African-American Inventor Sues Biden Department of Justice

Dorothy M. Hartman is seeking Justice after what she alleges is the government’s illegal seizure of her intellectual property without a fair trial on the matter.

How can the government police it’s own self if it is the aggressor and violating its own conflict of interest laws ? Hartman is challenging a decision by the Federal Circuit Ct. of Appeals Opinion in 2013 -1070 in what constitutes a 30 year dispute over intellectual property .

in Re Dorothy M. Hartman to deny a patent on a process called Accessing Accessibility , U.S. Patent Application #11003123 using Indefiniteness as a reason to deny . The Supreme Court reversed the Circuit Ct. of Appeals Opinion on Indefiniteness in 2014 . Yet the CAFC maintains a Mandate over the inventor’s intellectual property in the case referenced above . The Inventor alleges that the recent case(s) lacked due process. Ms. Hartman who is a retired science instructor , inventor , and entrepreneur is the inventor of the Business Method – the Accessing Accessibility Process classified as a utility by the Patent Office.

In this process Ms. Hartman introduced the concepts of using cyberspace as a marketplace – essentially using this virtual space latent in all computers for the exchange and transfer of information , goods and services . Hartman also introduced the idea(s) of making telecommunications available to the ordinary consumer-Commercializing Telecommunications as she calls it . The Inventor alleges that it revolutionized the Internet and the industry in the 1990’s , ushering in the digital revolution and a fundamental change in how the world views and does business . This was the rise of the INTERNET as we know and use it today and its invention – this second wave of the Internet different from the previous version has brought trillions of dollars into the American economy .

As great as the contributions of Vinton Cerf and Frank Kahn who are the pioneers of Darpa’s original telecom may have been to the development of the telecommunications network which dates back to the 1960’s , the INTERNET as we know it today was unheard of then and did not come into existence until circa 1994 , approximately 4 years after Ms. Hartman’s introduction of her business method for an economy based on doing business “online” was introduced to the Federal Government through its Small Business Innovation Research Program [SBIR ] .

Ms. Hartman alleges that the ideas in her proposals submitted to government in 1990 were used by the National Science Foundation that had final say about funding – to make changes to the previous telecom networks resulting in successful changes to the Internet . However she, the inventor, has never been acknowledged or compensated for her work . Thus she has recently filed suit against the United States and Biden’s administration Department of Justice for granting trials without Due Process where she alleges suppression of evidence and other acts outside of ordinary jurisprudence . Hartman who is the former head of Abfysellers Group that was selling on Ebay is now fighting for her rights in Telecommunications . You can also learn more about her on Linked In Dorothy M. Hartman in Science. The Case Hartman vs. The United States , Case No. 21-2214 is now in the Court of Federal Claims. Case can be accessed at .

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