first half of the game
[15:04] <Thomas_Biskup> Arbot: Yeah, IRC really confuses me right now, too. My brain seems to be running in hyper mode and my head right now is glowing. My wife is starting to look concerned ;-) *PAAAARTY*
[15:04] <kooka> Put-on-lalla, because it's a great name and we like it. Now piss off, troll.
[15:04] <Silfir> What's puzzling to me is how that question just ended up in this chat room
[15:05] <kooka> great game
[15:05] <YggazTheFool> \o/
[15:05] <blite> \o/ \o/ \o/
[15:05] <Silfir> si si si si
[15:05] <GordonOverkill> @Put-on-lalla: Because it's the best RPG ever produced ;-)
[15:05] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, i think that today, overdrive is allowed. what you/we did was awesome after all :)
[15:05] <BlitzerkidSix> Put-on-lalla, thou shalt not mock the Creator!
[15:05] <Silfir> dear lord they're taking over
[15:05] <cody_> si means Death in chinese
[15:05] <cody_> It also means 4
[15:05] <Thomas_Biskup> Accu: The priority list will have to a wait a week or so. No chance right now. But it's a lot of pledge related and infrastructural stuff at first to get things rolling.
[15:05] <kooka> 4 in chinese sounds a lot different to 'si'
[15:06] <kooka> it is more like 'sur'
[15:06] <Accu> alright, thanks for the answer :)
[15:06] <Masque> What type of monster is "wife? ))))
[15:06] <tstm> I wonder what potions Thomas has been offering to the wife for all the booze that keeps coming. :P
[15:06] <YggazTheFool> One of those that Dooms when hit
[15:06] <Moeba> I've heard there's a chinese poem which just repeats one word
[15:06] <Lucas_Dieguez> Must-read-through-scroll-down...!! *in agony*
[15:06] <bulemia> In Cantonese, it's more like "say"
[15:06] <Pushpabon> kooka the chinks are weird about numbers. they avoid certain numbers in apartment numbering for reals iirc
[15:06] <cody_> kooka: Yes, that is true, but the pinyin is still s
[15:06] <cody_> si*
[15:06] <Harkila-> tstm, the wife is proud of her husband's accomplishment. it's called love :)
[15:06] <iasov> Moeba, Shu, I think.
[15:06] <kooka> cody_, yup
[15:06] * Gurok has quit IRC (Operation timed out)
[15:06] <iasov> or was it chi?
[15:06] <Thomas_Biskup> Put-on-lalla: Because open source is neither an intrinsic valuable or meaningful thing. It might be convenient but meaning comes from other sources. Something that open source fanatics usually fail to understand.
[15:06] * gutt has quit IRC (EOF From client)
[15:07] <Thomas_Biskup> Masque: A cute one :-)
[15:07] <Tukuturi> Pushpabon: Can we avoid ethnic slurs?
[15:07] <cody_> Also, whoever said about the poem with one word, it's called The Lion Eating Poet in the Stone Den
[15:07] <kooka> put-on-lalla, pwnt
[15:07] <iasov> ahh, it's SHI
[15:07] <Put-on-lalla> Meaning comes from people, Thomas_Biskup. The distribution method is unrelated.
[15:07] <Pushpabon> Tukuturi it's only a slur if you want it to be
[15:07] <Deg> Well time for me to wander into the night and be productive. Congratulations to all involved in the campaign and especially Thomas for his great game. Cheers!
[15:07] <agnoeo> Obviously ADOM wouldn't work well as open source, would spoil it all.
[15:07] <Skabooga> Moeba About the si, to make a long story short, Thomas was playing pen and paper RPG with some friends. One of them, written in his inventory on his character sheet, had some illegible item that could only be deciphered as being spelled 'si'. They had no idea what it actually was, but they played along like it was some sort of powerful artifact. A little late
[15:07] <pipe> Put-on-lalla: This is not a channel for open vs. closed source.
[15:07] <Nuteater> Put-on-lalla: not supporting ADOM would not make it open-source.
[15:07] <Ravenmore-Krys> Open source in practice usualy means that a lot of unfinished and incompatible clones spawn. No idea why some people think open sourcing helps fix bugs :)
[15:07] <SgtSarros> YggazTheFool: in repsonce to how aetheism can't work wel in a world where dietys you dont' believe in can smite you... Captain America in the Avengers movie. Has personally met two gods.. still only believes in one god.
[15:07] * Deg has quit IRC ("")
[15:07] <Tukuturi> Is there a way to block someone using the mibbit client?
[15:07] <Harkila-> Put-on-lalla, history has proved that ADOM has a staying power of years and years with the current solution. Also, there are very little shit versions around.
[15:07] <Moeba> Skabooga: cool story :)
[15:08] <Pushpabon> likely if you write /ignore nick
[15:08] <Rancid-> see *ngband
[15:08] <PseudoFenton> Well nethack is a clear product of opensourcing, you get a lot of gems, but also a lot of oddities which dont unite into a common theme.
[15:08] <Harkila-> Ravenmore-Krys, it kinda does, if you are able to hunt down the right version for you :)
[15:08] <Skabooga> Moeba A little later, they noticed he had another slot in his inventory which read 'si'. and they still had no idea where it came from! Thus was born it's magical self-replicating properties!
[15:08] <cody_> I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you are referring to as Linux is actually GNU/Linux, or as I have taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.
[15:08] <spide> I would say open source is great for applications. I have yet to see any great open source games.
[15:08] <Tukuturi> thanks
[15:08] <Marek14> Put-on-lalla: why do we read books by great authors instead of getting together and writing with combined effort? Why do we watch closed-source TV Shows? This is the same reason.
[15:08] <Marek14> One creator = one vision
[15:08] <Moeba> Skabooga: such things add flavour to games, books and such imo
[15:08] <Silfir> Battle for Wesnoth is the only good open source game I've seen
[15:08] <kooka> Too many cooks spoils the broth
[15:08] <Rancid-> okay, everyone, stop feeding the troll.
[15:08] <Haxot> Open source and closed source each have their calling. It really depends on project lead and how much force of personality they can bring to bear.
[15:08] <kooka> spoil the broth
[15:08] <agnoeo> 0.A.D is not bad either
[15:08] <yxhuvud> cody: then it is you and stallman that calls it that. the rest of the world just calls it linux.
[15:08] <Thomas_Biskup> Put-on-lalla: Exactly. That should get you thinking as the people have voiced an opinion. And for the vast majority open source is completely irrelevant. Although I know that I a very vocal minority might want everyone else to think otherwise.
[15:08] <Skabooga> Moeba, yeah, it's a pretty cool little story :)
[15:09] <Silfir> Even that game benefits from a cadre of developers that know very well they can't just include everything under the sun
[15:09] <Alien-> Skabooga: that's an awesome story
[15:09] <Put-on-lalla> Very well.
[15:09] <Vaniardur> @Ravenmore-krys: will artifacts and special items have their own fancy graphical look?
[15:09] <Silfir> The founder of the project is alive and still has a certain authority
[15:09] <BlitzerkidSix> Yes, I like the legend of the si as well.
[15:09] <Harkila-> Haxot, i agree. also, open source would never have the ADOM feeling that we really don't know the game mechanics, we just have really educated guesses. it'd be really boring to know that the chance for AoLS on D:2 is 0.235222
TB_?[15:09] <Thomas_Biskup> Put-on-lalla: I just wonder why said vocal minority doesn't do any of the great things they want to do with ADOM with the other open source roguelike games out there. So many options but they prefer to focus on ADOM. Maybe the real problem is a different one? But that's all I'm going to say tonight about that issue. *PAAAARRRRRTTYYYYY*
[15:09] * Requin has quit IRC ("")
[15:09] <veekie> you know, I wonder....artifact wands?
[15:09] <veekie> boomstick
[15:09] <veekie> this is a legendary boomstick
[15:10] <kooka> Anyone got a good ADOM drinking game?
[15:10] <veekie> it is made of fwoosh
[15:10] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Good, I was going to warn you as well about continuing the open vs. closed source debate. :P
[15:10] <Rancid-> I'm all for making my BUGCAV reward an artifact
[15:10] <Skabooga> Kooka Everytime you die, to take a drink
[15:10] <blite> :P
[15:10] <Ravenmore-Krys> Vaniardur: It's still early to tell, we're in pre-production and I'm compiling a list of required tiles even as we speak. But for 99% - Yes.
[15:10] <Marek14> Harkilla-: Not me, I am a stickler for information. Reading up the info is as fun for me as playing.
[15:10] <cody_> Is 4chan down for anyone else by the way?
[15:10] <Lucas_Dieguez> Well it would not be a party without some debate before the drunkness :P
[15:10] * Put-on-lalla ( has left #adom (Some people do "great things they want to do with ADOM":
[15:10] <Alien-> kooka: start any character. strip naked. every time it dies, take a shot.
[15:10] <kooka> Drunk in 5 minutes, Skabooga
[15:10] <Ravenmore-Krys> Artifacts are just too important :)
[15:10] <Thomas_Biskup> I agree BTW: Stop feeding the troll. I'll now be ignoring him ;-)
[15:10] <Marek14> Then again, I DO have Aspergers... might have something to do with that.
[15:10] * cody_ is now known as chchjesus
[15:10] <Arbot> veekie, that would actually be interesting to have an artifact wand similar in operation to the phail
[15:10] <Pushpabon> sniff, his part message didn't fit
[15:10] <slashie> I feel bad for being sober
[15:10] <Masque> How many downloads was done by last 10 years? Is this statistic exist?
[15:10] <pipe> Marek14: Don't we all.
[15:10] <Harkila-> Marek14, feel free to disagree :) but that discussion was closed.
[15:10] <Skabooga> Heh heh, I would be dead by 6
[15:10] <Vaniardur> Aw yeah!
[15:11] <kooka> Aspergers is not an excuse for being a jerk. I have it also.
[15:11] <Tukuturi> This is an ADOM party on IRC. I imagine there are quite a few aspies around. ;)
[15:11] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, also, in case there are questions you don't wish to talk about, just say so, we can do something to moderate it
TB_?[15:11] <miikao> Thomas_Biskup: open source might not make sense but maybe outsourcing the actual coding to some volunteers who could be trusted? Have you considered something like this as a plan B, if adom deluxe / steam won't take off?
[15:11] <PseudoFenton> but trolls regenerate! if you ignore them then they recover!
[15:11] <Alien-> me too. attempting-to-be-nice-aspies unite!
[15:11] * Oliphaunt late to the party
[15:11] <Thomas_Biskup> Lucas_Dieguez: But not about open source anymore ;-) That surely will start a brawl ;-)
TB_?[15:11] <Block_> Thomas_Biskup how's the new blog/site appearance coming up? It's still being worked on right?
[15:11] <iasov> welcome Oliphaunt
[15:11] <Silfir> Apparently, I'm autistic, too
[15:11] <Marek14> kooka: I try to 1) not be a jerk, and 2) not to excuse it.
[15:11] <Dronir> hey Oli :)
[15:11] <Harkila-> Oliphaunt!
[15:11] <veekie> Yeah, that was the thought, artifact wand, put pp in, kabooms out
[15:11] * AlterAsc has quit IRC ("")
[15:11] <Marek14> kooka: To be honest, it sometimes worries me what I could excuse if I really wanted...
[15:11] <kooka> marek14, yep. it just means i over focus on things
[15:11] <Vaniardur> @Ravenmore-Krys: also want to say you did a great job on the stretchgoal image :)
[15:11] <Pushpabon> what's going on in here
[15:11] <Arbot> kooka, take one drink any time someone types the creators chat name take 2 drinks any time he responds to one of those messages and then pass out in about 15 minutes
[15:12] <Thomas_Biskup> slashie: There's always time to repent ;-) *Sends a virtual cocktail* ;-)
[15:12] <Oliphaunt> Dronir: found a computer after all? or abusing your phone still?
[15:12] <Lucas_Dieguez> I still think this party need a couple trolls complaining about ADOM while burning impaled. Ah, tha flavour... ñ.ñ
TB_?[15:12] <Pushpabon> Thomas_Biskup, would you have funded the remaining yourself if the project hadn't hit 48k?
[15:12] <Dronir> Oliphaunt: phone
[15:12] <Alien-> miikao: #adom-questions is the place for questions about ADOM's future :)
[15:12] <kooka> Arbot, I want a nice buzz, not vomit on my floor
[15:12] <Rancid-> Thomas_Biskup: can you change my statue description BTW, slaughtering -> incinerating :))
[15:12] <Silfir> Though my view is that while Asperger's makes it more difficult to connect with others, it doesn't remove the need and obligation to try
[15:12] <Harkila-> miikao, open source question was closed already, please do not continue.
[15:12] <Dronir> hmm. I wish I was on my computer. could dig up those photos of me, Oli, Rancid- and some others meeting TB in Amsterdam in 2004 ;)
[15:12] <chchjesus> Oh Thomas_Biskup, don't forget lots of easter eggs in the monster memory!
[15:12] <Ravenmore-Krys> Vaniardur : Thank you! I liked the way it goes with Lucas' music :D Reminded me of old RPG's like Lands of Lore ...kinda
[15:12] <Harkila-> Rancid-, questions to the other channel, kthxplz ;P
[15:13] <Alien-> silfir: indeed. it can be a lonely existence.
[15:13] <Marek14> Silfir: It doesn't remove need and obligation to try, but sometimes it can remove the wish to do that.
[15:13] <Dronir> Oliphaunt: I'm in the process of installing ubuntu server on a pentium I found in a closet
[15:13] <iasov> Dronir, you're not done with that yet?
[15:13] * frogzilla ( has left #adom ()
[15:13] <iasov> COME ON NOW
[15:13] <Lucas_Dieguez> Indeed, the team is amazing. Everything one does fits with the work of the others.
[15:13] <Thomas_Biskup> Block_: So far Ravenmore-Krys managed to create a fantastic prototype but we failed on integrating it perfectly. Some others promised help but also failed.
[15:13] <Silfir> I don't think the wish ever goes away, but you can convince yourself it's better not to bother anymore
[15:13] <miikao> Harkila-: you misunderstood, but ok
[15:13] <Lucas_Dieguez> fits in*
[15:13] <Dronir> something went wrong so I'm doing checks on it now
[15:13] <Tukuturi> Lucas_Dieguez: I really dig what you've done so far. The string synths you use sound really rich.
[15:13] * humpolec has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]")
[15:14] <Harkila-> miikao, just being strict to avoid encouraging others :)
[15:14] <Lucas_Dieguez> Ah, that's EWQL's merit. Best strings IMHO.
[15:14] <Thomas_Biskup> Ravenmore-Krys: I have a new offer for the revised ADOM blog with your layout from a work colleague and he's really an amazing guy so I foresee a revised website soon (also at Block_)
[15:14] <Marek14> I'm really looking forward to the tiles.
[15:14] <evilk> TB yes... also apart from adding all the promises, please keep adding small details as they keep striking
[15:14] <Block_> Hope it works out. He beat me fair and square in the competition
[15:14] <Dronir> iasov: this pc has been unusued for at least 4 years. seems the hd has some problems
[15:14] * xan ( has joined #adom
[15:14] <evilk> like the one or another genius inscription or strange potion side effect
[15:14] <evilk> i.e. suprises
[15:15] <evilk> sorry for spamming
[15:15] <Tukuturi> Well it all sounds good together in the mix. You can take credit for that at least. :)
TB_?[15:15] <Masque> Thomas_Biskup: How many downloads was done by last 10 years? Is this statistic exist? Don't mind if I'm fanatic. But it close to :)
[15:15] <iasov> I got PCs like that.
[15:15] <iasov> just sitting around. dusty as all hell.
[15:15] <Jipostus> Want to see Travis Prue play ADOM:
[15:15] <Ravenmore-Krys> Thomas_Biskup : That's awesome :D I really hope that can be done. I kept trying to look for a solution but to no avail.
[15:16] <blite> nice
[15:16] <Lucas_Dieguez> Ah, ADOM just keeps getting better and better ñ.ñ
[15:16] <Oliphaunt> Lucas_Dieguez: I'm late to the party, sorry if this has been asked already. Where do you get your inspiration? (Composers etc?)
[15:16] <Ravenmore-Krys> I even was looking for a ready-made template and just exchange the images, but didn't find anything worthy
[15:16] <Ravenmore-Krys> I'm such a perfectionist sometimes :X
[15:16] <Lucas_Dieguez> Hi Oliphaunt. Well, honestly... I've played SO MANY videogames... u.u
[15:17] * tc_ ( has joined #adom
[15:17] <Thomas_Biskup> Masque: No, I have no accumulated statistic. But at its height I had about 15,000 downloads per day when a new version was releaed.
[15:17] * malorzean has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:17] <Thomas_Biskup> evilk: Details will happen all the time. It's the biggest fun when programming :-)
[15:17] <Lucas_Dieguez> I should say my main inspirations are Arjen Luccassen, Rimsky Korsakov and Steve Vai ñ.ñ
[15:17] <Pushpabon> what about italo disco
[15:17] <Pushpabon> maybe adom should have an italo disco ost
[15:17] <Arbot> Thomas_Biskup The pledge level concerning the statues, how do you plan on incorporating these into the game and what types of effects do you think will be appropriate
[15:18] <PseudoFenton> You looking forward to getting back into daily coding on the original ADOM Thomas?
[15:18] <Lucas_Dieguez> Ah, and Puccini. Singing a lot of opera (16 years) also adds to the mix
[15:18] <tc_> a little late, but I had to get my son to bed... @Thomas: Congratulations!!! It was so exciting and wonderful!
[15:18] <YggazTheFool> I propose a toast for the elusive Amulet of Life Saving, and the countless of hours character after character has spent in the Infinite Dungeon trying to find one
[15:18] <pipe> Pushpabon: Italo disco, yes, and space danc
[15:18] <pipe> e
[15:18] <PseudoFenton> Considering you've been working in Java for ADOM II for a while now
[15:18] <xxskepticxx> Steve Vai and his crazy long pinky
[15:18] * yannvienne ( has joined #adom
[15:18] <Silfir> Toast!
[15:18] <Jm2c> Toast!
[15:18] <Lucas_Dieguez> Yeah! Toast!
[15:18] <jochen> evilk: I'm a big fan of easter eggs too… ;)
[15:18] <PseudoFenton> I have no toast =(
[15:18] <iasov> Why am I watching someone play adom when I could play it myself?
[15:18] <Thomas_Biskup> Ravenmore-Krys: Perfectionism is a virtue ;-) If you don't follow it all the time at least ;-)
[15:18] <Koukeri> speaking of tilesets.. if someone wants to use these, you're free to do so:
[15:18] <taivaansusi> Cheers!
[15:19] * Alien- gives Fendon a slice of bread.
[15:19] <Dronir> hmm. I'm actually thinking of making actual toast. out of bread, I mean
[15:19] * Filin ( has joined #adom
[15:19] * gnsh ( has joined #adom
[15:19] <jochen> PseudoFenton: its like riding a bike, you never forget ;)
[15:19] <kooka> I just hope the fantastic monster memory descriptions remain in future ADOM iterations
[15:19] <PseudoFenton> I have no toaster though taivaansusi
[15:19] <Skabooga> YggazTheFool A Toast!!
[15:19] * CkVega ( has joined #adom
[15:19] <YggazTheFool> *Raises his glass* To the single most infuriating item in the game. I sincerely *wish* you would show up more often!
[15:19] * pipe is celebrating with pie
[15:19] <Pushpabon> even if you can make tilesets look not retardedly ugly they still convey less information less quickly
[15:19] <pipe> waaaaay too much pie
[15:19] <Lucas_Dieguez> Oh yeah. Monster descriptions are one of the best things in there.
[15:19] <Pushpabon> and that's why I'm always ascii
[15:19] <Ravenmore-Krys> Koukeri: Those are fun :D Pixel art always amazes me
[15:19] <Pushpabon> 4lyef
[15:20] <chchjesus> ncurses ftw
[15:20] <CkVega> Oh my, fellow ADOM fans!
[15:20] <Moeba> lots of em!
[15:20] <Alien-> we exist!
[15:20] <Thomas_Biskup> Arbot: I intend to just ask people to write something up. I probably will limit the amount of text they will be given to describe the effects. And then I will decide which effects will be implemented in what way. Although the descriptions will be used as literally as possible.
[15:20] <Moeba> err, aliens?
[15:20] <taivaansusi> Gotta love the monster memory. Rust monster seasonal migrations <3
[15:20] <Alien-> muhaha
[15:20] <Pushpabon> pipe, I bought a fazer blueberry pie and it's complete garbage. paid ~4 e for it and I want to throw it away
[15:20] <RubberDuk> Pushpabon: I'd eat it :(
[15:20] <pipe> Pushpabon: I made delicious rhubarb pie from scratch for dunno how much money.
[15:21] <Pushpabon> it's one of those pitko style shits
[15:21] <BlitzerkidSix> Personally, I'm glad there will be graphics. There are at least a dozen people I know who now MUST play ADOM, because they said they would play if there were graphics.
[15:21] <Pushpabon> totally unedible imo
[15:21] <pipe> Pushpabon: But likely very very much less than you paid.
[15:21] <Thomas_Biskup> tc_: Thanks a lot! For everything!
[15:21] * nw ( has joined #adom
[15:21] <Masque> Thomas_Biskup: Really great. When I knew about ADOM it was like: "Hey, water is wet!" It's the way games must to be :) You are coupling (in a good mean) with Sid Meier in my mind.
