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Lansdale, PA online marketing, SEO and web design specialists, Fulcrum Concepts, is announcing the launch of their customized strategies for small to mid-sized businesses.

Fulcrum Concepts LLC, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Lansdale, PA, is announcing the launch of its Customer-Centric Digital Know-How program. Small and mid-sized companies looking for digital marketing plans customized to fit overall goals can turn to Fulcrum Concepts to learn about the approaches best suited to their objectives.

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Fulcrum Concepts’ newly launched Customer-Centric Digital Know-How program begins with a deep dive into their clients’ business goals in order to identify tactics that offer the highest performance potential and the greatest return on investment (ROI.)

The company prides itself on marrying traditional client-centric approaches with a pragmatic use of online marketing know-how. This means clients suited to an aggressive SEO plan can expect a customized strategy rooted in goal-oriented, data driven keywords that achieve top search engine rankings among targeted customer segments.

Clients whose products or services demand a heavy Facebook ads presence over a concentrated SEO strategy can expect a targeted social media marketing plan that attracts in-market audiences and drives traffic to website landing pages configured by the team at Fulcrum Concepts to yield desired customer action.

Contrary to many of today’s marketing agencies that promise to disrupt or reject foundational marketing tenets, Fulcrum Concepts combines the basics of what marketing is designed to achieve with digital options that are optimized to today’s standard and customized to allow smaller and mid-sized companies to compete aggressively within their niche.

The launch of the agency’s Customer-Centric Digital Know-How program allows companies from anywhere in the US to benefit from a streamlined, exacting marketing plan that reaches target audiences where they live online, directs in-market traffic to designated landing pages and brings about the desired action.

Marketing plans can involve a select few or a full program of available digital tactics, including optimized landing page design, optimized web design, social media marketing, digital advertising, and automated customer management funnels.

A representative from the agency says: “Devoting major portions of the budget to SEO does not make sense for every company. And for companies with fewer than one thousand employees, the trending Account-Based Marketing approach wouldn’t work. We demystify popular marketing terms and help companies do what’s best for them.”

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Name: David Michaels
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Organization: Fulcrum Concepts, LLC
Address: Lansdale, PA 19446, United States
Phone: +1-267-217-3852

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