Conidia Bioscience on the Topic of Contaminated Aviation and Marine Fuel

Conidia Bioscience reach out to discuss more on the Topic of Contaminated Aviation and Marine Fuel and what it means for people within the industry and how their testing kits can help

Marine and aviation fuel is susceptible to contamination, which is primarily caused by exposing water to a diesel environment. While there are other ways to contaminate fuel, water can be the most deadly due to it developing into a thriving playground for bacteria.

FUELSTAT® PLUS developer, Conidia Bioscience, has come forward to discuss its latest testing kit, which can detect this bacteria (even at an early stage) to let you know the severity of your contamination. Users who make use of distillate fuels, like diesel or jet fuel, are implored to read on:

Fuel testing kits aid those who make use of distillate fuels by detecting contamination as soon as possible, which can prevent costly problems further down the line. The damage is caused by microorganisms that can live (and thrive) in this fuel. It was this little fact that prompted Conidia to develop the immunoassay antibody testing kit that it sells today.

FUELSTAT® Plus is offered in two different variations: one for testing diesel fuel and one for jet fuel. Both of these kits are available in boxes of eight, and are clearly labelled with either Aviation or Diesel depending on the variant purchased, as well as detailed instructions for each test.

Conidia also provides test users access to a free app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app analyses the outcome of the test and reports the results in the system portal, which are easy to recall and access at any time.

Microbial contamination poses a number of issues and, more often than not, creates operational issues that could disrupt the use of assets like generators or even jet planes. Severe cases have been reported where microbially influenced corrosion (MIC) has eaten away at fuel tanks. This is why it is absolutely imperative to ensure fuel isn’t contaminated on a frequent basis.

For more information about fuel testing kits made available by Conidia Bioscience, please see the following link:

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