[15:21] <Koukeri> Ravenmore-Krys: thanks, that tileset is something I keep returning to from time to time
[15:21] <pipe> BlitzerkidSix: To me, ADOM *has* graphics.
[15:21] <Oliphaunt> Lucas_Dieguez: good to hear, about your inspirations
[15:21] <alakoo> pipe: if you want to make a rhubarb pie from scrath you must first invent the universe :(
[15:21] <Pushpabon> alakoo !1
[15:21] <pipe> alakoo: I did
[15:21] <evilk> toast
[15:21] <Jipostus> See Travis Prue Playing Gnome Merchant:
[15:21] * chchjesus has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120825211302]")
[15:21] <Pushpabon> I cried to that once while high
[15:21] <Pushpabon> it was so beautiful
[15:21] <pipe> Pushpabon: You cry to My Little Pony
[15:22] <Pushpabon> I'm not a brony
[15:22] <pipe> Closet-brony
[15:22] <Lelele> ADOM's ascii is actually really pretty
[15:22] <Rancid-> Jipostus: stop spamming the link and nothing else, plzkthx
[15:22] <Accu> poor Zod
[15:22] <kooka> I like the ascii myself
[15:22] <Lelele> compared to nethack or dcss
[15:22] <kooka> tiles are kinda ugly
[15:22] <Jipostus> Rancid-: Sorry
TB_?[15:22] <spide> Thomas_Biskup: if Adom Deluxe gets to be a big hit does it bring more features, items, quests etc to free version of adom?
[15:22] * skapazzo ( has joined #adom
[15:22] <evilk> agree, i love that ascii... nevertheless my girlfriend never did, but she loved the movie of the tiles
[15:22] <Vaniardur> @lelele: true, especially the overmap
[15:22] <Alien-> yeah. don't think i'll be using tiles (except once for looking at them), but i'm sure it's a good idea to put them in
[15:22] <BlitzerkidSix> pipe: yes, my mother insists that using colored ASCII is graphics, becuase she grew up hunting Wumpuses and Zorking. I concede the point.
[15:22] <jochen> Lelele: you should see ADOM on an iPad with Retina display :)
[15:22] <PseudoFenton> Lelele: I agree, and you can really fear some colour letters... all though capitals W's.... oh so many....
[15:22] <Pushpabon> kooka I disagree on DCSS but nethack's ascii is disgusting
[15:22] <Thomas_Biskup> Marek14: Handling the gender in too much detail IMHO doesn't add enough to the game. Such features should be added (IMHO) after nothing else of interest is left ;-)
TB_?[15:22] <Masque> Thomas_Biskup: And do you like first X-COM from 1994?
[15:23] * qui_ has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:23] <Alien-> blitzerkidsix: your mom rules :P
[15:23] <Ravenmore-Krys> Koukeri : You should definately keep at it :) Is it for any particular game?
[15:23] <YggazTheFool> One color letters are fine. When they start flickering....
[15:23] <tc_> I like ascii more than ugly tiles ... but nice tiles are nicer to look at than ascii and my gf is more likely to play a tileset game with me.
[15:23] <Moeba> well according to TB the option will remain to have ascii graphics
[15:23] <Jm2c> Which one was the forge message and which the vortex message again
[15:23] <kooka> Pushpabon, DCSS is okay, probably the best tileset, but the game itself doesn't hold my interest anything like ADOM
[15:23] <kooka> I like story
[15:23] <moonshine-> i wouldn't probably play with tiles, but the preliminary picture of forthcoming tiles on adom website look really pretty so i might give them a try. usually tiles in roguelikes are ugly as **** and ascii is easier to comprehend quickly when making decisions
[15:23] <Alien-> distant wind is vortex
[15:23] <Jm2c> ah
[15:23] <Jm2c> Whew
[15:23] <Thomas_Biskup> Alien-: More randomess in character generation is a very interesting idea I need to ponder more.
[15:23] <Pushpabon> kooka, I meant ascii, I have no clue about tiles one way or another except I don't want them
[15:23] * WhiskeyFate has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[15:23] <Jm2c> Yay for forge!
[15:24] <xxskepticxx> I love trying to get people to play ADoM and teaching them the symbols for everything. It's like showing someone how to read the matrix.
[15:24] <Thomas_Biskup> Moeba: Definitely! ASCII always will be an option.
[15:24] <Lucas_Dieguez> I want an @ with an axe in a tileset. Then I shall live happy ñ.ñ
[15:24] <spide> moonshine-: i tried nethack when it introduced tiles and i did not like it :)
[15:24] * WhiskeyFate ( has joined #adom
[15:24] <BlitzerkidSix> A few new ADOM addicts (I corrupted them :P) complain that capital D's just aren't scary enough. Perhaps with tiles they will run away and make it to level 12 lol
[15:24] <omeg> anyone played brogue? that's some nice ascii
[15:24] <Pushpabon> it's strange that you can remember all the little details of such a complex game liek adom but when it comes to your school work.. that's another story :(
[15:24] <Alien-> Thomas_Biskup: Whee! I'm glad you find my idea interesting
[15:24] <omeg> although it can be a bit confusing
[15:24] <TheLeaf> As long as ASCII is always an option, bring on the tiles!
[15:24] <Lelele> jochen: Yeah, I should!
[15:24] <kooka> I love having myfriend watch me play ADOM, 'what's that D, is that a dog?' "no it's a dragon" 'what's that, is that a wand?' "no it's an altar" etc
[15:24] <Thomas_Biskup> pushpabon: I know that feeling ;-)
[15:25] <moonshine-> spide: nethack tiles are a good example of ugly graphics and hiding information that ascii version has readily available..
[15:25] <Accu> BlitzerkidSix: it's because baby- and fairy dragons are so weak!
[15:25] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: LOL :-)
[15:25] <Ravenmore-Krys> Lucas_Dieguez: @'s with axes and D's with wings are not planned in the official version but the tileset will be open for modding :)
[15:25] <kooka> Pushpabon, that's because you are motivated
[15:25] <Moeba> I'm gonna make an ADOM picture to celebrate
[15:25] <Koukeri> Ravenmore-Krys: yeah, those have been used on our two man project Kingdom of Glorious Adventures (which explains the 'koga' part), co-operative browser rpg using websockets and server written in C
[15:25] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: Post a video ;-)
[15:25] <tc_> kooka: actually i persuaded my girlfriend to play the prerelease since i had no time to do so
[15:25] * shuuman has quit IRC (" (Ping timeout)")
[15:25] <veekie> Matrix Vision is how all roguelikes should work!
[15:25] <Marek14> Personally, I'd like ASCII tiles with scaly D's, tail-wagging d's, blue E with water texture etc. :)
[15:25] <kooka> Thomas_Biskup, I may just do that
[15:25] <yannvienne> Obviously, they haven't been far down enough to really get scared of capital Ds... ^^
[15:25] <tc_> kooka: she got a tension room full of cats :-)
[15:25] <Skabooga> omeg Aww yeah! Brogue is awesome! The first roguelike I ever legitimately beat
[15:25] <veekie> once you learn to see the matrix you never look back
[15:25] * Jipostus ( has left #adom ()
[15:25] <Jm2c> I hate rivers so much
[15:25] <Skabooga> And only, for that matter . ..
[15:25] <Jm2c> If I wasn't an elementalist
[15:25] <Koukeri> Ravenmore-Krys: like usual the engine is quite finished but there isn't much of content to the game ;)
[15:26] <Lucas_Dieguez> That's terrific Ravenmore-Krys! I have some artists among my friends who really want to make a couple things ñ.ñ
[15:26] <Ravenmore-Krys> Koukeri : Sounds pretty epic, must be a huge workload though, a game of that scope
[15:26] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, i must tell you my most scary moment regarding ADOM: the Finnkino commercial on Finnish TV got me scared. check what Finnkino returns to you on Google Image search.. ADOM bears a long way.
[15:26] <PseudoFenton> Drinking whilst reading is making this party way too quick moving, its impossible to keep up and form replies to anything... I think the solution is more drink!
[15:26] <xxskepticxx> I'm glad I learned it when I was 12 because if I had tried to pick it up today, I wouldn't have the patience!
TB_?[15:26] <Thomas_Biskup> Am I expected to answer the questions on #adom-questions on that channel? Damn, probably got that mixed up. Stupid cocktails ;-)
[15:27] <iasov> Thomas_Biskup, I think we were thinking you could just ignore questions for now and then answer a comprehensive list later on.
TB_?[15:27] <Shalafi2> Thomas_Biskup, in tile set will big monsters take up more then one place?
[15:27] <iasov> enjoy yourself
[15:27] <PseudoFenton> There are more than one channel??
[15:27] <Ravenmore-Krys> Lucas_Dieguez : Yes, and I imagine a lot of people would like to change a monster here and there. ZenoRogue and Jochen have already agreed on a mod-friendly file structure
[15:27] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: No, you shouldn't answer them really.
[15:27] <kooka> who here read Asterix as a child? or still does?
[15:27] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, the questions on #adom-questions will be sent to you afterwards to answer as you wish (e.g. on the blog)
[15:27] <CkVega> Mmmm, cute dog corpse
[15:27] <Oliphaunt> PseudoFenton: see topic. /join #adom-questions
[15:27] <Lelele> doomed
[15:27] * auror has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:27] <Ravenmore-Krys> I'm always tempted to eat that cute dog:X
[15:27] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Jochen is there to answer some of them anyway :)
[15:27] <Ravenmore-Krys> Esp. with high elf paladins
[15:27] <PseudoFenton> already joined thanks, Oliphaunt
[15:27] * Kododo ( has joined #adom
[15:27] <bulemia> kooka, I'm sure everyone here read Asterix
[15:28] <Marek14> kooka: my family is all asterix fans
[15:28] <Lucas_Dieguez> Ok, this might be the whisky speaking but.. this is the best virtual party ever TT_TT
[15:28] <Oliphaunt> Thomas_Biskup: remember that this is your party :-)
[15:28] <Thomas_Biskup> BTW, to share one of the truly amazing moments of the crowd funding campaign: I learned on the first day that rich people do impulse shopping. Someone tried to buy the Demigod ($50,000) pledge reward. And Indiegogo (or Paypal, we never found out) failed him. After three more attempts in five days said rich person gave up. That was... interesting to experience
[15:28] <Koukeri>
[15:28] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, the point with #adom-questions was to offset the question flood during tonight :)
[15:28] <Koukeri> if someone wants to try on, I'll keep the server online for a while :)
[15:28] <CkVega> Can't remember, does cute dos give good bonuses aswell as doomed, or just doomed?
[15:28] <Pushpabon> Oliphaunt, speaking of parties
[15:28] <kooka> Thomas_Biskup, OMG, that is terrible
TB_?[15:28] <Oliphaunt> Thomas_Biskup: what, really?
[15:28] <Koukeri> lateste chrome/firefox should work ok
[15:28] <veekie> wow
[15:28] <kooka> near the goal in one transaction???
[15:28] <Alien-> Thomas_Biskup: Oh, that's a shame. whomever failed should give you that!
[15:28] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: :-) Oh :-) Ok, I'll try to relax.
[15:28] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Likely someone with a hijacked credit card.
[15:28] <Ravenmore-Krys> Thomas_Biskup : I was wondering why you said the campaign is in the bag way back then :P
TB_?[15:29] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: And likely the reason why paypal denied it? :)
[15:29] <Ravenmore-Krys> Thought that was Notch being generous, didn't ask though, didn't want to know :D
[15:29] <YggazTheFool> That would have made the last two months waaay less exciting
[15:29] <Thomas_Biskup> Oliphaunt: Yeah, I needed oxygen when I got the frustrated mail and spontaneously took a day off from work trying to fix that issue. On my birthday. That was really amazing. Sadly there was no happy end.
[15:29] <veekie> two months? try the last day
[15:29] <kooka> Notch has made millions out of Minecraft, lucky guy
[15:29] <veekie> that was tense
[15:29] * quik ( has joined #adom
[15:30] <Thomas_Biskup> pipe: No. I managed to validate the credibility together with the folks from Indiegogo support. We really tried hard to work this out.
TB_?[15:30] <kooka> Thomas_Biskup, sorry to hear that! But it's ended well, right? :D
[15:30] <Lucas_Dieguez> Brb, I need more whisky ñ.ñ
[15:30] <Pushpabon> Thomas_Biskup, maybe you'll get a fat envelope later
[15:30] <Pushpabon> fingers crossed
[15:30] <Dronir> oww fuck. I leaned on my stereo set's speaker as I sit on the floor. it tilted and a large box, a bag of tools and about 100 random sherts of paper fell on my head
TB_?[15:30] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Oh, really? Weird.
[15:30] <Koukeri> 'T' gives you toolbar
[15:30] <pipe> Dronir: This is not your day.
[15:30] <burneddi> if it was Notch he probably wouldn't have given up, seeing that he seems to have a hard-on for indie stuff
[15:30] <iasov> Sherts of paper.
[15:30] <Thomas_Biskup> Ravenmore-Krys: I also won't comment on the identity of said person and it shall remain a secret forever. It was interesting though.
[15:30] <Alien-> i hope they at least put in their instructions for future campaigns that big levels shouldnt' exist
[15:30] * PseudoFenton has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:30] <iasov> that sounds funny
[15:30] <Koukeri> feel free to mess up with that world ;)
[15:30] <Harkila-> Tuborg Lime Cut. this will be shit.
[15:31] <BlitzerkidSix> If I were said rich person, I would show up with a breifcase full of Euros. Because they're colorful. (I am not)
[15:31] * Roseluck ( has joined #adom
[15:31] <Alien-> karmic rich person??
[15:31] <Thomas_Biskup> Drinks a bit more. Sways.
[15:31] <alakoo> omg, running out of alco here
[15:31] <Al-Khwarizmi> Damn... paypal/indiegogo failed to receive $50K? DAMN! We would have the color RPG, Android port, iPad port...!
[15:31] <Pushpabon> BlitzerkidSix instead of a post card you could send the said briefcase
[15:31] <iasov> TB, you can do actions on IRC with the /me command
[15:31] <iasov> example:
[15:31] * iasov does actions
[15:31] <iasov> yay
[15:31] <iasov> It's cooler.
[15:31] <Harkila-> I was hoping to have 48,000 USD to spend on that campaign, only to be able to get TB here to challenge him in ADOM.
[15:32] <Thomas_Biskup> Alien-: That was the most frustrating thing: They allow you to define such levels and then need five full days to find out that they can't accept such huge payments via Paypal. *Sigh*
[15:32] <Ravenmore-Krys> To be honest though, I wonder if we got this far if the campaign was successfuly over before it began...
[15:32] <spide> maybe he should have done it in many small donations and send you a mail about pledge update...
[15:32] <Alien-> al-khwarizmi: presuming with that, other people wouldn't just go 'eh? screw it, campaign succeeded, you don't need my money'
[15:32] * Dronir thinks actions are so 1995
[15:32] * CalvinBall does jumping jacks
[15:32] <Vaniardur> @Thomas Biskup: would you accept an instrumental ode as payment, as an alternative to the postcard quest? - The world you've created have brought me spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter, pain, sweaty tension and entertainment for seven years (And I've yet to beat it, I toast to The Creator!)
[15:32] <Thomas_Biskup> iasov: Thanks!
[15:32] * Thomas_Biskup now does an action.
[15:32] <CkVega> Hast thou seen my doggie?
[15:32] <Thomas_Biskup> Works.
[15:32] <Pushpabon> action man
[15:32] <iasov> Dronir, I was on IRC in 1995. And yes, they were very 1995 then.
[15:32] * Masque has quit IRC (" ")
[15:32] <Harkila-> Dronir, truu, but this is back to 90's, in any terms :)
[15:32] * CalvinBall quits
[15:32] <Lucas_Dieguez> Oh my, actions...
[15:32] <yannvienne> I'm wondering if so many people would have actually donated if the goal had been reached from the start...
[15:32] <Roseluck> Ooo. So many ppl, unexpected.
[15:32] <Alien-> ckvega: did it crawl into a cave?
[15:32] <Dronir> true
[15:32] <Pushpabon> iasov you're bad azz
[15:32] * CalvinBall but not really
[15:32] <BlitzerkidSix> I think the campaign would have ended up around the same level, if 50k had been pledged in the first few days, to be honest.
[15:32] <kooka> CkVega, that was just disturbing!! That dead little kid's voice?! OMG!!!
[15:32] <Dronir> I think I first played Adom in 1998
[15:32] * Rytthigar has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:33] <iasov> hmm, I wa sthining that made me old.
[15:33] * Lucas_Dieguez restrains himself for overusing such command
[15:33] * PseudoFenton2 ( has joined #adom
[15:33] <iasov> *was *thinking
[15:33] <PseudoFenton2> Sucks, could they not have just pledged multiple times (at a lower value) after confirming with you that it was okay to count as the 50,000 pledge level?
[15:33] * Harkila- enforces godlike @ powers
[15:33] <Thomas_Biskup> Ravenmore-Krys: My guess is that the huge publicity stunt (roguelike game funded within 20 minutes) probably would have driven it into the sky. But we'll never know so it's moot to ponder that ;-)
[15:33] <PseudoFenton2> also, getting kicked from server is no fun... no idea what was going on there
[15:33] <Pushpabon> iasov were you on some secret warez channels in 95
[15:33] <ZenoRogue> and also probably there would be less motivation to invent power drives if it was already funded
[15:33] <iasov> Pushpabon, mebbe. I was on efnet
[15:33] <BlitzerkidSix> It did occur to me that a Demigod could just take all the Legend levels....
[15:33] <Alien-> true, though an incentive to define stretch goals faster
[15:33] * SnowblindFatal ( has left #adom ()
[15:34] <Pushpabon> a lot of groups seemed to have a channel @efnet back in the day
[15:34] <iasov> indeed :)
[15:34] * taivaansusi has quit IRC ("")
TB_?[15:34] <Roseluck> Hey TB, are you really going to send all these postcards? :)
[15:34] <kooka> Wow IRC for so long, I feel like I am 13 years old again
[15:34] <Roseluck> i mean, its like.. 150 ?
[15:34] <Thomas_Biskup> PseudoFenton2: As I said... sometimes rich people want to shop impulsively... and some also might want the fame for the specific reward. It's moot to speculate as I've never been such a rich person ;-)
[15:34] * nikodz_mobile ( has joined #adom
[15:34] <Pushpabon> from what I read from the nfos
[15:34] <Al-Khwarizmi> Well, I'd personally have donated the same. I wanted the statue and I wanted the RPG. In fact I wanted the Drakalor chain map too, but not enough money :/
[15:34] <iasov> So... Doctor Who.
[15:34] <Al-Khwarizmi> In my case, the power pledges conditioned the particular times in which I donated, but not the total amount.
[15:34] <Al-Khwarizmi> (of course, that's just my case)
[15:34] <Ravenmore-Krys> ZenoRogue: I bet Thomas would have found creative ways to use the bought time anyway :) Even without special pledges.
[15:34] <CkVega> oooooh, a pool! do I drink?
[15:34] <Alien-> no spoilers. i got dr who recorded but not watched :P
[15:34] <yannvienne> I haven't read all the blog entries : has it been computed how many new quests we will have in Adom now... I can't wait for those!!! :)
[15:34] <Roseluck> DRINK DRINK DRINK
[15:34] <Kododo> Drink it1
[15:35] <kooka> Thomas, I think you need to put humanoid pandas into your game :D
[15:35] <Kododo> !!
[15:35] <Roseluck> always drink.
[15:35] * CalvinBall asks for no doctor who spoilers for us colonists
[15:35] <iasov> Alien-, no, EZTV just released it. so I'll be leaving now.
[15:35] * kooka chuckles
[15:35] <Kododo> I habitually take one sip.
[15:35] <CkVega> You feel very lucky!
[15:35] <Alien-> ah
[15:35] <Alien-> have fun :)
[15:35] <PseudoFenton2> If I were such a rich person I'd totally have gotten that pledge level... and then acted very oddly when you showed up to say hi =D
[15:35] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: LOL :-) Panda fetishes are special :-)
[15:35] * slashie has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:35] <Pushpabon> I wish pandas were cats
[15:35] <Pushpabon> fat fluffy cats
[15:36] <yannvienne> The PseudoFenton touches you... You feel confused...
[15:36] <yannvienne> ;)
[15:36] * Lucas_Dieguez starts to plan a Drakalor Panda orchestration
[15:36] <Alien-> so that people would be afraid to kill them?
[15:36] <Ravenmore-Krys> That's what ADOM really needs, pandas.
[15:36] <BlitzerkidSix> If I had $50k, the Creator would have suffered a two-day interview about the Weird Tome.
[15:36] <Ravenmore-Krys> I mean, if a certain other huge game can have a panda expansion
[15:36] <Ravenmore-Krys> Why not ADOM?
[15:36] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: Maybe that could be a theme for one of the new one map or extended quests: A kind of trip to a furry panda anthropomorphic reality :-)
[15:36] <Alien-> surely not. the world has snow. pandas would be dead meat.
[15:36] * Starswirl ( has joined #adom
[15:36] <Thomas_Biskup> BlitzerkidSix: LOL
[15:36] <Pushpabon> jochen btw about the font selection for win port, it'd be nice if you found a way to hack some 2x scaling since fixedsys apparently is locked to 9px :(
[15:37] <kooka> I just got back from China, I heard Kung Fu Panda made over $150 million in China alone, so Blizzard put pandas in their game to try to get the Chinese market. It couldn't hurt to try? :)
[15:37] <Pushpabon> one can always dream
[15:37] <Vaniardur> @Ravenmore-krys: The panda expansion led to some game-ruining changes...I think it's best to hold off on the pandas, oh dear
[15:37] <Marek14> Alien-: more to the point, there is no bamboo anywhere. Pandas would starve :)
[15:37] <Alien-> yeah
TB_?[15:37] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, i'm asking this even if it might reveal spoilers: if you got a wish in ADOM, what would be your primary choice?
