This is a readable 7x7 pixel alternative to Topaz-8. It is meant for
general use in Workbench and other programs, but mostly designed for
text editors and text readers. With this font you can cram a few more
lines and columns per screen, which is important for coding in a
limited resolution.

The design is mostly based on Topaz-8, and contains all the symbols
available in Topaz. It is designed with a standard hires non-laced
screenmode in mind, which means that most lines are two pixel wide so
it will look good on a Commodore 1084 monitor as the maker intended.

Screenshots are included in the archive. If you improve it, please
let me know! I have used this as my main desktop and coding font for
a couple of years now, and haven't had any issues with it yet.

// pipe^nature, 2016

pipatron.font size 7:
Character set of the pipatron font

topaz.font size 8:
Character set of the Topaz font

pipatron.font size 7:
Screenshot of the pipatron font

topaz.font size 8:
Screenshot of the Topaz font

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