The 3.3V regulator works, generates a stable 3.3 volt source.

The oscillator starts up, oscillates at about 50 MHz.

The RSTI and RSTO signals seem normal. RSTI is activated by the Amiga after a few miliseconds and kept high. RSTO goes high directly and stays high.

The EPROM seems to work. It is accessed during boot, and answers on !OE from the 68060. The CPU is obviously running some kind of code from the EPROM.

Checking !BR shows a difference. !BR is Bus Request, and 68060 pulls this down when it wants the bus. A working card toggles this a lot during the one second boot sequence, then continues doing this when it goes ahead running the Amiga ROM. The broken card just stops, as if it gives up.

The other bus-related signals are "normal", BB, BG, etc.

PST0-4 follows the same pattern on both cards during boot, but when the broken card halts, PST0-4 is "10000" which means "Continue execution in supervisor mode". This is also the state that PST0-4 gets at reset.

// pipe, pipe@IRCnet