[15:37] <nikodz_mobile> im sorry i couldnt attend the party in a more active fashion, but thomas cheers to you! *lifts glass*
[15:37] <Thomas_Biskup> Lucas_Dieguez: I almost spilled my cocktail :-) Thanks!
[15:37] <Alien-> maybe the only place you'd find pandas is in munxip's shop
[15:37] <Ravenmore-Krys> Pushpabon : I think NOTEye will cover that, it allows for tons of diffrent fonts
[15:37] <Alucard> Koukeri: what is this and how do I DO anything, like use stairs
[15:37] <agnoeo> What about koalas?
[15:37] * cybergrind has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:37] <iasov> When TB gets a wish, he wishes for himself and does not get "Thou shall not mock the Creator"
[15:37] <kooka> not koalas, drop bears
[15:37] <CkVega> dead
[15:37] <Pushpabon> Ravenmore-Krys if this is non-ascii stuff then it doesn't
[15:37] <Thomas_Biskup> harkila: Eternal life :-)
[15:37] <kooka> vicious carnivourous koalas
[15:37] <PseudoFenton2> I think the pandas are because they're more approachable than bears, but can still be as scary
[15:38] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, thought so.. :)
[15:38] <Lucas_Dieguez> Oh my, the next ADOM expansion: Drakalor Pandas and Koalas o.o
[15:38] <xan> Drop bears as a wilderness encounter ;)
[15:38] <PseudoFenton2> its like the wolves (I cant recall what the lycanthrope race was callled) but cuter
[15:38] <Thomas_Biskup> harkila: Damn, I'd need to look into the sources to see what the game does when you wish for that :-)
[15:38] <jochen> @Pushpabon I've added this to my notes! :)
[15:38] <Koukeri> Alucard: the world you're on is my gfx test map, so there is nowhere for the stairs to go
[15:38] <Pushpabon> awesome
[15:38] <Starswirl> maybe just more story?
[15:38] <Thomas_Biskup> harkila: ADOM II probably would transform you into a zombie. Although that's unlike... hmmm...
[15:38] <Harkila-> sounds lovely :)
[15:38] * yxhuvud has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:38] * wippler has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:38] * Greif has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:38] <Skabooga> I speel my drink!
[15:39] <omeg> ;D
[15:39] <Pushpabon> real men go for sheep
[15:39] <jochen> I always planned to have some kind of font selection dialog for the Windows and Mac releases… (the Amiga port has one)
[15:39] <omeg> a bomb!
[15:39] <PseudoFenton2> Dont spill drink Skabooga!
[15:39] <Pushpabon> Skabooga I can't install something I've already installed
[15:39] * skapazzo has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:39] <kooka> oh my god it's 4:40 am here!!!!
[15:39] <iasov> you can...
[15:39] <Koukeri> Alucard: you can use T -> Tile info tool to make stairs a teleport to another place
[15:39] <Lucas_Dieguez> Everyone's spilling their drinks. Now THIS is a party!
[15:39] <Skabooga> Lol omeg PseudoFenton2 Pushpabon
[15:39] * iasov doesn't have a drink. :(
[15:39] <Alien-> kooka: that's dedication. well done you.
[15:39] <PseudoFenton2> 9:40 here, its still early, when does this party end anyway?
[15:39] * theta has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:40] <kooka> I really need to go to sleep, but it was good to talk to you all. Thomas_Biskup, it was an honour to make your acquaintance, even if only in IRC.
[15:40] <Harkila-> kooka, where the hell are you? Australia?
[15:40] <Ravenmore-Krys> PseudoFenton2 : When the last man falls under the table I believe =)
[15:40] <Koukeri> heh, crash
[15:40] <iasov> yes.
[15:40] <iasov> kookaburra
[15:40] <kooka> Harkila-, I'm in Perth
[15:40] <iasov> ins't that a thing?
[15:40] <iasov> in australia?
[15:40] <Thomas_Biskup> Now a typical party question from me: What's the weirdest thing that happened to you while playing ADOM (and it could have been a weird real life thing)
[15:40] <kooka> iasov, yes, it's an Australian bird that laughs
[15:40] <Kododo> Sleep well!
[15:40] <nikodz_mobile> thomas and jochen: have you estimated any work hours yet?
[15:40] <yannvienne> That's just details I guess but I must say I've played so much adom I find it hard to start another roguelike in Ascii, even Adom II, the letters and symbols are just too slim or thin or whatever, give me those bold adom characters anytime! :)
[15:40] <Harkila-> kooka, ok. g'nite :)
[15:41] <kooka> see you all!
[15:41] <iasov> nite nite
[15:41] * kooka has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:41] <Thomas_Biskup> Lucas_Dieguez: *TOAST*
TB_?[15:41] <Thomas_Biskup> kooka: Thanks. Read ya elsewhere maybe? Facebook?
TB_?[15:41] <Alien-> Thomas_Biskup: suddenly it was morning? :P
[15:41] * orion_et has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:41] <Marek14> yanvienne: plus, we get too used to ADOM's use of characters and commands and get too confused when other games work differently
[15:41] <Thomas_Biskup> nikodz_mobile: Our old plan is in shambles. The new one will take a moment.
[15:41] <Vaniardur> I was stung by a wasp the first time I decided to play ADoM..I had a wasp in my room one of the times I played ADoM II
[15:41] <Lucas_Dieguez> Thomas_Biskup *TOAST*
[15:41] <PseudoFenton2> Ravenmore-Krys: You can still drink whilst under the table!
[15:42] <BlitzerkidSix> Thomas_Biskup, I was assaulted in Leggot's shop by a fatling fencer. He disarmed and killed me in the same turn. The last thing Glorfindel, the high elven archer, ever heard was Leggot shoting "Thank you!" for the free sword!
[15:42] <Harkila-> good thing that this was moved to Saturday, even though I voted for Friday
[15:42] * Lucas_Dieguez runs all around the pool pushing people to the water
[15:42] <Pushpabon> dunno about the weirdest thing but the most awesome thing was having an audience of 3 friends in the room while descending to D:50 and winning for the first time
[15:42] <Al-Khwarizmi> Estimating work hours takes work hours. It'll be faster without estimating :P
[15:42] <Rancid-> Thomas_Biskup: "the usual", that is, dreaming of colorful letters and automaticallt assigning meanings to all of them
[15:42] <psy_wombats> it's an audience-worthy event
[15:42] <Ravenmore-Krys> PseudoFenton2 : True! But not if you're asleep or otherwise unconcious :D
[15:42] <Skabooga> Thomas_Biskup I was wandering around the lower levels of the Main dungeon with my summoned Great Titan companion, when I inadvertantly aggravated it by walking into it in the dark. The Titan then proceeded to attack itself until it died. I had no idea what to think
[15:42] <yannvienne> Depends what games, many commands are similar, though it usually takes me time to remember pressing q instead of d when I wanna drink sthg...
[15:42] <alakoo> :D
[15:42] <psy_wombats> I loved that bug
[15:42] * Thomas_Biskup pushes the folks back in that try to climb out of the pool after Lucas_Dieguez pushed them in :-)
[15:42] <PseudoFenton2> Ravenmore-Krys: Sleep does somewhat scupper your attempts to drink and chat yes
[15:42] <Oliphaunt> BlitzerkidSix: hah!
[15:42] <psy_wombats> berserker suicide
[15:42] <omeg> weird things? hmm...
[15:42] <omeg>
[15:43] * Kanalanka has quit IRC ("")
[15:43] <Pushpabon> omeg that's plol worthy
[15:43] <xan> First time I had a character tough enough to explore darkforge and being excited about all the powerful artifacts I was collecting from the quests there only to die to corruption soon after.
[15:43] <Roseluck> weirdest? Frost giants room in ToEF.
[15:43] <Roseluck> ;)
TB_?[15:43] <BlitzerkidSix> Rancid-, omg you dream in ADOM graphics, too!?
[15:43] <Lucas_Dieguez> Hehehehe if this was a real party we'd be getting some hate x)
[15:43] <Thomas_Biskup> Roseluck: Oops :-)
[15:43] <agnoeo> Thomas_Biskup: random pieces of adom related RL things: I started to write a minecraft/adom clone for iOS called iSurvivor (got dumped). I wrote a daily time tracking web app using ascii chars because of adom (I actually use it:
[15:44] <Thomas_Biskup> agnoeo: I need to check that app. I'm still looking for a good time tracking app :-)
[15:44] <nikodz_mobile> i can imagine, you have our full support timewise or not!
[15:44] * too_silent ( has joined #adom
[15:44] <PseudoFenton2> Lucas_Dieguez: if it were a real party there'd be a quiet corner to talk in, a couple making out somewhere outside, and a mild "fight" breaking out over something silly
[15:44] <PseudoFenton2> Lucas_Dieguez: quick, lets fight about something silly!
[15:44] <CkVega> Wish modern trile A games could have the depth of ADOM
[15:44] <yannvienne> Dreams in Adom graphivs for me too. Typical after a 3-4 hours session (that seems like one hour) before going to bed... ^^
[15:44] * Anonymous2743 has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:44] <Silfir> I think the mild fights have happened
[15:45] <Roseluck> i actually still have a screenshot of that
[15:45] <Roseluck>
[15:45] <Starswirl> pics.
[15:45] <Ravenmore-Krys> I remember when I was a lil' lad I found a fire vortex for the very first time with a low level character, low hp and no resist. I thought, I'll attack it, I mean what's the worst that can happen? I was a very sad panda one instadeath later :(
[15:45] <Rancid-> as far as in game things are concerned, I learned the hard way that PoEx does work on the Greater Moloch but also gets rid of the crumpled scroll...
[15:45] <Starswirl> lol rose
[15:45] <Roseluck> was sos
[15:45] <Roseluck> :(
[15:45] <omeg> Pushpabon:
[15:45] <Roseluck> but shh
[15:45] <Lucas_Dieguez> Er.. er... Troll thieves for2the win, PseudoFenton2!
[15:45] <Al-Khwarizmi> I wrote an ADOM-like dungeon generator once :)
[15:45] <Starswirl> ;S
[15:45] <agnoeo> Thomas_Biskup: it's very basic, you have slots of 5 minutes and can save what you noted in browser storage. I take screenshots for may weekly report.
[15:45] <minor> what iz dis
[15:45] <miarf> Rancid-: in the days of yore the scroll wasn't carried by the emperor moloch?
[15:45] <Harkila-> minor, it's talk about ADOM
[15:45] <Thomas_Biskup> PseudoFenton2: We almost had that fight regadring open source ;-)
[15:46] <agnoeo> *my
[15:46] <YggazTheFool> Wierdest, if not rarest: *Suddenly a stone block hits your head. You die, more...*
[15:46] <Rancid-> miarf: nope, it was generated when it died
[15:46] <pipe> minor: We're having a party.
[15:46] <Pushpabon> party all the time
[15:46] <YggazTheFool> It is actually the slogan for the game in my mind
[15:46] <pipe> minor: Please join.
[15:46] <Koukeri> Al-Khwarizmi: nice
[15:46] <Pushpabon> minor, I'm having koff. are you?
[15:46] <Harkila-> YggazTheFool, "You strain your leg by kicking air. You die...(more)"
[15:46] * WhiskeyFate has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[15:46] <Thomas_Biskup> BlitzerkidSix: ROTFL. That's a really cool story :-)
[15:46] <minor> i had one bottle of wine and a cider
[15:46] * |Tzatza| ( has joined #adom
[15:46] <Vaniardur> @YggazTheFool: I know that feel, just as you think you're doing a jolly sweet bean of a job
[15:46] <Lucas_Dieguez> Ravenmore-Krys, I see you in the "people I might know" section in Facebook, so I'm adding you ñ.ñ
[15:46] <minor> tried to play adom a few days ago
[15:46] <psy_wombats> there was a topic on the forums a year or two ago about all the ways to die in ADOM
[15:46] * WhiskeyFate ( has joined #adom
[15:46] * mwoody ( has joined #adom
[15:46] <minor> died at level 12 :(
[15:47] <|Tzatza|> party time!
[15:47] <pipe> minor: Mwhahah
[15:47] <PseudoFenton2> Lucas_Dieguez & Thomas_Biskup: True, we might have already covered the 'fight' prerequisite... I guess we need a couple of people to makeout now... I'm not voting to be included here
[15:47] <Ravenmore-Krys> Lucas_Dieguez : Err...I'm not on facebook
[15:47] <miarf> isn't level 12 pretty good
[15:47] <Ravenmore-Krys> ...or am I ?
[15:47] <psy_wombats> listed some 300 assorted means of death
[15:47] <Starswirl> ppl just think they want OS games, but you really want something that's given
[15:47] <YggazTheFool> Its surprising how powerful characters can die in random toppling stones ;)
[15:47] <Starswirl> a whole
[15:47] <Ravenmore-Krys> Never registered, anyway :D
[15:47] <Thomas_Biskup> PseudoFenton2: :-) Lying on the same bed as my wife. But enough of that ;-)
[15:47] <Silfir> "I get drunk!" - "Are there any girls there?"
[15:47] <Lucas_Dieguez> Hm , must be another Krys then. Oh well, already invited him. I have a new friend ñ.ñ
[15:48] * jochen is back from answering questions… looks more fun here :)
[15:48] <minor> miarf: no :(
[15:48] <Vaniardur> @Thomas Biskup: a..acsii snuggling?
[15:48] * RadarKev (~RadarKev@ has joined #adom
[15:48] <Manedhel> hello again
[15:48] <Ravenmore-Krys> Uh if anything I'd probably be a 'Krzysztof', Krys is just for people who find that hard to pronounce
[15:48] <Silfir> level 12 is pretty ok
[15:48] <Ravenmore-Krys> Can't imagine why
[15:48] <Vaniardur> *Ascii
[15:48] * Thematic ( has joined #adom
[15:48] <Roseluck> i wonder if Thomas_Biskup is really going to send all these postcards..
[15:48] <Roseluck> i mean, only 150 of em.
[15:48] <Roseluck> +/-
[15:49] <Dronir> this ubuntu installer froze on "storing language" again
[15:49] <Silfir> He'd still be sending less than he's gotten in his life of ADOM
[15:49] <Skabooga> In Soviet Russia, Biskup postcard you!!
[15:49] * Lucas_Dieguez tries topronounce Krys' name... fails... tries again... fails... tries again...
[15:49] * agnoeo_ ( has joined #adom
[15:49] <Harkila-> Ravenmore-Krys, would 'rz' be pronounced as 'z' in wizard, and 'sz' as the German 'sch'?
[15:49] <jarjar0x2a> oh boy...
[15:49] <Oliphaunt> I hope the tax question will be sorted out soon... and it won't cost too much.
[15:49] * nikodz_mobile has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:49] <Kododo> haha ska
[15:49] <miarf> Dronir: at which point does the ubuntu installer "store language" anyway?
[15:49] <Oliphaunt> frankly I didn't donate money to support the German government...
[15:49] <Silfir> the German "ß" is sometimes called the sz
[15:49] <Pushpabon> but they're donations.. why must donations be taxed :( sniff
[15:49] <Silfir> since that's what it originated from
[15:49] <omeg> rz is verberate sch
[15:49] <jarjar0x2a> Got Healing, now it's time to try and get through SMC as a lvl 7 weaponmaster
[15:49] <omeg> or whatever the term is
[15:50] <Dronir> known issue apparently
[15:50] <jarjar0x2a> set the level at lvl 1, but..
[15:50] * xan has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:50] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, good thing that you don't live in Finland, there's an ongoing debate on whether Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns are legal
[15:50] <Oliphaunt> wow
[15:50] <Oliphaunt> why shouldn't they be?
[15:50] * RavenSingularit ( has joined #adom
[15:50] <Dronir> miarf: this is a 8.x seever version
[15:50] <Pushpabon> because bureaucrazy
[15:50] <yannvienne> Usually better to start with SMC but to each his own... :)
[15:50] <Pushpabon> serious fucking business
[15:50] <Starswirl> prob taxes
[15:50] <Harkila-> since fundraising here requires a fiscal permit, and they're not given to private persons
[15:50] <Koukeri>
[15:50] <Ravenmore-Krys> Harkila- closer to wizard but it's really between "Z" and "SH" :) IRC has no way of conveying that sound
[15:50] <Harkila-> or, because bureaucrazy
[15:50] <Kododo> Yeah... soon urinating will require a fiscal permit
[15:50] <Koukeri>
[15:50] <jarjar0x2a> yamamushi, well, i've been doing that, but i kept dying
[15:51] <Dronir> Oliphaunt: you need a permit to ask money feom people without fiving them anything back
[15:51] <Harkila-> Ravenmore-Krys, so more like the z in Breznev? :)
[15:51] <jarjar0x2a> also want to get to lvl 6 before finding a forge
[15:51] <Skabooga> Pop in at level 1, pop out, then come back ready to blaze through as fast as possible
[15:51] <miarf> Dronir: why install ubuntu 8 server as opposed to 12?
[15:51] <Pushpabon> Koukeri do you know tomenet
[15:51] <Ravenmore-Krys> Harkila- O ya, that's it
[15:51] * disCorder ( has left #adom ()
[15:51] <Koukeri> Pushpabon: nope
[15:51] <Dronir> miarf: no access to internet or cd burner and that's what I found
[15:51] <Pushpabon> it's an online roguelike
[15:51] <omeg>
[15:51] <miarf> ah
[15:51] <omeg> hth
[15:51] * too_silent ( has left #adom ()
[15:51] <jarjar0x2a> Ravenmore-Krys, I've played it pretty extensively
[15:51] <Pushpabon> like ~mmorpg without the massive
[15:51] <omeg> but I can't read IPA stuff
[15:52] <Starswirl> so, who will update the guidebooks
[15:52] <miarf> india pale ale, yum
[15:52] <Harkila-> Ravenmore-Krys, just had some Poles working in my team so I've catched up the tiniest details of pronouncing your language with way too many consonants :) (and coming from the language with way too many vowels, the change is drastic)
[15:52] <jarjar0x2a> Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen more than 16 people in there at once
[15:52] <Manedhel> Harkila, finland?
[15:52] <Koukeri> Pushpabon: oh, sounds interesting... I've never liked the massive part of mmorpgs :)
[15:52] <Harkila-> Manedhel, yes
[15:52] <Lelele> Harkila-: I don't want to get arrested for donating :D
[15:52] <Ravenmore-Krys> There's really one word you need to know when working with Poles :D
[15:52] <yannvienne> Get in there, try to get the waterproof blanket and get downstairs. Don't try to explore it all and don't hesitate to flee if you see too many monsters.
[15:52] <Manedhel> oh, i didn't know there was a lot of poles there
[15:52] <Ravenmore-Krys> Or so they tell me
[15:52] <Harkila-> Lelele, donating isn't illegal.. collecting might be
[15:52] <Pushpabon> Ravenmore-Krys, kurwa?
[15:52] <moonshine-> kurwa?
[15:53] <Pushpabon> gmta
[15:53] <Manedhel> i don't work with any Poles :<
[15:53] <RavenSingularit> Congrats on a successful campaign. I don't do spoilers, so I'm out of here now -- hopefully someone can post a spoiler free version of the chat log after. Cheers!
[15:53] <Ravenmore-Krys> Hahaha xD yes
[15:53] <jarjar0x2a> yannvienne, I know, I may just skip the blanket until i get invis and hope for one in UD
[15:53] <Lelele> Harkila-: obvious bad joke is obvious :P
[15:53] * RavenSingularit has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:53] <yannvienne> Also being a troll helps doubly : you're stronger and you usually don't advance that fast in levels. ^^
[15:53] <Manedhel> troll
[15:53] <Manedhel> helps
[15:53] * cybergrind (~kpi@ has joined #adom
[15:53] <Alien-> what does kurwa mean?
[15:53] <Manedhel> choose one
[15:53] <jarjar0x2a> I'm a dwarf
[15:53] <moonshine-> Alien-: a whore
[15:53] <omeg> Alien-: everything
[15:53] <Ravenmore-Krys> Alien- Everything :D
[15:53] <omeg> ;D
[15:53] <Kododo> I've been dreaming about playing co-op ADOM for a while via a jaakkos like server... that was a lot of fun
[15:53] <Thomas_Biskup> Ravenmore-Krys: Thanks!
[15:53] <Alien-> aha.
[15:53] <Marek14> Alien-: in Czech as well
[15:53] <Silfir> The SMC code doesn't seem to help trolls that much
[15:54] <Alien-> thanks
[15:54] <Koukeri> Glyph was solely single-player project though... It actually had server written in PHP, which supported both 256-color UTF-8 terminal and web browser :)
[15:54] <Silfir> They get their butts kicked earlier
[15:54] <Dronir> "I can confirm that it dosen't actually freeze, it just takes an excessive amount of time (about 4 hours+)."
TB_?[15:54] <jochen> Thomas_Biskup: are you already asleep? Or doing other things? ;))
[15:54] <Zagna> first room in PC was a trap room ;_;
[15:54] <Dronir> well great...
[15:54] <Skabooga> Hahah!
