New Token Issuance Process on Like2Like Platform Attracts New User

Like2Like has started a new token issuance process that will ultimately attract new users to the platform and make the brand stand out.

Like2Like was established in November 2020 and quickly became a famous platform with enormous transaction volumes and registration. Recently Like2Like announced the issuance of a new token that has been driving new investors towards the business. It engages with all the Internet users to get interaction with content producers who push their business further.

For every like on Facebook, share, follow the article, and like on YouTube through the platform, the person will be given a reward in OPP. Also, there is an opportunity to grow our network on the platform to earn better rewards. The new token issuance process was started on February 21, 2021, using the CSE30 technology. Like token may be a payment tool that’s safe, fast and free. This technique is that the basis of Like2Like, which is applied for several purposes. Private Sale (Completed): Distributed AS 5,000,000 at $ 0.05 / LIKE and raised $ 250,000. Pre-sales for three more rounds for 0.06-0.07-0.08 USD / LIKE are distributed to twenty million. It is anticipated that $ 1,450,000 are going to be prepared. CS9 IEO Launchpad (End of 2021): Allocation of $ 25,000,000 at a price of $ 0.1 / LIKE and an estimated $ 2,500,000.

Like2Like was launched in October 2020 and concentrated on solving convenience, speed and professionalism for social marketing technology. After the primary phase of working with a pioneering model that meets the varied requirements of the social marketing market in the minor levels, Like2Like features a technology platform that’s very “extraordinary” in terms of CSE30 Blockchain 3.0 technology with high security and shorter time. Like2Like is currently offered in many countries. The amount of users is up to 1 million. It outperforms the competition and results in customer understanding, scope and affirmation of brand name value.

Compared to other models on the market, the benefits of Like2Like dwell technology, easy use and high advantages. Every phase and performance update is precisely counted by Like2Like consistent with the trend and market. As with any technology platform, it is getting started with Like2Like was tough. However, during a short time, the expansion rate exceeded quite a month. It is often an impressive number within the context of an increasingly demanding market and a perfect stepping stone to implementing the IPO roadmap set by the Board of Directors. Like2Like’s board of directors features a good, distant, intense and compelling vision and strategy recently demonstrated. It forms the idea for future solid development. The high-performance technology network developed by Like2Like for specific functions is a crucial factor for the Like2Like platform to require the lead in creating a competitive advantage. With the available resources and support from partners, Like2Like is determined to extend its minimum amount by quite 100% over the subsequent year.
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About the Company: Like2Like is an online platform to assist businesses to boost social media interaction at rock-bottom prices.

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