[15:54] <YggazTheFool> I'd really want to see an arena for ADOM where you could pit your character against the ones of your friends
[15:54] <Oliphaunt> heh
[15:54] <Ravenmore-Krys> I think Zeno is polish, isn't he?
[15:54] <Manedhel> he is
[15:54] <YggazTheFool> Just to see if my Dwarven Mindcrafter could kick some Gnomish Wizard ass
[15:54] <Skabooga> Looks like the tiny girl will be getting a corpse and not a dog
[15:54] <blite> YggazTheFool: nice idea!
[15:54] <ZenoRogue> yeah, I am
[15:54] <Ravenmore-Krys> I should probably know more about the team :P
[15:54] <PseudoFenton2> This is such an odd night, I've got a random and rapidly moving chat to follow... and my other half playing what I eloquently call "crazy circus music" in the background... the drink helps dull the randomness though =)
[15:54] <jochen> ADOM online arena? 8)
[15:54] <blite> PvP adom :)
[15:55] * Radek1980 ( has joined #adom
[15:55] <Manedhel> pvp + rougelikes ==> does not compute
[15:55] <Ravenmore-Krys> I'd play that!
[15:55] <Manedhel> for me
[15:55] <Manedhel> at least
[15:55] <pipe> Multiplayer adom
[15:55] <Radek1980> Hi.. a lot of ppl. :)
[15:55] <pipe> weeeeird
[15:55] <Kododo> That's a cool idea Yzggaz... would you be able to zap, read and drink?
[15:55] <Thomas_Biskup> Harkila-: Wow, that sounds worse than the German tax problems... I'm really curious about that particular aspect will work out though...
[15:55] <Manedhel> hi Radek1980
[15:55] <YggazTheFool> I just need to see who is the strongest. There can be only one, you know ;)
[15:55] * Jalmag has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:55] * agnoeo has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:55] <Kododo> lol
[15:55] <Pushpabon> if all else fails, stash the money on a paypal account and don't mention it to the MAN
[15:55] <Manedhel> :<
[15:55] <Kododo> The co-op servers were super fun though
[15:55] <Pushpabon> ;)
[15:56] <blite> I have written a multi-player real-time roguelike for DOS for player versus player games :)
[15:56] <Roseluck> Manedhel from ? ;)
[15:56] <Manedhel> come to switzerland, you can still hide you money here
[15:56] <Lelele> blite: I reserve the right to play Archers in PvP
[15:56] <Thomas_Biskup> pushpabon: Fiscally the line between donations and payment is a very thin one. Otherwise all business probably would start to "donate" money to people who do work for them instead of employing them ;-)
[15:56] <Moeba> real-time?
[15:56] <PseudoFenton2> turn based mutliplayer doesnt work too well though, more so when you W+movement
[15:56] <Manedhel> though not for long
[15:56] <blite> Moeba: yeah
[15:56] <Silfir> Manedhel, do you still let Germans in :D
[15:56] <Kododo> @manredhel haha that's true
[15:56] <omeg> arena where you fight the ratling and he's fed one more artifact after every round
[15:56] <Manedhel> Silfir, 500k of germans
[15:56] <Manedhel> in 7kk country
[15:56] <miikao> I've been wondering how a multiplayer roguelike could work.. maybe some clever action queuing system? and real time until two players get close
[15:56] <burneddi> Thomas_Biskup: are these donations or funding
[15:56] <Koukeri> Thomas_Biskup: heh... I've got a friend working in Berlin for Nokia... They actually had to have a crash course in tax system when moving in :)
[15:56] <Silfir> I mean, for tax evasion
[15:56] <Moeba> but then isn't it kinda the question who has most APM?
[15:56] * thalos ( has joined #adom
[15:56] <Manedhel> meh, still
[15:56] <Manedhel> but not for long
[15:57] <Manedhel> it is going to be changed soon
[15:57] <jarjar0x2a> miikao, it's been mentioned, but check out tomenet
[15:57] <Manedhel> so it is not a good possibility right now
[15:57] <Moeba> like the PVP multiplayer a lot, though
[15:57] <Pushpabon> Silfir, but tax evasion is legal as long as you don't commit _fraud_
[15:57] * mastonakki has quit IRC ("")
[15:57] <Silfir> hum
[15:57] <Thomas_Biskup> pushpabon: It's too much money to not handle that in a correct legal way. I don't want to visit jails from the inside for any time frame longer than an hour. Or anything but cherished guest of honor.
[15:57] * mib_tgjo7g ( has joined #adom
[15:57] <YggazTheFool> Well in a closed quarters, like the Arena from ADOM, basic turn-based 1v1 wold work fast enough
[15:57] <Pushpabon> hence google & co funneling money through ireland and other funny countries
[15:57] <blite> miikao: I implemented real-time with a kind of "tick" system, like one turn per a sec
[15:57] * Mrmini23 ( has joined #adom
[15:57] <Silfir> If it's evasion, it's pretty not legal
[15:57] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, Finland is still a bit Russian after 95 years, when it comes to fiscal matters :)
[15:57] <PseudoFenton2> talking about taxes at a party is considered poor etiquette
[15:58] <Thomas_Biskup> burneddi: I guess that's the question that German fiscal administration does not yet have a clear answer for.
[15:58] <Koukeri> tax partu
[15:58] <Koukeri> -u +y
[15:58] <Manedhel> Silfir, from swiss point of view, it was legal
[15:58] <Silfir> oh
[15:58] <Manedhel> but it is going to be changed
[15:58] <Pushpabon> Silfir no no no evasion is legit. you can legally set up corporations and crap and work through loopholes but the moment you lie or hide your assets you're done
[15:58] <Thomas_Biskup> PseudoFenton2: Agree!
[15:58] <Silfir> Depends on your definition of evasion
[15:58] <Kododo> Dodge @ 100
[15:58] * CalvinBall has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:58] <Silfir> If it includes the legal maneuvers of course
[15:59] <pipe> What a great topic to discuss for the adom party: tax evasion and politics!
[15:59] <Silfir> I thought "tax evasion" is the equivalent of "Steuerhinterziehung"
[15:59] <miarf> pipe: :D
[15:59] <Skabooga> PseudoFenton2: Very true. I doubt that all of us are wearing the required amount of monocles and tophats to be talking about taxes
[15:59] <veekie> would you rather have Tax DV or Tax PV :)
[15:59] * mib_tgjo7g has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[15:59] <Thematic> "He seems to anticipate incoming transfers."
[15:59] <Silfir> And that is a crime in German law
[15:59] <evilk> lets add religion to the mix
[15:59] <Kododo> "You hear the sound of falling coins"
[15:59] <evilk> and we will have blood soon
[15:59] <PseudoFenton2> oh... should I take my monocle off then Skabooga?
[15:59] <Tukuturi> Well, I'm out. Thanks for the party invite and thanks for all the fun times had and yet to come.
[15:59] <blite> Tukuturi cya
[15:59] <Harkila-> Tukuturi, it was good to have you here
[15:59] <Kododo> Adios
[15:59] <miarf> bye
[15:59] <Harkila-> welcome back :)
[15:59] <jochen> We probably should add the "dragon gold doubling" bug again ;)
[15:59] <Accu> "You hear the footsteps of a guard on patrol"
[16:00] <Accu> oh shi....
[16:00] <Vaniardur> Fare well, Tukuturi
[16:00] * Tukuturi has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:00] <YggazTheFool> Easiest way, all the donors just drop by one night and hand in the money in cash straight to The Creator. No-one will ever know...
[16:00] <Thomas_Biskup> pushpabon: Even there the line is very thin. Many things that people believe to be possible are extremely hard to do in reality. It's e.g. a total tumor that it's easy for companies to evade taxes. It might be asier if you are a multi-national huge companies, but for small to medium companies there's no legal way to evade taxes in Germany. That I know of.
[16:00] <yannvienne> Troll hits taxman. Troll is doomed, troll is cursed, troll's purse feels lighter.
[16:00] <miarf> well, if you have connections, you're incredibly protected
[16:00] <moonshine-> jochen: dragon gold doubling was a great feature imo :)
[16:00] <Skabooga> PseudoFenton2, I would never impinge on your sovereignty to wear monocles, good chap.
[16:00] <yannvienne> It's IRC here, it's IRS! ^^
[16:00] <Silfir> I say
[16:00] <omeg> dragons were finally taxed
[16:00] <Thomas_Biskup> Silfir: Thought so, too.
[16:01] <veekie> OTL
[16:01] <yannvienne> Wooops : It's not IRC here, it's IRS! ^^
[16:01] <veekie> UD
[16:01] <PseudoFenton2> Very good, I shall continue to wear it then!
[16:01] <veekie> altar on level above
[16:01] <veekie> herbs below
[16:01] <veekie> and goddamned bees aaaaaa
[16:01] * PseudoFenton2 re-dons monocle.
[16:01] <Silfir> Someone set out for tea, we shall have a jolly good time of ADOM, old fellows
[16:01] <Manedhel> i will wait for a brand new adom to play
[16:01] <Harkila-> Thomas_Biskup, my friend is a tax expert at KPMG, and anytime he meets a new customer, he begins with "the thing is, that the state wins and you lose. we only talk about how you lose." :)
TB_?[16:01] <Thomas_Biskup> But now for something different: I'm afraid I'll have to get out in a couple of minutes as I sadly need to get back up at 6:30am (on a Sunday, of alll things). Anything not asked on #adom-questions that we should discuss in the last minutes :-) ?
[16:02] <Silfir> ADOM is awesome
[16:02] <yannvienne> Harkila : good one!
[16:02] <Skabooga> veekie, don't go all Nic Cage on us now
[16:02] <Kododo> Damn Harkil- that's gnarly
[16:02] <evilk> hail
[16:02] <Marek14> Harkilla: That's very similar to my ADOM-playing mentality!
TB_?[16:02] <BlitzerkidSix> Creator, will it incur your wrath to write a novel/story based on ADOM?
[16:02] <Manedhel> more like dwarf fortress
[16:02] <Koukeri> Thomas_Biskup: thanks for the party, and sorry for flooding the channel with my own projects ;)
[16:02] <Rancid-> Thomas_Biskup: thanks so much for doing this, we hope to see you again sooner than 2022 ;)
TB_?[16:02] <Alien-> Thomas_Biskup: will you make a habit of showing up on irc? :)
[16:02] <Manedhel> yeah, Thomas_Biskup, thank you o/
[16:02] <moonshine-> thank you for participating Thomas_Biskup
[16:02] <PseudoFenton2> Alien: Yes, good point, we should have more regular IRC parties!
[16:03] <Zagna> doggy is right now at the trap room entrance s_s
[16:03] <Manedhel> btw guys what are you talking about when there is no party here?
[16:03] <Alien-> hehe
[16:03] <Kododo> Congratulations man!
[16:03] <cribozai> i shall camp irc and stalk TB from now to eternity -_-
[16:03] <Harkila-> hopefully 30.8. will be a special ADOM day in the future, with IRC? :)
[16:03] <Oliphaunt> yearly party here on this date sounds like a good idea :-)
[16:03] * Roseluck has quit IRC (" ")
[16:03] <miikao> Thomas_Biskup: thanks for everything, Adom is still the best
[16:03] * Oliphaunt o/ \o Harkila-
[16:03] <Harkila-> yay!
[16:03] <Alien-> just yearly? aww :P
[16:03] <jochen> Thomas_Biskup: bye… see ya on monday
[16:03] * Starswirl has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:03] * PseudoFenton2 adds his thanks to the pile
[16:03] <Skabooga> Thomas_Biskup, thank you for the wonderful game! And showing so much love to the community!
[16:03] <Vaniardur> Thomas_Biskup may you have fair days ahead of you!
[16:03] <Pushpabon> Manedhel, you don't awnt to know
[16:03] <burneddi> Manedhel: in the past mostly everything but adom since most people here already exhausted it. In the future with new versions, probably a bit more ADOM
[16:03] <Manedhel> well, if you say it this way then probably i don't
[16:03] <Zagna> fireball ended the lil doggy ;_;
[16:03] <Manedhel> ;)
[16:04] <Kododo> jochen, I <3 your port, thank you too
[16:04] <Thematic> ditto
[16:04] <Ravenmore-Krys> Thomas_Biskup : Bye!
[16:04] <Oliphaunt> Thomas_Biskup: may the sun always shine on you! and axes high :-)
[16:04] <Harkila-> Fare thee well!
[16:04] <Alien-> so long, and thanks for all the raw fish meat!
[16:04] <Skabooga> Zagna, well at least the corpse will be well-preserved
[16:04] <miarf> cya
[16:04] <BlitzerkidSix> Peace and a good meal!
[16:04] <yannvienne> 42
[16:04] <pipe> Thomas_Biskup: Now back to your code dungeon
[16:04] <Manedhel> raw fish
[16:04] <Manedhel> wow
[16:04] <Manedhel> saw it only once
[16:04] <omeg> \o
[16:04] <Ravenmore-Krys> Ah, and I gotta run too. Time to finish up this tiles list. Axes High! Thanks for the crazy party :)
[16:05] * Shalafi2 has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:05] * Ravenmore-Krys has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:05] <CheatMan> manedhel: if you want more fish, apply survival in a water square (if you can swim/breathe water)
[16:05] * TheLeaf has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:05] <Pushpabon> madness
[16:05] <Manedhel> i know i know
[16:05] * Radek1980 has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:05] <Manedhel> this is how i saw it
[16:05] <Manedhel> to see if it worked or not
[16:05] <Manedhel> it did
[16:05] <Thomas_Biskup> Ok folks, thanks for being here. Once more huge thanks for being such tremendous supporters to the campaign. Now I'm looking forward to working with jochen Ravenmore-Krys, Lucas_Dieguez and ZenoRogue to create the best ADOM ever. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
[16:05] <Manedhel> ;p
[16:05] * Thomas_Biskup ( has left #adom ()
[16:05] <Kododo> Good seeing you all around... someone start a co op server!
[16:06] * yannvienne ( has left #adom ()
[16:06] <Manedhel> :<
[16:06] <YggazTheFool> The Creator has left the building!
[16:06] <veekie> The Creator Has Left The Building
[16:06] <YggazTheFool> Wreck havoc now!
[16:06] <evilk> Thomas_Biskup: Krys: cheers
[16:06] <PseudoFenton2> Time to trash the party!
[16:06] <CheatMan> kododo: it already exists for ADoM 1.1.1
[16:06] <YggazTheFool> *Flips the table*
[16:06] <Kododo> Oh where is it now?
[16:06] <Skabooga> *Punches wall*
[16:06] <CheatMan> i believe
[16:06] <BlitzerkidSix> *smashes teacup, pulls out his hip flask*
[16:06] * PseudoFenton2 sets fire to a wall
[16:06] * Lucas_Dieguez rides a bike into the pool
[16:06] <YggazTheFool> *Throws bottles trough windows*
[16:06] <Kododo> Sweet!
[16:06] <Zagna> a red pool... to drink or not to drink, that is the question
[16:06] * Skabooga tries to do actions
[16:06] * PseudoFenton2 arranges all the cups into an ominous circle
[16:06] <Arbot> DRINK
[16:06] <Kododo> Drink it drink it
[16:06] <pipe> Now let's see how long it'll take for everyone to trail off :)
[16:06] <Arbot> DRINK
[16:06] * miarf puts his dick in the mashed potatos
[16:06] <Rancid-> always drink
[16:06] <Koukeri> Woohoo!
[16:06] <Vaniardur> *pukes on floor ornaments*
[16:06] * moonshine- slashes everyone around a bit with a piece of raw fish
[16:06] * Mrmini23 has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:06] <CkVega> Don't drink
[16:07] <alakoo> drink
[16:07] <YggazTheFool> *lights camp-fire on the carpet*
[16:07] <Pushpabon> no more holding back
[16:07] * Mordecai ( has joined #adom
[16:07] * BlitzerkidSix drinks.
[16:07] <Moeba> in the Green Gryphon Inn
[16:07] <grobblewobble> where is the coop party?
[16:07] <Manedhel> drink
[16:07] <Manedhel> whay not
[16:07] <omeg> out of tea
[16:07] <omeg> what is this
[16:07] <PseudoFenton2> Poor timing Mordecai, Thomas just left!
[16:07] * mzuice ( has left #adom ()
[16:07] <Kododo> =(
[16:07] * Skabooga ctrl-t's a fireball trap
[16:07] * CheatMan has quit IRC (EOF From client)
[16:07] <Harkila-> this was quite awesome
[16:07] <Lucas_Dieguez> Time to go back to my cave and make some music. See you all later guys, great party ñ.ñ
[16:07] <PseudoFenton2> omeg: Make tea out of cardboard then!
[16:07] <Harkila-> i think i need some whisky.
[16:08] <BlitzerkidSix> peace, Lucas
[16:08] <Koukeri> later Lucas!
[16:08] <Skabooga> Awesome party, see everybody!
[16:08] * Lucas_Dieguez has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:08] <CkVega> Ouch! You run into a wall. fingers on the wrong keys
[16:08] * Imquik ( has joined #adom
[16:08] * Skabooga has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:08] * Vaniardur has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:08] <miarf> Harkila-: what kind of whisky are you in the possession of
[16:08] <Zagna> Dwarven ale, Very Lucky, Lucky, Water Snakes, Dwarven Ale, Very Controlled, Totally Awake and dried up :D
[16:08] <Lelele> people really are really drunk in here, aren't you :P
[16:08] <Kododo> Well folks, til' next clubbing :D
[16:08] <YggazTheFool> Off to die a couple of dozen characters before time to call it a day
[16:08] <Harkila-> miarf, several
[16:08] * YggazTheFool has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:08] * Kododo has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:08] * Draconic ( has joined #adom
[16:08] <miarf> Harkila-: i mean, what are you about to enjoy
[16:08] <Pushpabon> last beer half way through
[16:08] * Rancid- has changed the topic to 'TB has left the building | Questions to TB: /join #adom-questions'
[16:08] <Pushpabon> sad sad
[16:08] <moonshine-> am i the only one sober here ?;)
[16:09] <Harkila-> miarf, thought of having some Highland Park 18 yo
[16:09] * Imquik has quit IRC ("Si la vida se deja, yo le meto mano")
[16:09] <moonshine-> i mean, only sober finn..
[16:09] * quik has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:09] * quik ( has joined #adom
[16:09] * Draconic has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:09] <Manedhel> who is a sober finn?
[16:09] <evilk> moonshine-: nooo i am not yet totally drunk either
[16:09] * Alucard has quit IRC ("I don't know which is worse...that everyone has his price, or that the price is always so low.")
[16:09] <Manedhel> :O
[16:09] <Rancid-> I'm a sober Finn too, got a nasty headache to prevent me from drinkage
[16:09] <Manedhel> wow
[16:09] <Manedhel> :O
[16:09] <Lelele> me too
[16:09] <Koukeri> moonshine: nope, I've only drinked a coupe of bottles of wine and few beers
[16:09] * BlitzerkidSix ( has left #adom ()
[16:10] <omeg> I'm a sober not-finn
[16:10] <Lelele> I think half the people here are Finns :O
[16:10] <Manedhel> i am sober not finn as well
[16:10] * Thematic ( has left #adom (LeaWing )
[16:10] <Manedhel> quite possible
[16:10] <Manedhel> this is you channel anyway
[16:10] <Axido> I'm not sober finn
[16:10] * pipe has changed the topic to 'TB has left the building | Questions to TB: /join #adom-questions | #adom is now back to full retard'
[16:10] <blite> cya all
[16:10] <jarjar0x2a> I'm sober, also underage and only sort of here..also just found an ooze tension room *shudder*
[16:10] <miikao> finns say they are sober when they have drunk only 5 beers
[16:10] <pipe> I'm not finn
[16:10] <pipe> But I'm sober
[16:10] <Mordecai> I'm a sober not finn
[16:10] <Zagna> And now a white pool...
[16:10] <Accu> I am (quite) sober finn
[16:10] <Lelele> what do you wish for _
[16:10] * blite has quit IRC ("leaving")
[16:10] <Manedhel> white pool of death
[16:11] <omeg> wish for booze
[16:11] <alakoo> I'm not a sober finn
[16:11] <moonshine-> well, i drank two pints of beer yesterday and none today, can you count me as sober?
[16:11] <Harkila-> Lelele, more like 2/3 Finns
[16:11] * ZenoRogue has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120825192204]")
[16:11] <CkVega> Swords of Sharpness
[16:11] <Manedhel> no, wish for sheep
[16:11] <Manedhel> far better wish
[16:11] <alakoo> and I am finnish
[16:11] * Marek14 ( has left #adom ()
[16:11] <Lelele> Harkila-: makes sense
[16:11] <moonshine-> i will wish for sleep tonight. i have drank two litres of coffee today anyway.
[16:12] <Manedhel> so you speak finnish here normally?
[16:12] * KonstantinZhuko ( has joined #adom
[16:12] <alakoo> Manedhel: no
[16:12] <Zagna> Moved by the sheer pleasure, Feel like jumping, Vipers, Water snakes and dried up...
[16:12] <omeg> found another nice picture
[16:12] <Manedhel> good
[16:12] <alakoo> it's always english
[16:12] <omeg>
[16:12] <Koukeri> I wonder if Krice will hold a party when Kaduria is finished
[16:12] * Arbot has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:12] <Manedhel> i shall be visiting this place then
[16:12] <KonstantinZhuko> Hmmm
[16:12] <KonstantinZhuko> like
[16:12] <KonstantinZhuko> hello and stuff?
[16:12] <Manedhel> hello
[16:12] <Pushpabon> omeg is that a stone ooze
[16:12] <Koukeri> lo
[16:12] <KonstantinZhuko> hmmm
[16:12] <omeg> Pushpabon: probabl;y
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> has Creator left us already?
[16:13] <pipe> omeg: ouch :{
[16:13] <pipe> KonstantinZhuko: yes
[16:13] <Manedhel> unfortunately
[16:13] * iasov touches omeg with a ten foot pole
[16:13] <Oliphaunt> 10 mins ago or so
[16:13] <Pushpabon> I think I tried to berserk a pack of those and they punched through my armour and I deaded
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> damn :(
[16:13] <Oliphaunt> Manedhel: plenty of non-finns here
[16:13] <Mordecai> Really just popped in to say hi, and that I'm really excited that the project succeeded
[16:13] <Accu> the party seems to be pretty much over... best of luck for TB, jochen and the rest of the dev team :)
[16:13] * dagwood ( has joined #adom
[16:13] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko there'll be logs available later
[16:13] <Accu> good night
[16:13] <iasov> I AM NON-FINN
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> what did he say? :)
[16:13] <Mordecai> gotta run, have a good time, ladies and gents
[16:13] <iasov> but I like the finns all rihgt
[16:13] <CkVega> start as priest, get one spellbook, it's Slow Poison! bah!
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> in short
[16:13] <iasov> especially their folk metal
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> Mordecai
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> hmmmm
[16:13] * Accu ( has left #adom ()
[16:13] <KonstantinZhuko> familiar name....
[16:14] <pipe> jochen is still here though
[16:14] <pipe> Maybe not actually at the keyboard :)
[16:14] * mwoody has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:14] <Manedhel> oh hai jochen
[16:14] <Pushpabon> maybe he accidentally forgot the browser
[16:14] <Lelele> off the bed too, so one Finn down
[16:14] * dagwood has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:14] <Manedhel> meh, i was late for this party too
[16:14] * jochen is still reading the questions ;)
[16:14] <jarjar0x2a> How nice, I just got to the bottom of UD with my dwarven forge
[16:14] <iasov> why so many Finns?
[16:14] <jochen> Manedhel: hi
[16:14] <KonstantinZhuko> I've git some Finns amongst my friends
[16:14] <Manedhel> it is finnish channel!
[16:14] <Silfir> Finns have good taste in video games
[16:14] <CkVega> thought forge was certain
[16:14] <Rancid-> not really finnish
[16:14] <iasov> I'd say
[16:14] <Dronir> ircnet is big in finland
[16:14] <Rancid-> but finn-founded
[16:15] <KonstantinZhuko> nice guys they are
[16:15] <Lelele> Silfir: yes, a nerdy one as well
[16:15] <Manedhel> it is what i meant
[16:15] <Silfir> For some reason Finland is like #2 in my viewership
[16:15] <Koukeri> I know Mordecai from Mageborn series
[16:15] <omeg> so how many people will stay now?
[16:15] <KonstantinZhuko> Mordecai - it rings some bell
[16:15] <grobblewobble> jochen: are there any plans yet for the community quests? How will they be organized or decided on?
[16:15] <omeg> what was avg count before?
[16:15] <Silfir> Relative to population, ADOM is probably biggest in Finland
[16:15] <Mordecai> My Mordecai is usually "Mordecai the Mad", referenced in the manual for Quest For Glory 4
[16:15] <Manedhel> probably right
[16:15] <pipe> omeg: I might stay a bit
[16:15] <iasov> I heard the Finnish education system is amazing.
[16:15] <Pushpabon> irc probably too
[16:15] <omeg> pipe: :(
[16:16] <iasov> I was American-educated so I'm dumb by compariosn
[16:16] <Manedhel> i was in finland, it was amazing
[16:16] <pipe> omeg: Seeing how I've been here for 24/7 the last 10 years :P
[16:16] <Koukeri>
[16:16] <Manedhel> just too many forests
[16:16] <iasov> see, I can't even spell 'comparison'
[16:16] <Koukeri> damn nice book
[16:16] <Lelele> nites --->
[16:16] <Koukeri> the magic system is great
[16:16] * Lelele ( has left #adom ()
[16:16] <Pushpabon> Manedhel why'd you ever want to come here
[16:16] <KonstantinZhuko> Mordecai - anything related to Warhammer maybe?
[16:16] * pyrotas ( has joined #adom
[16:16] <Pushpabon> you mad?
[16:16] * ignacio ( has joined #adom
[16:16] <Manedhel> i was in finland for my honeymoon
[16:16] <Manedhel> 1 month
[16:16] <Manedhel> i like north
[16:17] <Koukeri> hopefully it wasn't in October :)
[16:17] <Harkila-> where in Finland?
[16:17] <KonstantinZhuko> Manedhel - did you succeeed? :))
[16:17] <jochen> grobblewobble: no plans yet… we still need to discuss so many things
[16:17] <pyrotas> guess I'm running late here :)
[16:17] <Manedhel> all the finland
[16:17] <Manedhel> south, west, east, norht
[16:17] <Manedhel> + nordkap
[16:17] <KonstantinZhuko> I was in Pori
[16:17] <Manedhel> KonstantinZhuko, i did succeed
[16:17] <KonstantinZhuko> grats :)))
[16:17] * Mordecai has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:17] <moonshine-> iasov: finnish students do well in international tests and there are some extremely talented people here. of course there are dumbasses as well like anywhere ;)
[16:17] <iasov> no wai
[16:18] * pyrotas has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:18] <iasov> Well, we have more idiots in the US
[16:18] * Guest-JoJo ( has joined #adom
[16:18] <iasov> per capita
[16:18] <Pushpabon> all them burgers
[16:18] <pipe> assburgers
[16:18] <pipe> like us
[16:18] <Pushpabon> indeed
[16:18] <KonstantinZhuko> heheh
[16:18] <Axido> butt burglars
[16:18] <teeli> iasov, your idiots just mnage to be extremely loud
[16:18] <Koukeri> iasov: quite a few more people to become idiots too :)
[16:18] <teeli> manage*
[16:18] <alakoo> I wouldn't exactly call it amazing but the average result is probably better than in rest of the world
[16:18] <pipe> Yeah, it's probably more a cultural problem
[16:18] <Pushpabon> iasov so tell me more about your mid 90s warez days. were you a big player or just a spectator
[16:19] <pipe> I have a feeling that the stupid people in the US have some sort of idea that it's their right to be stupid
[16:19] <alakoo> there really isn't any "really bad" education
[16:19] * Manedhel2 ( has joined #adom
[16:19] <Manedhel2> hey
[16:19] <pipe> While the stupid people here mostly just accept that they are stupid
[16:19] <Manedhel2> any idea why i was kicked out from my irc on ircnet?
[16:19] <Manedhel2> all the other networks are fine
[16:19] <Manedhel2> <.<
[16:19] <Pushpabon> pipe what's wrong with pickup trucks, shotguns and tv meals huh?!?!
[16:19] * jojosalami has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:19] <iasov> Pushpabon, more or less a spectator. I got my stuff online through IRC and then divvied it out to my friends in school
[16:19] * cybergrind has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:19] <Koukeri> Manedhel: one of the reasons I quit ircing so many years ago...
[16:20] * Mrokii ( has left #adom (WeeChat 0.3.8)
[16:20] <iasov> hey I have a pickup truck and a shotgun
[16:20] <grobblewobble> jochen: thanks! I also have another question, but this is probably not yet decided either... I wonder how the roster of wandering boss monsters will work?
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> wow
[16:20] <Manedhel2> meh, i am on rizon and quakenet too
[16:20] <alakoo> iasov: texas?
[16:20] * Zagna has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:20] <Manedhel2> there are always fine
[16:20] <iasov> South Carolina
[16:20] <Manedhel2> *almost
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> pickup and shotgun?
[16:20] <Manedhel2> my first time with ircnet
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> cool
[16:20] <Manedhel2> and kicked
[16:20] <iasov> Another redneck southern state
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> redneck
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> hellyeah! :)
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> GRINGOS!!!
[16:20] <moonshine-> actually the point might be that practically all education in finland is publicly funded and free for students, so it is available for everyone regardless of their wealth.
[16:20] <KonstantinZhuko> :))
[16:20] <Koukeri> quakenet was fine I guess, but it ran out of channels I visited :)
[16:20] * PseudoFenton2 has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:20] <iasov> Manedhel, I'm also on Rizon. I am the only one in #adom there.... so I made a topic to come here.
[16:20] * Al-Khwarizmi has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:20] <grobblewobble> jochen: since some people might choose a greater moloch as the base type and others may choose a kobold..
[16:21] <Koukeri> never been to rizon, it must be after I quit
[16:21] * Al-Khwarizmi ( has joined #adom
[16:21] <KonstantinZhuko> you know I gotta make a confession
[16:21] <iasov> moonshine-, that's what I heard. also that it was free education for even non-Finnish students
[16:21] <Dronir> I'm travelling to Reno, NV next month for a meeting. first time across the atlantic for me
[16:21] * Manedhel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:21] * ignacio has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[16:21] <KonstantinZhuko> I did not manage to beat ADOM for ten years already
[16:21] * Manedhel (~Manedhel@ has joined #adom
[16:21] <Pushpabon> Manedhel2 probably just a regular timeout or something
[16:21] <Rancid-> Dronir: enjoy the immigration queues
[16:21] <jochen> grobblewobble: sorry, I don't have an answer to this one… you probably should ask Thomas about it :)
[16:21] <alakoo> moonshine-: yeah, you don't need to come from a wealthy family to study at a uni etc
[16:21] <omeg> intertubes broke
[16:21] <Manedhel> meh, i will be on webchat and mirc then
[16:21] <Manedhel> safer
[16:22] <Pushpabon> have you tried for a server
[16:22] <Pushpabon> or what's that other free for all server
[16:22] <Koukeri> KonstantinZhuko: well, according to TB, he's still to beat his own game... :)
[16:22] <Axido> spgenre now that tb is gone
[16:22] <SeppoBot> Axido: freestyle brithymn
[16:22] <KonstantinZhuko> nah, I don't believe it
[16:23] <KonstantinZhuko> he could not have released it without playing it through
[16:23] <jochen> KonstantinZhuko: it's true
[16:23] <pipe> phomo now that tb is gone
[16:23] <pipe> pipe: The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere. ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh
[16:23] <iasov> so I just came back to say bye to TB but I missed him by five minutes
[16:23] <KonstantinZhuko> but hOW?
[16:23] <iasov> now i got stuck on IRC again
[16:23] <Pushpabon> stay a while
[16:23] <Pushpabon> stay forever......
[16:23] <KonstantinZhuko> how could he balance the game without playing it through?
[16:23] <iasov> I'll end up hanging out here.
[16:23] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko, luck
[16:23] <jochen> KonstantinZhuko: there is some kind of "debugging" mode that let's you do things that are not possible in the release versions
[16:23] <Koukeri> just create convenient characters for testing purposes
[16:23] <Axido> wonder how many new people will stick
[16:24] <Shadikka> Hopefully at least some :)
[16:24] <pipe> 3?
[16:24] <Axido> now that the oppers are so much more mellow and old
[16:24] <iasov> Axido, I don't consider myself new since I came two days before the party.
TB_?[16:24] <grobblewobble> jochen: would you mind one more question? TB said he never beat his own game.. did you beat the game yet, and what are your favourite race / class combinations?
[16:24] <iasov> so...
[16:24] * pipe has kicked Axido from #adom (silence peon)
[16:24] * Axido ( has joined #adom
[16:24] <Shadikka> :D
[16:24] <Axido> so yeah
[16:24] <Pushpabon> hooray
[16:24] <pipe> Axido: You knew that was going to happen.
[16:24] <KonstantinZhuko> sure I suppose there are debugging modes, but still - it's strange
[16:24] * ignacio ( has joined #adom
[16:24] <Axido> pipe: I did
[16:24] * iasov turns off conference mode
[16:24] <KonstantinZhuko> I don't understand something in game design then
[16:24] <omeg> ptb
[16:24] <iasov> oh look ignacio joined.
[16:24] <omeg> :(
[16:24] <Pushpabon> vamos a la playa
[16:25] <Axido> park trailer boys
[16:25] <Silfir> Zhuko, there is player feedback
[16:25] <KonstantinZhuko> bamos
[16:25] <ignacio> hahaha
[16:25] <Axido> pipe: but one day I'll attend a meet and then I can do that myself, too
[16:25] <pipe> Axido: You should
[16:25] <Pushpabon> I've already met jaakkos. why can't I have opz
[16:25] <Pushpabon> surely that's a meet enough
[16:25] * miro123 has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:25] <pipe> Pushpabon: Not sure
[16:25] <Pushpabon> he even copied me some warezed disney cartoons
[16:25] <pipe> Pushpabon: Maybe for today
[16:25] * pipe sets mode +o Pushpabon
[16:25] <Pushpabon> hooray I am cool
[16:26] <pipe> no
[16:26] <Pushpabon> ok :(
[16:26] <Axido> first time for everything
[16:26] <iasov> being opped isn't cool
[16:26] * Zagna2 ( has joined #adom
[16:26] <pipe> I can grant you ops, but I can't make you cool :(
[16:26] <Pushpabon> I'm cool. I have long hair and a beard
[16:26] <Pushpabon> that's the definition of cool
[16:26] <iasov> I have short hair and a beard
[16:26] <iasov> and my beard is longer than my hair
[16:26] <jochen> grobblewobble: No, I haven't beaten the game… and I never got that far in the game. I play a high elven archer most of the times… don't know if that is a good combination or not. It works for me. ;)
[16:26] <Rancid-> iasov: mine is too
[16:26] <iasov> by a couple inches
[16:26] <Rancid-> but then again
[16:26] * Farkas ( has joined #adom
[16:26] <Pushpabon> my hair is longer than most women's I've seen
[16:26] <Rancid-> my hair is like 1mm
[16:26] <pipe> Even jaakkos has ops, and he's like a walking shirt+tie
[16:27] <Silfir> high elven archers are quite excellent
[16:27] <Pushpabon> he's kinda small
[16:27] <Silfir> It's the combination I had in my first win
[16:27] <Pushpabon> I've met him on 3 occasions even
[16:27] * Farkas has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:27] <Koukeri> hmm... now I actually remember that I had G-line rights on GamesLink... that kind of automatically made me cool there :)
[16:27] <grobblewobble> I like high elf archers, too.
[16:27] <iasov> Rancid-, I think I saw your pic on FB.
[16:27] <Pushpabon> helf archers are ez
[16:27] <KonstantinZhuko> btw people, how do you play ADOM on Win7?
[16:27] <Koukeri> I don't think I ever used that though
[16:27] <Pushpabon> they destroy everything early game. nothing gets to melee if you're not stupid
[16:27] * gnsh has quit IRC ("leaving")
[16:27] <omeg> mine he archer got killed by andy
[16:27] <Rancid-> KonstantinZhuko: dosbox + 1.0.0 :)
[16:27] <Silfir> winbeta, Dosbox, or ADOM Sage
[16:27] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko, windows port or dosbox
[16:28] * |Tzatza| has quit IRC ("")
[16:28] <KonstantinZhuko> dosbox won't me use RShift
[16:28] * Vandemar ( has left #adom ()
[16:28] <KonstantinZhuko> which is kinda sad
[16:28] <pipe> KonstantinZhuko: I think you accidentally
[16:28] <Silfir> If you don't ever melee with a high elven archer you might run out of arrows
[16:28] <KonstantinZhuko> winbeta is not foolscreen
[16:28] <Silfir> you can trounce the occasional goblin
[16:28] <Pushpabon> Silfir, fletch
[16:28] <ignacio> i use dosbox to play adom on win7
[16:28] <KonstantinZhuko> i.e. fullscreen :)
[16:28] <evilk> Pushpabon: Cool: In fashion, part of or fitting the in-crowd, originally hipster slang.
[16:28] <pipe> I mostly melee with my archers
[16:28] <ignacio> i had to configure it right to use my keyboard layout though
[16:28] <Silfir> that's if you've gotten a hatchet, yes
[16:28] <pipe> When I get my first spear
[16:28] <Silfir> Even then
[16:28] <KonstantinZhuko> Adom Sage - what's that?
[16:29] <Pushpabon> evilk the birth of the cool
[16:29] <Silfir> It runs the Linux version on Windows
[16:29] <alakoo> sparvo beer, water
[16:29] <SeppoBot> alakoo: beer
[16:29] <Silfir> on Win 7, too
[16:29] <KonstantinZhuko> hmm
[16:29] <alakoo> yay
[16:29] <Silfir> and it adds a couple of convenience features
[16:29] <Dronir> lol. the cd ejected after install and the front panel of the drive fell off
[16:29] <miarf> :D
[16:29] <Pushpabon> poltergeist
[16:29] <Silfir> It's the preferred version of many, me included... until ADOM 1.2.0 comes out that is
[16:29] <Dronir> describes the confition of this pc perfectly
[16:29] <omeg> my dvd panel gets stuck and I can't open it most of the times
[16:30] <pipe> Dronir: Hella computer you've got there.
[16:30] <omeg> probably because I use it twice a year
[16:30] <Pushpabon> I got a brad new dvd-rw drive! it can burn at 24x!111111111111
[16:30] <pipe> Dronir: One might call it a real genuine POCLEFAC
[16:30] <Dronir> indeed
[16:30] <Koukeri> I can't remember the last time I burned a disk
[16:30] <omeg> in a campfire
[16:30] * blkducky ( has joined #adom
[16:30] <Pushpabon> I had to burn win7 install dvd
[16:30] <KonstantinZhuko> wiw Silfir
[16:30] <blkducky> sup doods
[16:31] <jedcooper> where's thomas?
[16:31] <Koukeri> I used USB stick for that
[16:31] <Silfir> what does wiw mean
[16:31] <Silfir> "What is it worth"?
[16:31] <KonstantinZhuko> you've just made me discover a cool thing, thanks
[16:31] <blkducky> >burning DVDs
[16:31] <omeg> w wiw
[16:31] <Automaagi> No match.
[16:31] <blkducky> world in warcraft
[16:31] <Silfir> will install wight now?
[16:31] <Alien-> jedcooper: he went to bed
[16:31] <Pushpabon> Koukeri it's too slow
[16:31] <blkducky> did I miss the party or whatever
[16:31] <Silfir> oh
[16:32] <Oliphaunt> splepo
[16:32] <Silfir> wow misspelled
[16:32] * Oliphaunt leaves the party and heads to bed -- thanks everyone!
[16:32] * Block_ ( has left #adom ()
[16:32] <omeg> blkducky: you did
[16:32] <Pushpabon> there'll be logs for posterity
[16:32] <Koukeri> Pushpabon: writing?
[16:32] <blkducky> damn
[16:32] <blkducky> not the same without me, though
[16:32] <cancerbot> so what happened during the event?
[16:32] <Oliphaunt> well
[16:32] <Pushpabon> Koukeri reading isn't that fast either iinm
[16:32] <KonstantinZhuko> wight now - cool :))))
[16:32] <KonstantinZhuko> yes
[16:32] <KonstantinZhuko> just doing it
[16:32] <jochen> well, there probably will be one when ADOM 1.2.0 is released ;)
[16:32] <blkducky> I guess I could edit the log to include me in it
[16:32] <Oliphaunt> technicaly speaking the party may still be on
[16:32] <Oliphaunt> but TB isn't
[16:33] <blkducky> then it'll be like I was really there
[16:33] <pipe> cancerbot: billions of peons asking TB lots of pointless questions
[16:33] <iasov> pipe, I'm reminding you to check out omega ( )
[16:33] <jedcooper> i was playing the amiga version of adom, was very cool
[16:33] <cancerbot> oh
[16:33] <iasov> I should have asked TB about omega.
[16:33] <Pushpabon> pipe you found a friend
[16:33] <iasov> i guess its not too late.
[16:33] <pipe> iasov: Only if I find AmiOmega
[16:33] <mik1o> I used to play omega at one point
[16:33] <Oliphaunt> pipe: you liked the party though, didn't you
[16:33] <jedcooper> one and few other games i grabbed the amiga off the attic for that :)
[16:33] <pipe> Oliphaunt: I did
[16:33] <moonshine-> i loved my amiga 500 and 1200, too bad the underpowered 1200 couldn't keep up with pc's
[16:33] <omeg> stop with the highlights :P
[16:34] <Pushpabon> omeg why do you have omeg* highlight
[16:34] <iasov> I'm sure AmiOmega is available on the distro page
[16:34] <omeg> Pushpabon: good question
[16:34] <KonstantinZhuko> it says Unable to open adom
[16:34] <Dronir> I may have a working computer sopn
[16:34] <iasov> It's a great game
[16:34] <Dronir> soon*
[16:34] * alakoo uncorked one final beer
[16:34] <iasov> lots of random references
[16:34] <Silfir> Did you download the ADOM Linux version for it?
[16:34] <pipe> iasov: I found a port, yes
[16:34] <Oliphaunt> I used to have a *oli highlight but got highlighted for broccoli
[16:34] <Silfir> There should be instructions with ADOM SAge
[16:34] <Dronir> I get hilighted for "drone"
[16:35] * Greif ( has joined #adom
[16:35] * bulemia has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:35] <Dronir> but cba to fix the regex
[16:35] <pipe> Ke gets hilighted for reiser
[16:35] <Koukeri> I'm still wishing that some day there'll be a new home computer system like Amiga
[16:35] <Pushpabon> moonshine- so are you a hella scener or what
[16:35] <burneddi> I get highlighted for "burneddi"
[16:35] * Krika ( has joined #adom
[16:35] <Koukeri> something with more standard hardware
[16:35] <Pushpabon> burneddi I would've never guessed
[16:36] * szopin has quit IRC ("Leaving")
TB_?[16:36] <burneddi> Oh, the meet -> ops rule is actually enforced?
[16:36] * cybergrind (~kpi@ has joined #adom
[16:36] <KonstantinZhuko> ok launched it
[16:36] <KonstantinZhuko> no full screen??
[16:36] <KonstantinZhuko> this sucks
[16:36] <Silfir> ADOM Sage doesn't get full screen, no
[16:36] <KonstantinZhuko> I want fullscreen...
[16:36] <pipe> burneddi: what do you mean
[16:36] <Silfir> only Dosbox does
[16:36] <KonstantinZhuko> pity
[16:37] <Koukeri> I never really had a chance to program on something like that... I just played with my A500 back then
[16:37] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko try dosbox. you can fullscreen that
[16:37] <moonshine-> Pushpabon: actually no, i cracked some games on c64 to impress my friend and eventually even coded an intro but didn't do much programming on amiga although i did some asm and c but nothing worthy of release
[16:37] <KonstantinZhuko> and Dosbox works fine, but for that RShift problem
[16:37] <burneddi> pipe: it's the first time I see anyone getting opped for it
[16:37] <grobblewobble> Was there a question and answer webpage?
[16:37] * Moeba has quit IRC ("")
[16:37] <cancerbot> i can rshift
[16:37] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko what's wrong with rshift and why can't you use left shift?
[16:37] * Ivo ( has joined #adom
[16:37] <Pushpabon> have you tried changing the keyboard layout for dosbox?
[16:37] <KonstantinZhuko> it simply won't see it pressed
[16:37] <Silfir> I think you can reconfigure Dosbox keybindings
[16:37] <KonstantinZhuko> I'm using a laptop
[16:37] <Silfir> to make it work
[16:38] <Pushpabon> you can change keyboard layout to different language at least by: keyb xx
[16:38] <Silfir> I seem to remember having the same problem
[16:38] <moonshine-> i know some sceners though, i invented nosfe and ansichrist to this party but they didn't attend..
[16:38] <KonstantinZhuko> keybindings help me neither, and it's a common occurency to other laptop users as well
[16:38] <moonshine-> probably they haven't played adom that much then :D
[16:38] <pipe> moonshine-: cool, you invented nosfe?
[16:38] <pipe> burneddi: But I'm not planning on keeping Pushpabon as an op for very long, I think
[16:38] <Silfir> you can change the font on ADOM Sage at least :D
[16:39] <Pushpabon> I'm the most righteous and fair op ever seen
[16:39] <pipe> Oh, and tappi shouldn't have ops anymore, just voice :)
[16:39] <KonstantinZhuko> font is cool, but windowed mode isn't...
[16:39] * pipe sets mode -o tappi
[16:39] * pipe sets mode +v tappi
[16:39] <Pushpabon> I've met 2 sceners irl. hella fame
[16:39] <moonshine-> pipe: yeah, he's my friend. spent a night here at my cave as well when his exhibition opened up in tampere..
[16:39] <Pushpabon> I forgot the other's name though
[16:39] <KonstantinZhuko> I think I will have to get used to LShift
[16:39] <KonstantinZhuko> sadly
[16:40] * Ivo has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:40] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko you mean it won't recognize right shift as a shift at all?
[16:40] * jahabdank ( has joined #adom
[16:40] <KonstantinZhuko> yes
[16:40] <Pushpabon> newest version?
[16:40] <KonstantinZhuko> as if the key isn't pressed
[16:40] <KonstantinZhuko> of course
[16:40] * jarjar0x2a has quit IRC ("Leaving")
[16:40] <pipe> moonshine-: ok, I was actually making a sarcastic comment about your misuse of the word "invent" :)
[16:40] <Pushpabon> hmm
[16:40] <Koukeri> what counts as scener?
[16:40] <moonshine-> haha, i'm too tired though sober..
[16:40] <Pushpabon> I'd say a credit on a prod
[16:40] <Pushpabon> or just an accomplished hangaround
[16:40] <moonshine-> invite :D
[16:41] <moonshine-> LOL on myself
[16:41] * eMBe has quit IRC ("leaving")
[16:41] <Pushpabon> KonstantinZhuko what if you try to run dosbox in a compatibility mode
[16:41] * Krika has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:41] <Pushpabon> right click, properties, choose winxp sp3 or something
[16:41] <KonstantinZhuko> hmm
[16:41] <KonstantinZhuko> I don't remember doing it...
[16:41] * miefodij ( has joined #adom
[16:41] <miikao> I just started the game with a character that has 2 charisma.. I wonder how this will affect the game
[16:42] <KonstantinZhuko> might be a good tip, thanks
[16:42] <Axido> pipe: wtf for he had ops anyway
[16:42] <Axido> it's like oppin leissi
[16:42] <Pushpabon> leissi was awesome
[16:42] * miefodij has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:42] <alakoo> miikao: probably not important at all
[16:42] <pipe> then he ragequit life, or something
[16:42] <Pushpabon> wonder why he even left :(
[16:42] <omeg> shopkeepers should attack on sight if you have 1 charisma
[16:42] <alakoo> although you get a bit less money when selling stuff
[16:42] <Pushpabon> he's not @ 420chan either
[16:42] <Axido> yeah
[16:42] <pipe> omeg: should or will?
[16:42] * blkducky has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:42] <omeg> pipe: dunno
[16:42] <Axido> bad example by me
[16:43] <omeg> they probably aren't
[16:43] <moonshine-> miikao: male or female?
[16:43] <miikao> I guess it's fine as long as my cha won't drop by one then :D
[16:43] <alakoo> charisma is as useless as appearance unless you like companions
[16:43] <miikao> female
[16:43] <cancerbot> i never get attacked in real life omea
[16:43] <alakoo> or want to to the frog quest
[16:43] <grobblewobble> miikao: charisma is hardly relevant. if you are male it affects shop prices a bit
[16:43] <pipe> I think Ch and Ap are a bit underutilized in the game
[16:43] <KonstantinZhuko> no cigar
[16:43] * emilus has quit IRC ("")
[16:43] * jedcooper has quit IRC (" ")
[16:43] <moonshine-> yup, for females Ap affects shop prices
[16:43] <KonstantinZhuko> it would not see RShift either
[16:43] <pipe> It's like, "Cool, got a corruption that gives +1 St and -12 Ap, great!"
[16:43] <omeg> "a bit" is a bit of an understatement :P
[16:43] <Koukeri> Ch is underutilized in about every game of the history...
[16:44] <omeg> except torment
[16:44] <Pushpabon> !
[16:44] <miikao> ok I guess you can make the game a lot easier then by giving specific answers to the questions in character ceation
[16:44] <Pushpabon> I speciically tailored my char to have higher int & ch in torment iirc
[16:44] <Rancid-> wasn't it useful for speedrunning fallout too?
[16:44] <iasov> right, well, you guys are cool and all, but I'mma go idle now
[16:44] <alakoo> do come again
[16:44] <iasov> so it was nice meeting you folks. and I'll be around
[16:44] <cancerbot> yea very good in fallout 3
[16:44] <KonstantinZhuko> cya iasov
[16:44] <iasov> probably sooner than you'd like
[16:44] <Koukeri> hmm.. I bought Torment from GOG, but the low resolution was kind of claustrophobic nowadays... never played it when it came out
[16:44] <iasov> muhuhuhahahaa
[16:45] <Koukeri> I wonder if there's a higher res mod ...
[16:45] <alakoo> !
[16:45] <Pushpabon> nice someone is listening to some flute folk clapping music hella loud
[16:45] <KonstantinZhuko> Kouken - mod it!
[16:45] <Koukeri> of course :)
[16:45] <KonstantinZhuko> mod it to a hight res
[16:45] <grobblewobble> miikao: frankly, the question system isn't worth the time it takes imo
[16:45] <Pushpabon> Koukeri, there's a widescreen patch and higher res
[16:45] * dosentti ( has joined #adom
[16:45] <alakoo> I'm listening to sting
[16:45] <Pushpabon> but you have to play the entire save with the same res or it'll fuck you up
[16:45] <alakoo> actually john downland, but for some curious reason sung by sting
[16:45] <grobblewobble> miikao: except for roleplaying reasons perhaps
[16:46] <moonshine-> i've thought that maybe ch and ap could be combined in some yet-to-be-done rpg, although they are distinct attributes i can't think of much use for them either if the game doesn't focus on social relationships
[16:46] <KonstantinZhuko> Kouken - have you followed all modding instructions on GOG?
[16:46] <omeg>
[16:46] <KonstantinZhuko> they say it unlocks some previously unreleased content
[16:46] * Greif has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:46] <Koukeri> KonstantinZhuko: I probably missed them for good...
[16:47] <Koukeri> should look into it again some day
[16:47] <alakoo> grobblewobble: the only use for the question system I've found is to quickly get good st+to+pe for fighters :)
[16:47] * Fermin has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:47] <alakoo> if wizard, I might check the guidebook, otherwise it's fairly random
[16:47] * thecoolone3 ( has joined #adom
[16:47] <jutski> is the party over?
[16:47] <jutski> did the hookers show up?
[16:48] <alakoo> jutski: what time is this to show up
[16:48] <pipe> jutski: not until the fat jutski sings
[16:48] <cancerbot> how many wands of wishing has everyone found through the years
[16:48] * jutski sings
[16:48] <alakoo> where were you when we needed you?
[16:48] * treibwerk has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:48] <thecoolone3> None
[16:48] <evilk> bye for now
[16:48] <pipe> Now the party is over
[16:48] <Koukeri> cancerbot: zero
[16:48] <thecoolone3> Dammit
[16:48] * Yssi has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:48] * evilk has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]")
[16:48] <jutski> alakoo, i'm not the hero #ADOM deserves
[16:48] <jutski> oslt
[16:48] <miikao> I answered the questions in a kinda anti-social way, probably got a lot of minuses to charisma but 14 st, 14 le, 12 wi, 22 dx, 14 to, 2 cha, 21 ap, 20 ma and 23 pe, for my gray elf assassin
[16:48] <alakoo> :(
[16:48] <cancerbot> i found 2
[16:48] <moonshine-> i don't care to answer the questions, although i might maybe up my mana for magicians. other interesting attributes are easy enough to train in-game.
[16:48] <thecoolone3> Today's 2nd of September for me, I assumed that the party would be today
[16:48] * Harkila- has quit IRC ("Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.")
[16:49] <alakoo> this is the leftover part, or the after party if you prefer
[16:49] <thecoolone3> Aww
[16:49] <jutski> kinda like the afterbirth
[16:49] <alakoo> when some pair up and the rest throw up
[16:49] <jutski> smelly and icky
[16:49] <Koukeri> I think I've got a wish once from a pool
[16:49] <thecoolone3> Oh cool
[16:49] * Yssi ( has joined #adom
[16:49] <thecoolone3> All I got was blinding and pit vipers
[16:49] <Pushpabon> damn I hate drunk obnoxious faggots with their loud music and yelling
[16:50] <pipe> ok
[16:50] <pipe> kill them all?
[16:50] <grobblewobble> miikao: if you like good stats, try another race.. grey elves have the lowest toughness to begin with
[16:50] <pipe> maybe?
[16:50] <jutski> pushpabon, y u gotta be one then :(
[16:50] <Pushpabon> especially today at 5:40 when I woke up
[16:50] <alakoo> Pushpabon you're a drunk obnoxiuous faggot who's silent because no friends :(
[16:50] <Pushpabon> and someone decided then was a good time to play rap so loud everyone within a few hundred m must've heard it
[16:50] <thecoolone3> Furthest I've ever gotten was CoC: 5
[16:50] <Pushpabon> alakoo, I have like 3
[16:50] <alakoo> but I hear you, I often wake up to neighbours coming home
[16:50] <TMoila> so biskup was here for 2 hours
[16:50] <jutski> !wlr
[16:50] <Automaagi> cc (2): casting cost
[16:51] <alakoo> and shouting on the hallways, playing music loud, arguing somewhere
[16:51] <Pushpabon> pjoke for the end of the world
[16:51] <pipe> Q: How did the government know that the tree was a communist spy? A: He was a redwood. He was arrested for treeson.
[16:51] <TMoila> that's 1 hour for every 45000 collected
[16:51] <thecoolone3> lol
[16:51] <TMoila> lame
[16:51] <KonstantinZhuko> heheh
[16:51] <jutski> tmoila,
[16:51] <jutski> fuck
[16:51] <jutski> was about to type something but didn't
[16:51] <thecoolone3> Q: Why couldn't the pirate get into the movie? A: It was rated Arrr, and it had way too much booty
[16:51] * MauroV ( has joined #adom
[16:51] <jutski> plol
[16:51] <pipe> lol!11!!!1!1!!11!1!!!!1!!1!11111!1!1111!1!111!1
[16:51] <alakoo> :(((((((
[16:52] <KonstantinZhuko> lol :)))))
[16:52] <Pushpabon> was the dog at pc:6
[16:52] <miarf> what's the best way to convert an altar?
[16:52] <alakoo> that like....sucked!
[16:52] <miarf> will gold do?
[16:52] <moonshine-> TMoila: but it was so that we wouldn't spend all the donated money on booze ;)
[16:52] <alakoo> pjoke
[16:52] <thecoolone3> Oh I thought that was a joke
[16:52] <pipe> Q: Did you hear about the book about cowardice? A: It had no spine.
[16:52] <Pushpabon> miarf 2000 monies prolly does
[16:52] <thecoolone3> :/
[16:52] <thecoolone3> pjoke
[16:52] <pipe> Q: What did the book say to the librarian? A: Can I take you out?
[16:52] <alakoo> oh noes
[16:52] <thecoolone3> What
[16:53] <alakoo> spjoke
[16:53] <SeppoBot> While vacationing in Turkey a second time, I couldn't keep the Arabic names straight, but I saw many familiar fezzes.
[16:53] <thecoolone3> :D
[16:53] <pipe> pkim
[16:53] <pipe> * On his birthday, Kim Jong-un randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.
[16:53] <thecoolone3> Q: What did the pirate say when he had a steering wheel down his pants? A: Arr, it's driving me nuts!
[16:53] <mik1o> !
[16:54] <Axido> !wlr
[16:54] <Automaagi> pipemobile (1):
[16:54] <alakoo> !wlr joke
[16:54] <Automaagi> joke (7): <@Matthew> jutski Axido and pipe walk into a bar. the barman says, is this some kind of joke?
[16:54] <thecoolone3> pjoke
[16:54] <pipe> Q: Can gorillas swim? A: No.
[16:54] <Pushpabon> pipemobile is 404
[16:54] <thecoolone3> What
[16:54] <pipe> !neuter pipemobile
[16:54] <Automaagi> pipemobile has been erased from existence.
[16:54] <thecoolone3> pjoke
[16:54] <pipe> Q: Why didn't the skeleton go to the party? A: He had no body to go with.
[16:54] <thecoolone3> pjoke
[16:54] <pipe> Q: When should you charge a battery? A: When you can't pay cash.
[16:54] <thecoolone3> I've heard almost all of these joke
[16:54] <cancerbot> these are bad
[16:54] <thecoolone3> *jokes
[16:54] <thecoolone3> ikr
[16:54] <pipe> thecoolone3: So quit spamming them
[16:54] <Rancid-> guess why they are here
[16:54] <thecoolone3> Ok
[16:55] <Axido> pthomas
[16:55] <Axido> hm
[16:55] <alakoo> pmike
[16:55] <pipe> * For every movie about Vietnam starring Michael Jackson, the historical duration of the war decreases. Just 3 more "Missing in Action" sequels, and that war will have never actually existed.
[16:55] <alakoo> are there movies about vietnam starring michael jackson?
[16:56] <pipe> Of course
[16:56] <thecoolone3> But MJ's dead now
[16:56] <Axido> post'nam pat
[16:56] <pipe> But they are banned in every country except Cambodia
[16:56] <Koukeri> heh
[16:56] <thecoolone3> Ha, ha, ha.
[16:56] <pipe> Due to explicit scenes with minors.
[16:56] <thecoolone3> Well bye guys
[16:56] <thecoolone3> OH GOD NO
[16:56] <pipe> cya
[16:56] <mik1o> "This knife killed 25000 in Cambodia, now you can too!" -GTA
[16:56] <alakoo> It's a shame finnish michael jackson jokes can rarely be translated
[16:56] <cancerbot> cya
[16:56] * thecoolone3 ( has left #adom ()
[16:57] <pipe> mik1o: :)
[16:57] <mik1o> alakoo: true
[16:57] <pipe> pkim
[16:57] <pipe> * Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, until Kim Jong-un karate kicked her into a glacier.
[16:57] <pipe> ok
[16:57] <alakoo> Q:What did Michael Jackson do in an elevator? A: He pressed a button (he fucked a little person)
[16:57] * thecoolone3 ( has joined #adom
[16:57] * MauroV has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:57] * thecoolone3 ( has left #adom ()
[16:57] <pipe> Axido: Maybe a stylish watch?
[16:58] <mik1o> alakoo: isn't even remotely as funny as in finnish :(
[16:58] <KonstantinZhuko> ok guys, it was nice seeing you tonight
[16:58] <KonstantinZhuko> I gotta sleep
[16:58] <alakoo> no
[16:58] <KonstantinZhuko> it's 2 am here
[16:58] <Pushpabon> it is 1 am here
[16:58] <Pushpabon> and I am about to die
[16:58] <KonstantinZhuko> heheh
[16:58] <pipe> ok
[16:58] <alakoo> Pushpabon good
[16:58] <omeg> it is 0 here
[16:58] <Axido> pipe: hella
[16:58] <KonstantinZhuko> 0?
[16:58] <KonstantinZhuko> Zero Hour?
[16:58] <mik1o> 1am and still going stong with a little help from my trusted whisky bottle
[16:59] <omeg> yes
[16:59] <Pushpabon> you pick up the uncursed cute dog corpse :((
[16:59] <Koukeri> oh... fuck... I just realized it's the last day of my summer vacation now :(
[16:59] * Kreifi has quit IRC ("Se on joko pulunpaskaa tai universumi.")
[16:59] <omeg> Pushpabon: eat it
[16:59] <Pushpabon> pff mine ended a week ago
[16:59] * holl has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[16:59] <KonstantinZhuko> Tikkurilan Maalilinja
[16:59] <alakoo> mine will end next wednesday
[16:59] <Axido> I've been on vacation for 9 months or so
[16:59] <alakoo> although I did work a bit
[16:59] <Pushpabon> but since I had weed I couldn't just stop smoking it :(
[16:59] <alakoo> but soon I'll have to attend a seminar
[16:59] <pipe> Axido: it's called unemployment
[17:00] <alakoo> I might just quit after my bachelor's and become axido
[17:00] <Axido> pipe: well that too, but I'm still @ school
[17:00] <alakoo> that is, an unemployed drunkard :(
[17:00] <Pushpabon> axido has a degree?
[17:00] <Axido> just not much to do
[17:00] <mik1o> well, have to be up early so I'll be heading to bed also
[17:00] <mik1o> good night people, it was a pleasure
[17:00] <Axido> still need to finish few courses + thesis
[17:01] * mik1o has quit IRC ("leaving")
[17:01] <KonstantinZhuko> Finnish few courses
[17:01] <KonstantinZhuko> hehe
[17:01] <Axido> *bc*
[17:01] <alakoo> ha ha!
[17:01] * Silfir has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:01] <Pushpabon> hmm teleport + greater id. kinda derp
[17:01] <pipe> herp
[17:01] <KonstantinZhuko> burp
[17:01] <Pushpabon> I got some homo courses this term :(
[17:01] <cancerbot> you should ace them
[17:01] <KonstantinZhuko> "you hear a derping sound"
[17:01] <Pushpabon> programamble logic devices aka HDL language
[17:02] <alakoo> I have like seminar+swedish+30ects of voluntary crap
[17:02] * mortisha ( has joined #adom
[17:02] <pipe> Pushpabon: that's not a homo course, that's like hella
[17:02] <Pushpabon> embedded systems debugging, data structures & algorithms aka programming c
[17:02] <pipe> hella courses
[17:02] * mortisha has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:02] <Pushpabon> and uhh discreet math, statistics
[17:02] <teeli> Pushabon: hardware description language language?
[17:02] * Kanalanka ( has joined #adom
[17:02] <Pushpabon> dunno if there was something else
[17:03] <Pushpabon> I was supposed to enroll to swedish but fuck that. I'll leave it to the last year
[17:03] * sqrt-1 has quit IRC ("Lost terminal")
[17:03] <pipe> Pushpabon: Is it mandatory?
[17:03] <Pushpabon> yes
[17:03] <Axido> splepo regardless
[17:03] <pipe> Pushpabon: lol
[17:03] <omeg> sritical miss
[17:03] <alakoo> I think one course is mandatory in almost every programme
[17:03] <Pushpabon> 1 course in swedish is mandatory
[17:03] <omeg> c
[17:03] <alakoo> but everyone will pass despite their skills
[17:03] <Pushpabon> and I skipped english #2 because the teacher was a faggot and closed my laptop lid on the first lecture
[17:03] <Pushpabon> she came to me and was like no way mr.
[17:03] <Pushpabon> so I left
[17:03] <Pushpabon> and didn't come back
[17:04] <Koukeri> heh
[17:04] * tc_ has quit IRC (BelWue.DE MAN-DA.DE)
[17:04] <Pushpabon> have to take that at some point as well
[17:04] <alakoo> I can probably change all my philology courses into mandatory english
[17:04] <Pushpabon> teeli, exactly
[17:04] <alakoo> so I won't have to attend any more of those
[17:04] <Koukeri> it's like 15 years since I was in school the last time
[17:04] * Manedhel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[17:04] <Pushpabon> you must be old
[17:04] <Koukeri> 33
[17:05] <Pushpabon> ancient even
[17:05] <KonstantinZhuko> I
[17:05] <KonstantinZhuko> am 32
[17:05] <Pushpabon> I'm lucky if I get my bachelor's before I'm 28
[17:05] <KonstantinZhuko> and counting!
[17:05] <alakoo> I'll be a bachelor at 23 and master at 26-28 prolly
[17:05] <teeli> When did you start the degree?
[17:05] <Pushpabon> 2 years ago
[17:06] * inqb has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:06] * KonstantinZhuko has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:06] <Pushpabon> and I'm 24 now with third of the credits
[17:06] * Manedhel2 has quit IRC (" (Ping timeout)")
[17:06] <Koukeri> I decided high school was enough for me for a while :)
[17:06] * ggpope ( has joined #adom
[17:06] <Koukeri> been working since then, never unemployed
[17:06] <Dronir> ok now I'm ircing on this anciente box
[17:07] <Koukeri> Dronix: :o
[17:07] <Koukeri> r
TB_?[17:07] <grobblewobble> guys, was there an online Q/A with tb?
[17:07] <Pushpabon> Dronir hey now you have a numpad too
[17:07] <teeli> really hating high school now
[17:07] <Koukeri> damn this client for autocomplete not working
[17:07] <burneddi> Pushpabon: I'll only be able to get into AMK/Uni at 22, too
[17:07] <Pushpabon> grobblewobble yes but he left
[17:07] <Dronir> yeah, but installing adom might be tricky
[17:07] <burneddi> or 21 if I'm like really lucky
[17:07] <Dronir> this is now a debian I burned back in 2004
[17:07] <Pushpabon> burneddi I hope you're getting c pappers
[17:07] <burneddi> I did
[17:07] <alakoo> burneddi: how come?
[17:08] <Pushpabon> hella
[17:08] <burneddi> but I'm just late with my studies :P
[17:08] <grobblewobble> pushpabon: I mean, was there also a website where you could ask them?
[17:08] <teeli> the courses would be fine if the teachers were tolerable
[17:08] <Pushpabon> grobblewobble no just irc but there will be logs posted later I am sure
[17:08] <Rancid-> grobblewobble: #adom-questions still takes
[17:08] <Dronir> and I'm not an expert so I couldn't get apt-get working properly
[17:08] <teeli> wasn't there supposed to be a thread in the forums?
[17:09] * bellows ( has joined #adom
[17:09] <Rancid-> forums i don't know of
[17:09] <Dronir> I enabled only the cd in sources.list so that I could install openssh at all
[17:09] <grobblewobble> #adom-questions? Is that a channel?
[17:09] <Rancid-> yup
[17:09] <Pushpabon> the only likable teacher in high school was my english teacher. when I matriculated he was surprised I didn't have 10s as my grades. then he gave me 10 to the final report
[17:09] <Dronir> and unicode doesn't work
[17:09] * lost_rain (~WhiskeyFa@ has joined #adom
[17:10] <Pushpabon> happy endings for everyone
[17:10] <pipe> Dronir: You couldn't apt-get adom anyway
[17:10] * grobblewobble has quit IRC (" ")
[17:10] * Sherool has quit IRC ("")
[17:10] * Manedhel (~Manedhel@ has joined #adom
[17:10] * dagel ( has joined #adom
TB_?[17:10] <Koukeri> hmm.. that makes me wonder... is TB going to release the new Adom version on Debian/Ubuntu repositories?
[17:10] <Dronir> pipe: yeah, but I couldn't apt-get anything
[17:10] <teeli> my current math teacher can't teach worth anything
[17:11] <minor> so much new people
[17:11] <Rancid-> Koukeri: that sounds like jochen's jurisdiction
[17:11] <teeli> i can just read the book, but it's annoying seeing my classmates struggle more than they'd need
[17:11] <Pushpabon> teeli in high school?
[17:11] <Dronir> pipe: took a while just to get ssh
[17:11] <teeli> yeah
[17:11] <Rancid-> teeli: i had the same experience @ uni
[17:11] <Pushpabon> I guess I had fairly good teachers in that department but it was my fault for not doing anything about anything
[17:11] <dagel> hell there, again
[17:11] <Rancid-> was the teaching assistant of a course i'd aced
[17:11] <Koukeri> Rancid-: heh, I actually thought of that the moment I pressed enter... it still hasn't sunk in that there are multiple developers now ;)
[17:12] <Rancid-> and thought the lecturer was explaining a very key concept totally wrong to the students
[17:12] <teeli> + vocational, but not this year
[17:12] <Rancid-> so i retaught it to them :)
[17:12] * pipe| ( has joined #adom
[17:12] * burneddi is installing shit tons of Skyrim mods
[17:12] <Pushpabon> burneddir don't forge tthe child killing & rape mods
[17:12] <burneddi> I wonder if I should play this "hard mode" ie permadeath
[17:12] <burneddi> Pushpabon: yeah I already handled those
[17:12] <minor> adom mode
[17:12] <Pushpabon> ok wtf is going on here
[17:12] <dagel> hello, my name is Dagel. I've played since gamma14
[17:12] <Pushpabon> it's like mogadishu
[17:12] <burneddi> hi dagel
[17:13] <Pushpabon> are you an adomholic
[17:13] <dagel> I am a adomholic
[17:13] <pipe|> Wonder what I played
[17:13] <pipe|> g12 maybe?
[17:13] <Rancid-> g14 was current when i first d/l'd
[17:13] <Pushpabon> I think I might've tried some late gamma before 1.0.0
[17:13] <jutski> how often do you inject adom between your toes?
[17:13] <Koukeri> g12 sounds familiar...
[17:13] <Pushpabon> but really got started at 1.0.0
[17:13] <psy_wombats> it's odd when you playing some game for 5 years makes you relatively new
[17:13] <Dronir> I started on the gamma where the game crashed if you pressed 't' and there were no enemies in LOS
[17:13] <Dronir> which was probably g12
[17:14] <minor> i've played adom since i was 13
[17:14] <minor> don't know what version it was at the time
[17:14] <Dronir> I was 13 or 14 too, back in 1997 or so
[17:14] <minor> first win when i was 19 \o/
[17:14] <dagel> playing adom got into MuD
[17:14] <dagel> i'm kinda famous in bat
[17:15] * WhiskeyFate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[17:15] * ignacio has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:15] * ignacio_ ( has joined #adom
[17:15] * pipe| fantasizes about a 13yo adom-playing minor
[17:15] * jahabdank has quit IRC (
[17:15] * Al-Khwarizmi has quit IRC (
[17:15] * RadarKev has quit IRC (
[17:15] * xxskepticxx has quit IRC (
[17:15] * gleon has quit IRC (
[17:15] * nasedil_genio has quit IRC (
[17:15] * GordonOverkill has quit IRC (
[17:15] * veekie has quit IRC (
[17:15] * Crane has quit IRC (
[17:15] * Satsuoni has quit IRC (
[17:15] * cancerbot has quit IRC (
[17:15] * Alien- has quit IRC (
[17:15] * pipe has quit IRC (
[17:15] * Aiwendil has quit IRC (
[17:15] * ignacio_ is now known as ignacio
[17:15] <minor> pipe|: :(
[17:15] <teeli> damn you people for having similar-length names, it's harder to skim
[17:15] <omeg> suddenely the dungeon collapses
[17:16] <Pushpabon> I think someone in my class mentioned his brother was/is a wiz @bat
[17:16] <jochen> Koukeri: we will release Ubuntu and Debian releases too (my build-system can create 14 different releases right now)
[17:16] <Pushpabon> I guess that makes me famous by proxy
[17:16] <burneddi> pipe|: I was like 14 when I first joined
[17:16] <minor> didn't have boyfriends back then
[17:16] * ggpope has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:16] <jochen> it's late… see you soon! bye
[17:17] * CkVega has quit IRC ("")
[17:17] <Pushpabon> minor you should've
[17:17] <omeg> 'o
[17:17] <Koukeri> jochen: great :)
[17:17] <pipe|> jochen: bye bye!
[17:17] <teeli> buy, jochen
[17:17] <Koukeri> ltr
[17:17] <teeli> bye*
[17:17] * jochen ( has left #adom ()
[17:17] <pipe|> minor: That's because you hadn't met me then!
[17:17] <pipe|> The hot hebegoth
[17:18] <minor> :--D
[17:18] <minor> pipe and his 13yo girlfriends
[17:18] <Koukeri> heh
[17:18] <jutski> gothsloth
[17:18] * grobblewobble ( has joined #adom
[17:18] <dagel> ..
[17:18] <Pushpabon> giev girlfriends
[17:18] <dagel> 13..
[17:18] <Dronir> there's a 19-yo girl who has a crush on me, but it's just weird.
[17:19] <pipe|> Pushpabon: acquire confidence - get girlfriends
[17:19] * bellows has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:19] * thalos has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:19] <Dronir> so I remain brotherly and friendly
[17:19] <Pushpabon> I think I said like 2 words to a girl in the past 2 years
[17:19] <pipe|> Dronir: Stop teasing the poor girl, she wants it
[17:19] <dagel> so 13 is better, i see
[17:19] <Dronir> yeah but I don't want to provide
[17:19] <Pushpabon> but that changed when I met the gf of my friend and the three of us got high
[17:20] <dagel> i'd pick in the middle 16, you know, sweet sixteen, young enough but you can still beat them
[17:21] <Koukeri> socializing is more fun when you've got some natural way to inialize with people... ie. @work
[17:21] <minor> Pushpabon: you should've come boozing with me and RubberDuk at WK
[17:21] * jahabdank ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * Al-Khwarizmi ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * RadarKev (~RadarKev@ has joined #adom
[17:21] * gleon ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * xxskepticxx ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * nasedil_genio ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * GordonOverkill ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * veekie ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * Crane ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * Satsuoni ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * cancerbot ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * Alien- ( has joined #adom
[17:21] * Aiwendil ( has joined #adom
[17:21] <minor> lots of nice girls around you know
[17:21] <Pushpabon> minor I don't think I ever could. I'm too retarded
[17:21] <Dronir> the university gaming club was good for social life back when I was a shy geek in a new city
[17:21] * mib_xeou2r ( has joined #adom
[17:21] <pipe|> Pushpabon: No one is too retarded
[17:21] <minor> Pushpabon: booze fix - ta dah
[17:22] <Pushpabon> fight/flight response would kick in and I'd disappear
[17:22] <minor> i'm retarded as well
[17:22] <Pushpabon> even thinking about the scenario of being in a bar is too much
[17:22] <Dronir> Pushpabon: or punch her in the face
[17:22] <pipe|> Bar sucks
[17:22] * lost_rain has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:22] * WhiskeyFate (~WhiskeyFa@ has joined #adom
[17:22] <teeli> Isn't the point of booze to get everyone on the same level of retarded, anyway?
[17:22] <Pushpabon> possibly but I'm in a league of my own
[17:22] <minor> fap league
[17:22] <Koukeri> I've teached aikido to real retarded people, they didn't seem to have problems with sozialising :)
[17:23] <dagel> I wish: levelcap removed
[17:23] <Dronir> ok now I'm just sitting in an awkward position on the floor and watching irc on this shitbox.
[17:23] <Dronir> time to do something better and go for a walk maybe
[17:23] <Pushpabon> and irc with your phone while walking
[17:23] <Dronir> nah I'll leave the phone in
[17:24] * mib_xeou2r ( has left #adom ()
[17:24] <Pushpabon> how will you call 112 when you see a rapist
[17:24] <pipe|> He is the rapist
[17:24] <Pushpabon> I used to sware on not needing a phone until my mom gave me one and now I feel naked without one
[17:24] <Dronir> I'll take my chances, and I'll go walk in the fancy neighbourhood near here were it's just quiet and BMWs
[17:25] <pipe|> Sverigekvarteret
[17:25] <Dronir> no one awake at this hour there
[17:25] * redwolf150 ( has joined #adom
[17:25] <pipe|> I called 112 a few days ago
[17:25] <dagel> I wish: android rather than $$$pad
[17:25] <pipe|> Mostly because the direct line to the police fucking sucks
[17:25] <redwolf150> hola
[17:25] * lost_rain (~WhiskeyFa@ has joined #adom
[17:25] <Rancid-> i've called 112 once i think
[17:25] <alakoo> me too
[17:25] <pipe|> And is like, "press 13928 if you want to talk to blah blah blah" forever
[17:25] <Koukeri> except for some baltic people stealing those BMW's
[17:25] <Pushpabon> yeah I called 112 once too @kerava trane station
[17:25] <alakoo> I once called when an old lady fell of a scooter and passed out after I'd helped her off the road
[17:26] <grobblewobble> hi redwolf
[17:26] <Pushpabon> some guy was so drunk he fell and lied on the pavement not being able to rise
[17:26] <pipe|> Some retard kids blew up lots of things here outside, lots of flames
[17:26] <Dronir> I've called 112 twice while I've lived here. Both times because there was a drunk hobo passed out on the sidewalk
[17:26] * Yssi has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:26] <alakoo> I refused to take her helmet off although she asked
[17:26] <redwolf150> looks like i walked into something interesting.
[17:26] <alakoo> because I figured "If she can ask, she can breathe"
[17:26] <alakoo> and "if I take the helmet off her neck might break"
[17:26] * nasedil_genio has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:26] <pipe|> I went up there the day after, and they had just blown up hairspray and paint containers
[17:26] <minor> we had to call 112 once because of this guy took too much drugs at my birthday party and started hitting his head into furniture
[17:27] <Pushpabon> maybe I meant lay
[17:27] <minor> it took 4 people to keep him still
[17:27] <pipe|> minor: Some hella party
[17:27] <redwolf150> one hella party
[17:27] <Koukeri> indeed
[17:27] <pipe|> meh
[17:27] <pipe|> splepo
[17:27] * agnoeo_ has quit IRC ("")
[17:27] <minor> lots of blood 'n stuff
[17:28] <jutski> pieces of brane?
[17:28] <Pushpabon> maybe the furniture had evil spirits in them
[17:28] <pipe|> minor: was it your 666th birthday?
[17:28] <Dronir> one of the hobos I helped had actually managed to pass out in some bushes so I just noticed a foot sticking out and went to investigate and there was a guy lying on his back in the snow
[17:28] <Pushpabon> he was only trying to help
[17:28] <Zagna2> noooooo, gauntlets of peace ;_;
[17:28] * Zagna2 is now known as Zagna
[17:28] <Koukeri> those are fun
[17:28] <minor> pipe|: my 21st iirc
[17:29] <alakoo> I'm not an expert but the person on the phone seemed very interested in irrelevant things
[17:29] <pipe|> Zagna: That should teach you not to equip unid:d items
[17:29] <alakoo> like "who are you, is anyone drunk" etc
[17:29] <minor> don't know about the evil furniture though
[17:29] <pipe|> alakoo: Yes
[17:29] <jutski> alakoo, "what are you wearing?"
[17:29] <alakoo> yes
[17:29] <Dronir> "are you getting your ass kicked by a girl?"
[17:29] <dagel> well
[17:29] <dagel> well anyone of you play MuD
[17:29] <Koukeri> alakoo: "would you like to order donald duck magazine?"
[17:29] <alakoo> :)
[17:30] <pipe|> dagel: I tried it out 15 years ago
[17:30] <omeg> my friend developed some mud
[17:30] <pipe|> why not clay
[17:30] <pipe|> lolsz
[17:30] <Koukeri> I've tried to get into MUDs a couple of times, but never quite made it through
[17:30] <Koukeri> ha
[17:30] <psy_wombats> yeah, gave it a try
[17:30] <omeg> cygnus I think
[17:30] <Rancid-> the one time i had to call 112
[17:30] <dagel> (newb question, how to you direct)
[17:30] <omeg> never played one myself
[17:30] <Dronir> (This happened in finland and got some media attention, some guy's wife was beating him up drunk and he called 112 for help; the guy at the other end was just "you're getting beaten by a woman? fuck off, man")
[17:30] <Rancid-> my then-~gf stepped on her ankle awkwardly after numbing her foot during sex ":D"
[17:30] <psy_wombats> I can't remember the name of the one I tried
[17:31] <psy_wombats> read a lot of documentation
[17:31] <dagel> its /smthg
[17:31] <omeg> dagel: direct?
[17:31] <Koukeri> Dronir: yeah, I remember that one :D
[17:31] <dagel> message to someone
[17:31] <Dronir> now walk ->
[17:31] <minor> pipe|: plol
[17:31] <pipe|> Rancid-: she could've stepped on your penis
[17:32] <omeg> /query nick
[17:32] <Rancid-> pipe|: nah, she'd done a lot of sitting on it in the past couple of minutes already
[17:32] <pipe|> dagel: what are you talking about? the /me command?
[17:32] <alakoo> but if someone has a serious accident and I happen to call 112 I'm really not interested in sharing contact information / social security number oslt
[17:32] <Koukeri> or /dcc chat <someone>
[17:32] <alakoo> what's that all about
[17:32] * dagel pipe test
[17:33] <Rancid-> dagel: 01:32 < omeg> /query nick
[17:33] <Pushpabon> alakoo it's just retard homos on a power trip
[17:33] <pipe|> I should find someone to sit on my penis
[17:33] <dagel> forget about it
[17:33] <teeli> alakoo: mostly to identify you afterwards if you happen to be screwing around
[17:33] <alakoo> suppose they get so many stupid calls that they have to keep up standards
[17:33] <teeli> might not be the best timing, but oh well
[17:33] <minor> penises are nice
[17:33] <alakoo> teeli: yeah, like it's my responsibility
[17:33] <Rancid-> I kind of want to /topic that
[17:33] <pipe|> this just in :D:D;d;d
[17:33] <Rancid-> but
[17:33] <alakoo> being in the wrong place in the wrong time
[17:33] <cribozai> sitting on penis. I like what i read
[17:33] <Pushpabon> minor, mine is numb :(
[17:33] <Rancid-> !define this_just_in <@minor> penises are nice
[17:34] <cribozai> xD
[17:34] <Rancid-> wonder if it has too many defs..
[17:34] <pipe|> penis just in
[17:34] <Rancid-> w this_just_in
[17:34] <Automaagi> Too many definitions. See:
[17:34] <Rancid-> darn
[17:34] <pipe|> !wlr this_just_in
[17:34] <alakoo> !wlr minor*penis
[17:34] <Automaagi> this_just_in (36): < Pushpabon> oh.. then I was wrong :/
[17:34] <Automaagi> No match.
[17:34] <Pushpabon> :(
[17:34] <minor> !wlr minor
[17:34] <Automaagi> minor (11): * Minor <3 Pushpabon
[17:34] <pipe|> So statistically it has 72 defines
[17:34] <alakoo> !wlr *minor*penis*
[17:34] <Automaagi> No match.
[17:34] <Rancid-> !wlr this_just_in
[17:34] <Automaagi> this_just_in (56): <@Matthew> now he knows your password | <@Dronir> Now he knows my password :(
[17:34] <dagel> aren't you a glad you got a penis, happy you have a dong
[17:34] <Rancid-> !wlr this_just_in
[17:35] <Automaagi> this_just_in (14): <Matthew^> pipe, you're odd
[17:35] * auror ( has joined #adom
[17:35] <alakoo> dick penis
[17:35] * lost_rain has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[17:35] <Automaagi> penis intimidates the entire #adom with his 7 cm tool
[17:35] <minor> i had some penis today
[17:35] <alakoo> yay
[17:35] * auror has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:35] <Rancid-> yup, we're definitely back to normal
[17:35] <pipe|> Me too
[17:35] <pipe|> normal full retard
[17:35] <Rancid-> amen and hell yeah
[17:35] <dagel> from the tiniest little tiger to the worlds biggest cock!
[17:35] <pipe|> but I did splepo
[17:36] <cribozai> ohh god, i guess ADOM on ircnet is codeword for something with penises :P
[17:36] <pipe|> cribozai: it's codeword for retard
[17:36] <Koukeri> hmm... some portwine or sleep?
[17:36] <Rancid-> Koukeri: yes.
[17:36] <alakoo> port
[17:36] <teeli> portwine, definitely
[17:36] <pipe|> port wine
[17:36] <Pushpabon> one star jallu and beer, mixed
[17:36] <Koukeri> as you wish
[17:36] <pipe|> to windows ;:Dd
[17:36] <pipe|> lolzl
[17:36] <pipe|> plol
[17:36] <cribozai> portwine 23 would be nice
[17:36] <pipe|> etc
[17:37] <alakoo> alko is closed tomorrow :(
[17:37] <Pushpabon> pipe| where ur client you nigga
[17:37] <pipe|> alakoo is always open
[17:37] <alakoo> yes
[17:37] <pipe|> Pushpabon: what u homo
[17:37] <minor> i haz absolut with blueberrys and vichy
[17:37] <dagel> i'll stay retarded for some time, and listen to penis song
[17:37] <Pushpabon> plol
[17:37] <pipe|> lol!1!1!!!!!1!1!!!!1!one!!!!1one!1111111!one!!1!!11!1
[17:37] <alakoo> pipe|: my nick doesn't refer to alko
[17:37] <Pushpabon> interesting
[17:37] <alakoo> !wlr
[17:37] <Automaagi> children (1): Like poems. They're beautiful -- to their creators -- but to others they're just silly and fucking annoying.
[17:37] <cribozai> tell me more
[17:37] <pipe|> just that I haven't set a trigger on my own lines on some commands
[17:37] <Pushpabon> don't all your other aliases work even if you write the trigger
[17:37] <Pushpabon> yeah ok
[17:37] <pipe|> not all
[17:38] <pipe|> plol
[17:38] <pipe|> ls
[17:38] <pipe|> etc
[17:38] <pipe|> pmike
[17:38] <pipe|> * Michael Jackson actually owns IBM. It was an extremely hostile takeover.
[17:38] <pipe|> pw psycho
[17:38] <pipe|> pw: Psychobitch [C] (PurrEvil), pink '@', L1, DV/PV: 16/0, 1d4-2 dmg(x3), inf.hp, 80spd, (humanoid, jelly), Unique, cannot be banned, Corrupting talk, confusion, poison, immune to flaming, regens, ignore insults, 100% chance to leave corpse: Petrifies, corrupts, +Cursed, +Doomed, -5 Le, Found in: helsinki (1)
[17:38] <minor> pjoke
[17:38] <pipe|> Q: What were Cleopatra's dying words? A: Asp not what your country can do for you; asp what you can do for your country.
[17:38] <pipe|> wtf
[17:38] <Pushpabon> da fug
[17:39] <Koukeri> hehe
[17:39] <pipe|> minor: that sucked
[17:39] <minor> o rly
[17:39] <dagel>
[17:39] * WhiskeyFate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[17:39] * Joe|hmhmhm ( has joined #adom
[17:39] <pipe|> dagel: also, we don't like youtube spam :(
[17:39] <pipe|> or, I don't.
[17:39] <Pushpabon> definitely a niggaparty somewhere close. I wonder when I'm gonna be able to sleep
[17:39] <dagel> sorry
[17:39] <grobblewobble> lulz
[17:39] <grobblewobble> pipe complaining about spam and spamming penis nonsense at the same time
[17:40] <pipe|> Pushpabon: dress up in your KKK suit and go tell them some truths about their music
[17:40] <pipe|> grobblewobble: I'm just complaining about youtube spam
[17:40] <pipe|> grobblewobble: not penis spam
[17:40] <Joe|hmhmhm> woah... alot of people :p
[17:40] <grobblewobble> uh huh
[17:40] <Pushpabon> :(( most music I listen to have nigga origins or nigga players :(((
[17:40] <alakoo> I suppose I'll move my mattress to the kitchen so I can close some doors and avoid the sound from the streets
[17:40] <pipe|> grobblewobble: if it's a penis-related youtube link, then it's fine
[17:40] <grobblewobble> I see
[17:40] <pipe|> but ffs
[17:40] <pipe|> sleeeeep
[17:40] <alakoo> at weekdays I can easily sleep on the bed but on friday and saturday the drunkards and the cars make too much sound
[17:40] <minor> Pushpabon: did you live somewhere in p-leppvaara
[17:40] <minor> or kilo
[17:41] <alakoo> in this room there isn't that much sound, probably because more furniture
[17:41] <alakoo> should assemble random items in the bedroom
[17:41] <dagel> i won 800e in lottery, so i can take monday off
[17:41] <Pushpabon> minor lintuvaara so north lepuski
[17:41] <Pushpabon> my sister's @ kilo though
[17:41] * grobblewobble has quit IRC (" (EOF)")
[17:42] <alakoo> dagel: I won 2.50 eur!!
[17:42] <minor> is she studying in metropolio as well
[17:42] <Pushpabon> no she's in some baking school
[17:43] <Pushpabon> she has one degree already. she's an artisan but now she's studying to become a chef except for pastries
[17:43] <jutski> you're also baking and in school
[17:43] <Pushpabon> jutski yeah I was this week but not anymore lol :(
[17:43] <jutski> :(
[17:43] <jutski> me neither
[17:43] <Pushpabon> all outta bakings
[17:43] <jutski> i wish i was though
[17:44] <dagel> i win 2.5 all the time, my biggest before thisone was 19.50 in italy, when they had 170M pot
[17:44] <minor> Pushpabon: did you get good grades from the programming basics my bf taught
[17:44] <Pushpabon> indeed. I really gotta step up my game once I get my own apartment
[17:44] * veekie ( has left #adom ()
[17:44] <Pushpabon> minor yeah 5 & 4
[17:44] <minor> good boy
[17:45] <minor> are planning to become a misanthropist coder
[17:45] * pipe| is now known as pipe
[17:45] <Pushpabon> wat
[17:46] <psy_wombats> isn't that redundant?
[17:46] <minor> yes
[17:46] <dagel> 'bout adom
[17:46] * Jm2c has quit IRC (" ")
[17:46] <dagel> only one devoleper still?
[17:47] <psy_wombats> Terstiege develops now as well
[17:47] <Kanalanka> Someone make Thomas post party log into blog, rightyo?
[17:47] <dagel> only one coder`?
[17:48] <dagel> i wish; i could play new adom now, rather than in threee years
[17:48] <Kanalanka> its not going to take that long
[17:48] <Kanalanka> thats why there was funding
[17:48] <teeli> TB is approximatign end of the year
[17:49] * alakoo has quit IRC ("ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833]")
[17:49] <teeli> approximating*
[17:49] <Kanalanka> and thats for all the features?
[17:49] <Pushpabon> I approximate his approximation times 3
[17:49] <dagel> and T
[17:49] <Koukeri> that's only 12 weeks
[17:49] <teeli> yeah, it might be a bit unrealistic
[17:49] <jutski> we must send him some amphetamines
[17:49] <dagel> and TB is still only one who handles the code
[17:49] <Koukeri> I think it'll take a while to just get all the funding related business in line
[17:50] <Kanalanka> I think semislow development is sort of nice really
[17:50] <Kanalanka> think of this: when you play every week there is going to be SOMETHING new!
[17:50] <Kanalanka> instead you could just play 1 version and get bored
[17:50] <Koukeri> yeah
[17:50] <Pushpabon> jutski meth and some leather clad dwarfs whipping him
[17:50] <dagel> I wish: more content on Adom2
[17:51] <Kanalanka> continuous development keeps you coming back for more and for new things every once in a while
[17:51] <Koukeri> I'm one of those who still haven't tried Adom2
[17:51] <Kanalanka> I have tried it but only trytried, like one of the first versions
[17:51] <psy_wombats> I haven't either
[17:51] <Kanalanka> latter ones no
[17:51] <psy_wombats> I'll play it when it's winnable
[17:52] <Kanalanka> I play it when I hear its funnable
[17:52] <Kanalanka> (meaning fun to play with enough nice features)
[17:52] <Kanalanka> like spellcasters.
[17:52] <dagel> i'm whipping out my usb keyboard when this thing comes
[17:52] <ignacio> two coders now.
[17:52] * dosentti has quit IRC ("Leaving.")
[17:52] <dagel> ...tiles, who needs
[17:53] <teeli> it's easier to visualise if you're not used to adom
[17:53] * Joe|hmhmhm has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[17:53] <dagel> fs
[17:54] <jutski> pushpabon, we could probably dress up as them dwarves
[17:54] <dagel> yes, and i admit, i can't play any other roguelikes because i know adom keyprints by heart
[17:55] <teeli> dagel, i know your pain
[17:55] <omeg> splepo
[17:55] <jutski> !wlr fact
[17:55] <Automaagi> fact (83): Oranges, natives of Southeast Asia, were first introduced to the Americas on Christopher Columbus' second voyage.
[17:55] <Koukeri> dagel: that's true...
[17:55] <Pushpabon> jutski, gimme an apartment so I can get some jamaicas going
[17:56] <jutski> pushpabon, okay, i'll just give my apartment dealer a call
[17:56] <Pushpabon> thanks. you're a true friend
[17:56] <jutski> *brofist*
[17:57] <jutski> i could probably fit a plant or three in my closet
[17:57] * rmcin329 ( has joined #adom
[17:57] <jutski> would have to come up with a creative way to handle ventilation and such though
[17:57] * rmcin329 has quit IRC ("I cna ytpe 300 wrods pre mniuet!!!")
[17:57] <Pushpabon> if I had my own apartment I'd get a homebox
[17:57] <Pushpabon> some 1*1m tent thingamabob with ventilation, filtration, smell proof, light fixtures etc
[17:58] <jutski> sounds x-pensive
[17:58] <Pushpabon> nah
[17:58] <Pushpabon> it's a one time investment of a few hundred eur
[17:58] <Pushpabon> you can recoup that on the first run if you don't fuck it up
[17:58] <jutski> truu that
[17:59] <minor> ;I
[18:01] <dagel> :D
[18:02] <dagel> uh i hate smileys made into images, so that one stinks
[18:02] <Koukeri> I always turn off gfx smileys if possible
[18:02] <minor> what
[18:02] <Pushpabon> manly clients don't have them!
[18:03] <Koukeri> that's rrright!
[18:03] <minor> somebody doesn't use irssi? :(
[18:03] <teeli> he's on mibbit, so there's not even an option to turn them off :/
[18:03] <jutski> there should be a way to replace ":D" with
[18:03] <teeli> oh ffs
[18:03] <dagel> quit it! quit!!
[18:03] <minor> ok
[18:04] <dagel> :D :D :D
[18:04] <Pushpabon> :3
[18:04] <cancerbot> do they have animation for this :p>
[18:04] <cancerbot> nope
[18:05] * ferminter ( has joined #adom
[18:05] <dagel> :|\/\->
[18:07] <dagel> i don't even chat. use fb or anything
[18:07] * cancerbot has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[18:07] <Pushpabon> yet you found yourself here
[18:07] <dagel> haven't been in irc for five years
[18:07] <Zagna> hmm... blessed identify just told me my first amulet i found is life saving... :D
[18:08] <minor> so you're about to die
[18:08] <Koukeri> definetly
[18:08] <psy_wombats> heh
[18:08] <psy_wombats> that's a pretty big death flag
[18:08] <Pushpabon> wear it!
[18:08] <psy_wombats> that and finding 7LB in the holeinthewall shop
[18:08] <Pushpabon> yeah or something like eternium spear of deva/pene @ SMC
[18:09] <Pushpabon> good bye char
[18:09] <Koukeri> any eternium weapon in SMC has been a sure death for my charactger
[18:09] <Pushpabon> jutski yes?
[18:09] <dagel> _cursed_
[18:10] <minor> or getting skullcrusher as first pre-crowning gift
[18:10] * psy_wombats (~aking_2@ has left #adom (QUIT :Leaving.)
[18:10] <Pushpabon> was that a ragequit
[18:10] <minor> -> instant death afterwards
[18:10] <Manedhel> hello yet again
[18:11] * Yssi ( has joined #adom
[18:12] <minor> o hai
[18:12] * ferminter has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[18:13] <Zagna> a freaking ogre king when trying to go around animated forest :(
[18:13] <dagel> what is you guys favourite char anyway
[18:13] <dagel> mine is darkelf wizard
[18:13] <Manedhel> archers
[18:13] <Manedhel> definitely
[18:13] <Pushpabon> dwarf priest!
[18:13] <minor> no, troll priest <3
[18:14] <Manedhel> troll mindcrafter!
[18:14] <teeli> troll priest is just cheating
[18:14] <teeli> wait, no
[18:14] <teeli> i'm mixing up classes again
[18:14] <Manedhel> healer?
[18:14] <teeli> yeah
[18:14] <Manedhel> candle?
[18:14] <Manedhel> healthy?
[18:14] <teeli> :D
[18:14] <Kanalanka> yes with candle they seems quite immortal
[18:15] <dagel> i'm softcore player
[18:15] <Manedhel> unless they starve to death
[18:15] <Manedhel> ofc
[18:15] <Manedhel> i finished the game with troll mindcrafter
[18:15] <Manedhel> i am hardcore!
[18:15] <Koukeri> zzz
[18:16] <dagel> and i cheat
[18:16] <minor> dagel: you suck, you know
[18:16] <Manedhel> :<
[18:16] <dagel> so, it is as enjoyable
[18:16] <Manedhel> cheating =/= fun
[18:16] <Manedhel> dying 30x in row = fun
[18:17] <Manedhel> block stone hits you head. You die = fun
[18:17] <minor> it makes winning 2000% more enjoyable if you don't cheat
[18:17] <minor> + you get to brag
[18:17] <minor> "i've won adom 10 times" "what?"
[18:17] <dagel> yep, ill win without cheating sometime
[18:17] <teeli> to borrow the dwarf fortress slogan: losing is fun
[18:17] <minor> "what is adom?"
[18:18] <Manedhel> what is fun?
[18:18] <dagel> actually, i don't know what is dwarf fortress
[18:18] <teeli> but a human construct, mandehel
[18:18] <jutski> pushpabon, yes.
[18:18] <Manedhel> give it a try
[18:19] <teeli> and i can't type
[18:19] <dagel> nah
[18:19] <burneddi> I've won Dwarf Fortress
[18:19] <Manedhel> well, dwarf fortress is still my top3
[18:19] <Manedhel> ever
[18:19] <teeli>
[18:19] <minor> what is your top3
[18:19] <dagel> i've won ffs from 1-9
[18:19] <Manedhel> adom, DF and dungeon keeper
[18:20] <Manedhel> the games i spent most time with, basically
[18:20] <burneddi> I've played a lot of games but couldn't name a top 3 unless it was by some factual statistic like time spent playing
[18:20] <Manedhel> meh, i still play dungeon keeper sometimes
[18:20] <Manedhel> i could easily
[18:20] <minor> mine is adom, fallout 2 and larry 7
[18:20] <dagel> dk i want that :D
[18:20] <dagel> i
[18:21] <dagel> i've won larry 1
[18:21] <teeli> adom's basically the only game that survives reinstalling windows
[18:21] <burneddi> if it's time spent playing then it's probably Enemy Territory, World of Warcraft, League of Legends
[18:21] <Pushpabon> hmm haven't even fapped today
[18:21] <dagel> mother had that when i was little
[18:21] <Pushpabon> burneddi do you know my friends from lol. sir aku is one I think
[18:21] <Manedhel> i have never played any of these games
[18:21] <Pushpabon> 'friends' as in classmates
[18:21] <Manedhel> you quote
[18:21] <Manedhel> but at least i know the names
[18:21] <dagel> my english is from larry
[18:21] <burneddi> Pushpabon: probably not, there are a lot of Finnish players
[18:22] <Pushpabon> what about kurre
[18:22] <teeli> Manedhel, not even adom?
[18:22] <burneddi> we're talking about tens or hundreds of thousands
[18:22] <Manedhel> except adom
[18:22] <Manedhel> which is quite obvious
[18:22] <Pushpabon> burneddi probably just thousand(s)
[18:22] <Pushpabon> why did yu stop playing ET
[18:23] <dagel> i've won monkey island 1-3
[18:23] <Pushpabon> did varma rape you one too many times
[18:23] <teeli> idk, i see finns every ten games or so
[18:23] <Manedhel> somebody won daggerfall? ;)
[18:23] <burneddi> The game is pretty much dead nowadays
[18:23] * Nikodz ( has joined #adom
[18:23] <burneddi> none of the guys I used to play it with are active any more
[18:23] <Pushpabon> sad
[18:23] <Pushpabon> dead games sadden me
[18:23] <Pushpabon> especially when they're good ones
[18:24] <jutski> :(
[18:24] <burneddi> I grew bored, too. I'm also growing bored of LoL, but there don't seem to be any other comparable timesinks around right now
[18:24] <dagel> i won morrowind, but that was just lame
[18:24] <Pushpabon> I might've figured out why I'm so miserable all the time. running away from the inevitable. times changing, getting older but not wanting to take the responsibility or steps to catch up
[18:24] <Pushpabon> I just want to curl up in my blanket and be 15 again
[18:24] <burneddi> yes
[18:24] <Manedhel> lol
[18:24] <Manedhel> 15 again
[18:24] <Manedhel> 21 is better
[18:25] <Manedhel> *would be better
[18:25] <Manedhel> to be 21 again
[18:25] <Pushpabon> dunno. I had fun when I was 15
[18:25] <jutski> i'm almost 30 and the only responsibilities i have are my cats
[18:25] <jutski> and paying bills, which isn't as nice
[18:25] * RadarKev has quit IRC ("")
[18:25] <dagel> i'm 28, and dissapointent
[18:26] <Manedhel> i would like to return to playing pen and paper RPG regularly, as when i was 18
[18:26] <Pushpabon> just haven't put any effort into doing anything with regards to studying in the past 10 years really
[18:26] <minor> 15 is bad
[18:26] <burneddi> all ages are bad
[18:26] <minor> 18+ iz good
[18:26] <dagel> i wish i could play pnp games still
[18:27] <Pushpabon> minor yeah or I could be like 18 and then girls could still be 15!
[18:27] <minor> yes!
[18:27] <minor> hmm, ran out of booze :(
[18:27] <minor> splepo
[18:28] <jutski> splepo for me too, maybe some comic book and then crying myself to sleep
[18:28] * Yssi has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[18:28] <Pushpabon> at least you have cats on hand!
[18:28] <jutski> that i do
[18:29] <Manedhel> what is this?
[18:29] <Manedhel> splepo ?
[18:29] <burneddi> w splepo
[18:29] <Automaagi> splepo (1): designed to confuse newbies
[18:29] <Automaagi> splepo (2): borign
[18:29] <Pushpabon> you won on the first try
[18:29] <GordonOverkill> Guess the party got a little depressing somehow...
[18:29] <Automaagi> splepo (3): probability of hitting a prime: 0.099822998046875
[18:29] <Automaagi> splepo (4): still borign
[18:29] <Automaagi> splepo (5): -SeppoBot:#adom- yxhuvud.sleep(12347) | -SeppoBot:#adom- 12347 is a prime. | <yxhuvud> I am not certain if I should be disappointed or not
[18:29] <Manedhel> oh
[18:29] <Manedhel> i just won
[18:29] <Manedhel> o/
[18:29] <dagel> this is well represented by finnish
[18:30] * SgtSarros has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[18:30] * SgtSarros ( has joined #adom
[18:30] <dagel> kaikki nukahti, niin minäkin kohta
[18:31] <burneddi> so I spent five hours modding Skyrim only to reach the conclusion that I don't really want to play it anyway
[18:31] <burneddi> maybe I should just install Oblivion
[18:31] <teeli> sleep is for people without an internet connection
[18:32] <dagel> skyrim takes modding?
[18:32] <GordonOverkill> Morrowind was better, if you ask me ;-)
[18:32] <Pushpabon> of course it does, on PCs thati s
[18:32] <dagel> i'll stick in morrowind
[18:32] <burneddi> dagel: dunno, I installed shit tons of graphics updates to make it look like a PC game, and then got halfway through installing some content mods
[18:33] <burneddi> but I realized how boring it all is while reading their readmes and quit
[18:33] <Pushpabon> did you dl the highres dlc/addon
[18:33] <burneddi> yeah
[18:33] <dagel> oh, yep, oblivion, i have that too
[18:33] <Dronir> splepo
[18:33] <Pushpabon> is there a proper warez of dawnguard yet
[18:33] <teeli> splepo
[18:33] * Nikodz has quit IRC (Broken pipe)
[18:33] <burneddi> dunno I have retail Skyrim so I'm not sure if I should pirate dawnguard
[18:33] <burneddi> I'm not really interested at all anyway
[18:33] <burneddi> vampires are gay
[18:33] <Pushpabon> you mean you have steam skyrim?
[18:34] <dagel> got bored after my dark asdf got turned into vampire
[18:34] <burneddi> yeah
[18:34] <Pushpabon> well an easy fix is just to get the warez crack files and poof
[18:34] <Pushpabon> not having to play through steam
[18:34] <burneddi> probably
[18:34] <burneddi> Dunno, I think Steam's ok, but nothing spectacular
[18:34] <burneddi> at least I hadn't have to deal with patching it when reinstalling
[18:35] <Pushpabon> yeah I don't mind it but now I'm offa sleep
[18:35] * Pushpabon has quit IRC ("zzzzzz")
[18:36] <burneddi> I suppose I'm off too
[18:37] <GordonOverkill> got a lucky dwarven weaponsmith here... already found a corruption-free forge and an orcish spear of devestation
[18:37] <dagel> i still like baldur's gate best
[18:37] <GordonOverkill> Love BG, too
[18:38] <dagel> basic is awesome
[18:38] <dagel> but with mods, i get ..... ..
[18:38] <teeli> apparently, splepo is the sixth most used word on here
[18:39] <Manedhel> ok guys
[18:39] <Manedhel> see you
[18:39] * Manedhel has quit IRC ("")
[18:39] * kingsford ( has joined #adom
[18:40] <dagel> i need to know
[18:40] <dagel> is it adom`?
[18:41] * kingsford has quit IRC (" ajax IRC Client")
[18:41] <teeli> is what adom?
[18:41] * Zagna has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[18:43] * purge_ ( has joined #adom
[18:44] <dagel> i've played bg throught 5 times, my favourite is ofcource firstone, but with mods ..
[18:45] * Haxot returns
[18:45] <Haxot> v_v party already voer with?
[18:45] <GordonOverkill> Seems so